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Buenos Aires Weather in July, Argentina

Buenos Aires Averages July


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Buenos Aires Daily Averages July

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July Weather Averages

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What's the Weather Like in Buenos Aires in July


Air temperatures are at their annual minimum during July in the city of Buenos Aires. Average low temperatures are around 8C (46.4F), while average high temperatures don't exceed 15C (59F). Sometimes, though, these parameters breach their typical limits, with lows decreasing to 4C (39.2F) and high increasing to 19C (66.2F), even more at times. During midwinter month, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a significantly colder destination than Lima, the capital of Peru.

In July, days feature low temperatures, below 13C (55.4F), most of the day. Only around mid-afternoon, it feels cool for a couple of hours. The cool interval is only slightly longer by the end of the month, lasting roughly from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


The duration of sunlight is somewhat longer in Buenos Aires during July than in the previous month. Typically, the sun penetrates clouds to provide the city with up to 5 hours of sunshine per day on average. The possibility of cloud cover decreases insignificantly throughout the period from 49% to 47%. Still, the Argentine city features overcast or mostly cloudy conditions a bit over 50% of daylight hours during July.  


This Argentine destination features a slightly higher accumulation of rainfall during July than in June. On average, around 55 mm/2.17 in of precipitation falls across 8 wet days in this period. Sporadic rain is the most common type of precipitation. Here, snow almost never falls. The first half of July is for a few percent (up to 19%) more likely to feature rainy weather. This percentage drops down to 17% during the second half of the month in the largest city of Argentina.

The highest possibility of rain is during late night hours. In the first part of the month, the lowest chance of precipitation is around 11 am. In the second part of July, this possibility is lowest at late evening, around 10 pm.

Wind speed

The average wind speed is constantly around 4.8 m/s (gentle breeze) throughout the month in the most populous city of Argentina. Typically, the wind is the strongest around noon, developing the speed of around 5.3 m/s (moderate breeze). The late afternoon is the least windy time of the day, with the speed of the wind dropping to 4 m/s.


In the month of July, Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, is a dry destination regarding humidity levels. The average relative humidity is 79%, leaving small chances of pleasant conditions. The possibility of muggy weather is next to 0% this time of year.

Sunrise and sunset

In the course of July, daylight gets longer at a slow rate in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. July 1 has 9:52 hours of daylight, from 8:01 am to 5:53 pm. On July 31, sunrise takes place at 7:48 am, while sunset occurs at 6:12 pm, 10:24 hours later.

Average sea temperature

The average sea temperature is on the further decline this time of year. It typically remains within the range from 10C (50F) to 14C (57.2F).

Extraordinary weather occurrences

Albeit air temperatures are low, at least for this destination's standards, you could have surprisingly mild, even warm winters here. Warm air currents reach Buenos Aires from the north, rising daily temperatures to the 20s on the Celsius scale (the 70s on the Fahrenheit). Opposite effects are also a possibility. When cold air comes from the south, it renders nights featuring light frost this time of year.

Buenos Aires Hotels in July

July is in the middle of the low tourist season in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Hence, accommodation deals are at their minimum this time of year. Additionally, you are sure to avoid inconveniences related to a large number of tourists.

Art Factory Palermo

Art Factory Palermo is a hostel located in the Palermo neighborhood. Accommodation units are rooms and dormitories with private or shared bathrooms. Some basic facilities are free Wi-Fi, lockers, shared kitchen with necessary equipment and a library.

Arenales 1837 Apartments

Arenales 1837 Apartments has studios and apartments that feature free wireless internet, kitchen, DVD players, cable TVs and climate control. Private bathrooms feature free toiletries. Also, the property adds a sauna and offers shuttle service for a surcharge.

248 Finisterra

248 Finisterra is a 4-star establishment, located in the Las Canitas district. Guests can choose between rooms and suites equipped with LCD TVs, free internet, safety deposit boxes, and climate and heating control. Some complimentary facilities of the hotel are free business center, library, wine bar, garden and a seating area with a fireplace.

Recoleta Grand Hotel

Recoleta Grand Hotel is a luxurious complex featuring various upscale amenities. Rooms and suites feature free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, coffeemakers, TVs with flat screens, minibars and iPod docking stations among other amenities. Room service is available, too. Of complimentary facilities, the hotel disposes of a restaurant, spa, fitness center and a swimming pool, to mention a few.

Bars and restaurants

The culinary scene of the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires features attractive opportunities for every taste and any budget. Bars and restaurants serve local and international food, and the city is known as a mecca for gourmands that are fond of steaks. Of other specialties, empanadas, choripan, alfajores and asado (barbecue) are some you should check out. In general, eateries are open until late and accept cards for payment.

Full City Coffee House

If you like only the best coffee to prepare yourself for the day, pay a visit to Full City Coffee House. The house serves reasonably-priced Columbian coffee, which you can also purchase to enjoy later. Full City Coffee House prepares burgers, pastries and salads, as well. Opening hours are usually from 9 am to 8 pm.


Chori is an affordable eatery serving Argentine fast food. The specialty of the house is choripan, a sandwich based on artisanal sausages. Besides gourmet sandwiches, vegetarian versions are available. Chori is open daily from 12:30 pm to 12:30 am.

Calden del Soho

Calden del Soho is a moderately-priced steakhouse with friendly service and pleasant atmosphere. Besides steaks, the house serves salads, fries and various other side dishes. Portions are rated as large by the former patrons and accompanied with reasonable prices. Calden del Soho is open daily from noon to 5 pm, and from 7 pm to 12:30 am.

Roux Resto

Roux Resto is a luxurious restaurant where cooking practices of French, Italian and Spanish cuisines are successfully introduced. In the house's menu, you will find seafood, pastas, salads and chocolate desserts among other tempting alternatives. Roux Resto's opening hours are from noon to 3:30 pm and from 8 pm to midnight, Monday to Saturday.

Things to do in Buenos Aires in July

La Bombonera

The Alberto J. Armando Stadium, commonly-known as La Bombonera, is the home stadium of Boca Juniors. Besides River Plata, Boca Juniors is the most famous Argentine football club. This stadium is an unavoidable destination of the city of Buenos Aires for fans of football.

The story of the stadium's epithet is quite interesting, relating to the similarity of the chocolate (bombon) the architect ate and the stadium. Attending a match between Boca Juniors and River Plata is one of the most memorable sporting events for the attendees. The only downside is the expensive ticket price, which is very difficult to come by. Still, you can visit the The Passion for Boca Juniors Museum.

Galerias Pacifico

Galerias Pacifico is a popular shopping mall and the work of art of Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America. It features an elegant design and beautiful murals adorning its ceiling. For a deeper insight into the history and art of Galerias Pacifico, take a guided tour in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish languages. Shopping opportunities are also attractive. Some of the most famous brands with stores here are Lacoste, Lancome, Salomon, Samsung, Swarovski, Swatch and Timberland.

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