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Buenos Aires Weather in November, Argentina

Buenos Aires Averages November


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Buenos Aires Daily Averages November


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November Weather Averages

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What's the Weather Like in Buenos Aires in November


With average temperatures ranging from 16C (60.8F) to 25C (77F), Buenos Aires is a pleasant destination during the last month of spring. The beginning of the month features a bit lower temperatures than the end, with typical temperatures varying between 16C (60.8F) and 22C (71.6F). By the end of November, daily temperatures are somewhat higher, fluctuating between 18C (64.4F) and 25C (77F). Still, minimum temperatures are likely to decrease down to 11C (51.8F), while maximum temperatures tend to rise up to 29C (84.2F). This time of year, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, feature similar temperature values.

The most populous city of Argentina features cool (below 18C/64.4F) and pleasant temperatures throughout November. The former, though, are characteristic of night and morning hours. Yet, the interval of such temperatures shortens at a considerable rate. At the beginning of the month, the cool interval lasts approx. from midnight to 11 am. Final days of November feature mostly comfortable temperatures, with short intervals of warm weather (over 24C/75.2F) during the afternoon.

Sunshine Hours

The largest city of Argentina benefits of thinner cloud cover during the month of November. The chances of overcast or mostly cloudy sky decrease during this period from 35% to 31%. Hence, they leave room for more than 8 sunshine hours per day on average. Due to the fact, the share of sunny weather is a bit over 60% of daylight hours this time of year.


The city of Buenos Aires accumulates a somewhat lesser amount of precipitation in November than in October. On average, rainy clouds discharge between 110 mm/4.3 in and 130 mm/5.1 in of rainfall throughout 9 or 10 wet days during the month. Still, the overall amount of liquids drops the later rain occurs in the course of November. In general, the possibility of precipitation remains around 31% during the entire month.

Albeit this period is rainy for this destination's standards, the highest likelihood of wet weather is during nighttime. Mid-evening is the driest time of the day in this regard.

Wind speed

November is one of the windiest months in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. The average wind speed is around 5 m/s (gentle breeze) throughout. The mid-morning, with the wind developing the speed up to 5.5 m/s (moderate breeze), features the strongest wind. The early evening, with this parameter decreasing down to 4.4 m/s, is the least windy time of the day.


The conditions regarding humidity are very favorable in Queen of the Plata during November. The average relative humidity is typically around 66%, granting mostly comfortable conditions in regard to this. The probability of muggy weather is on the slight increase from 8% to 20% during the month.

Sunrise and sunset

The daylight keeps becoming longer as the summer season draws near in this Argentine city. November 1 has 13:31 hours of daylight, with sunrise taking place at 5:51 am and sunset occurring at 7:22 pm. November 31 has the longest daylight in the course of the month. Then, the sun appears at 5:33 am and disappears at 7:50 pm, granting Buenos Aires 14:17 hours of daylight.

Average sea temperature

In accordance to air temperatures, the sea temperature is on the increase too in this destination in November. The temperature of the sea usually ranges from 18C (64.4F) to 23C (73.4F) during the last month of spring.

Extraordinary weather occurrences

Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, had to deal with floods and fresh floods in recent years due to intense rainfall. Still, the chances that floods will happen in November are comparatively lower than during summer or autumn months.

Buenos Aires Hotels in November

November is the final month of the spring shoulder season in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Hence, now is the time to visit the city before many tourists start arriving and travel expenses soar.

Rayuela Hostel

Rayuela Hostel is a budget-friendly accommodation provider, located in the center of the city. It has air-conditioned rooms and dorms on offer, with private or shared bathrooms. Additionally, the guests dispose of internet access, a room with video games, common room, kitchen and lockers.

Hotel Boutique Bonito

Hotel Boutique Bonito is a 3-star hotel, located in the city core of the largest city of Argentina. In-room amenities the guests benefit of are free wireless internet, minibars, air-conditioning, LCD TVs, safes and Jacuzzis. In each room, you will find murals decorating the walls. A common room and a bar are complimentary facilities of Hotel Boutique Bonito.


Pestana is a 4-star, centrally-located establishment. Its rooms and suites feature free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, safety deposit boxes, minibars, LCD TVs with satellite channels and room service. Queen Deluxe and Queen Executive rooms add whirlpool baths. Some key on-site facilities are an indoor pool, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, gym, spa & wellness center and business center. Parking is available for a surcharge. 

Sheraton Libertador Hotel

Sheraton Libertador Hotel is an exclusive complex located in the downtown area. Guests in rooms and suites benefit of air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs and some other upscale amenities. Complimentary on-site facilities are a business center, fitness center, sauna, massage parlor, sun deck, Club Lounge and an indoor pool.

Bars and restaurants

The cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires features an extraordinary gastronomic scene. Restaurants and bars serving specialties from various cuisines throughout the world are easy to find. Some especially popular national specialties are steaks, choripanes, empanadas, alfajores and milanesa a la napolitana. In general, dining venues are open until late evening hours and accept credit cards. Prices per meal range from very affordable (around 1 USD) to very expensive (a few hundred USD).

London City

London City is a bar where you can have a cup of coffee and grab a quick meal. The house has pastries, salads, schnitzels and sweets on offer for reasonable prices.

Proper Restaurant

Proper is a reputable eatery serving reasonably-priced Argentine food. Specialties based on meat aren't widespread, but the house makes up for that with some exotic dishes. Patagonian cheese, smoked potato, roasted pumpkin and grilled artichoke are some enjoyed by most patrons. Proper Restaurant's opening hours are from 8 pm to midnight daily except on Sunday.

El Obrero

El Obrero is a mid-range restaurant located in the La Boca neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires. Once inside, you will see many photos, with famous football players and other people among them. The house serves Argentinian food, "enriched" with influences from Spain and Italy. El Obrero is open from noon to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.

St. Regis Restaurant

St. Regis Restaurant is a high-end dining venue located in Park Hotel. The restaurant boasts an elegant interior and serves specialties of Argentine cuisine. Fish, seafood and meat dishes are available, as well as cocktails and Argentine wines.

Things to do in Buenos Aires in November

Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon is a stunning masterpiece of Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America. It is the most prestigious opera house in South America and one of top 5 opera venues throughout the world. From the outside, you will recognize the structure by its combination of neoclassical (Ionic and Corinthian columns) and Renaissance (equally-distributed windows) motifs. The auditorium is huge and the interior opulent. Salon Dorado, translated as Golden Room, is decorated with 24-karat gold leaves, for example.

Besides operas, Teatro Colon is famous for its first-class ballet performances and top-notch acoustics. You can join a guided tour of the venue, which takes you to rehearsal premises and workshops via magnificent hallways and staircases.

Feria San Telmo

Feria San Telmo is a popular fair, which takes place every Sunday. While walking the main street of the homonymous barrio, you can lay eyes and hands on a wide array of goods. Jewelry, art objects, fresh juices and delicious food are just a few types of goods you will find there. However, Feria San Telmo is much more than just a shopping and dining destination. Many musicians and tango dancers come forth to show their skills, too.