Sardinia Weather November Averages, Italy

    • Temperature Temperature 13°C 55°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 17°C 63°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 9°C 48°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 13°C 55°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 13.5°C 56°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 5 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 38 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 14 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 18°C 64°F

    Sardinia Weather for November 2022

    What's the weather like in Sardinia in November


    Summer is long gone as November arrives in Sardinia, and winter begins to take hold, with cooler temperatures and less in the way of sunshine. This is no bad thing, as cooler temperatures mean you can get out and explore the island much easier, without crowds, heat, or humidity. Winters in Sardinia aren't particularly bracing as they can be in other parts of Europe, so despite the cooler air, you won't feel freezing in general, unless you head into the mountains.

    Sunshine Hours and Sea Temperatures

    You can expect an average November temperature of around 13°C, which is still in double figures, and can even rise to an average high of 17°C on a good day. The average low reaches around 9°C, so a jacket is advisable for evening walks. Sunshine hours may be less than you will be used to over the summer months, but November still sees an average of 5 hours of sunshine per day across Sardinia, and the sea temperature only drops to around 18°C during this month.


    As with most winter months in Sardinia, rain is more plentiful than it has been over the summer, and in November you can expect around 39mm on average, affecting 14 days throughout the month simply remember your umbrella.

    Sardinia Hotels in November

    Panorama Hotel

    November means winter, and that means city break central. Cagliari is a fantastic place to visit during the winter months, and the range of accommodation on offer is plentiful. You will find something for every budget, usually within close distance to everything you need. The Panorama Hotel is a great choice for those who want to stay half board or bed and breakfast, very close to all the city has to offer, including the very popular Museo di Bonaria.

    Cerdena Rooms

    If you're on more of a budget, Cerdena Rooms offer a comfortable bed and breakfast option, close to all public transport links, as well as the Sa Domu Cheta too.

    Sardinia Beaches in November

    November sees more in the way of rain and cooler temperatures, which means sunbathing on the beach isn't really going to be at the top of your to-do list. Despite that however, there are plenty of walking, hiking, and photography opportunities around Sardinia's beaches to keep you occupied.

    Porto Pollo

    If you're based in the north of the island then Porto Pollo is a great spot to head to. This is a wild and windy part of the island, located near Palau, and is a great choice for checking out nature at its most beautiful. Water sports are very popular here due to the cross winds.

    Cala Gonone

    Cala Gonone is perfect for the active types, just as well as those who want to sit and admire the beautiful cliffs and clear waters of this beach. The surrounding rocky cliffs are great for climbers, and the clean waters are idea for kayaking, swimming and diving.

    Restaurants and Bars

    Malp Bar

    Winter months mean you need to brighten up your days a little, and in Sardinia that's very easily done with gastronomy. Malp Bar in Olbia offers a huge range of different dishes, including great seafood and wine, easily located on the main road, giving you no reason not to head out and enjoy your evening's entertainment and a delicious meal. Try the fabulous bread crumb mussels (moules au gratin) packed with flavour, or the traditional Italian style herby chicken.

    SardOa Aperitivo di Vino

    Alternatively, brightening up your day is quite literal in Alghero when you visit SardOa Aperitivo di Vino. The funky interior is colourful and bright, perfect for winter days, and the food is just as wonderful too!

    Bombas Hamburgeria Sarda

    Alternatively, you could make it all about the food, and if you're in Cagliari and you're searching for something different, head to Bombas Hamburgeria Sarda. Here you will find without a doubt the best homemade burgers on the island, if not anywhere outside of the USA!

    Bar Napoleon

    Bar Napoleon is a great place to try for delicious drinks, including a great selection of gins, as well as fabulous music. Chill out to some old stye reggae, jazz, blues but also enjoy some more uptempo funk on certain nights. With close proximity to the beach, you can enjoy an evening stroll to or from this wonderful bar.

    Things to do in Sardinia in November

    Christmas Shopping

    Fancy a spot of Christmas shopping before the festive season comes? Sardinia is great for shopping, especially in Cagliari. Largo Carlo Felice and Via Roma are the places to head for fashion stores, bags and accessories, whilst Vias Garibaldi and Manno are for local handicraft stores. Basically, Cagliari is where it's at for shopping, and your credit card will be weeping by the end of your stay!

    Wine Tasting Tour

    If you don't fancy shopping, or you want to do something a little different after you've bashed your credit card, how about a wine tasting tour? Here you can learn about how wine is cultivated and made, before trying a few different types out for your own satisfaction! You could pair this with a food tour and seriously fill your belly! You'll find wine tours all around the island, and many different companies offering transport to and from. Azienda Agricola Leda' d'Ittiri is a local wine tasting establishment in Alghero.

    Acquario Cala Gonone

    Families will love exploring the underwater world at Acquario Cala Gonone. Admire a wide variety of fish, sharks, turtles as well as coral species. Journey through the aquarium in the afternoon to witness the big fish being fed, great fun for kids to watch!

    Butterfly House

    For nature lovers, also head to the Butterfly House in Olmedo. This biosphere is home to over 400 types of butterflies which are flying free to admire up close, as well as a swimming pool, play area and food court.

    Mountain Bike Hire

    Sporty types can appreciate the rugged terrain of Sardinia by hiring a mountain bike and exploring the wonderful scenery. Adults and children's bikes can be hired by the day or week, and routes and tours are available upon request.

    Andrea Jensen

    Colder temperatures don't have to mean you can't enjoy nature, and the possibility of spotting dolphins and small whales is something you shouldn't pass up. Obviously there's no guarantees, but even if you don't see any, you get a great day out on a boat! The Andrea Jensen is a popular day out, exploring the marine reserve around the Alghero region.

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