November Weather Averages for Bali, Indonesia

What's the weather like in Bali in November?


Bali's tropical climate creates an environment with temperatures that do not fluctuate much from one month to the next. Because of this, the month of November sees average temperatures that are very similar to those for October. The average temperature in November is 27°C (81°F), while the average low is 23°C (73°F), and the average high is 31°C (88°F). The beginning of the month sees a mix...

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  • Temperature Temperature 27°C 81°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 31°C 88°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 23°C 73°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 70 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 13 days
  • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 27°C 81°F

Daily November Averages for Bali

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What's the weather like in Bali in November?


Bali's tropical climate creates an environment with temperatures that do not fluctuate much from one month to the next. Because of this, the month of November sees average temperatures that are very similar to those for October. The average temperature in November is 27°C (81°F), while the average low is 23°C (73°F), and the average high is 31°C (88°F). The beginning of the month sees a mix of cloudy skies and sunny days, with a slight chance of rain. The average daily temperature is 27°C (81°F), which stays mostly the same for the entire month before cooling off just minimally by the end of November. The lowest ever recorded temperature in Bali in November is 20°C (68°F), while the highest ever recorded temperature is 37°C (99°F).


The middle of the month sees more cloudy skies and rain than sunny days, and this trend continues for the end of November as well. 

Sunshine Hours

The average daily sunshine in November is seven hours, which is a significant drop from the nine hours seen in October. November is the second month of the "wet season" in Bali, and thus, there is less sunshine this month. The amount of rain increases as well, as the average rainfall for November is 70mm (on par with totals from April), occurring over 13 days. The chance of seeing rain this month is relatively high, although storms are often short-lived.

Average Sea Temperature

Although there is an increased chance of rain, visitors should not avoid the beach, especially since the water is still at an enjoyable temperature. The average sea temperature this month is 27°C (81°F), which is very warm and good for any type of water activity.


After seeing the lowest humidity levels of the year for the past three months, these levels increase on average in November. The average humidity this month is 75%, which is on the uncomfortable side, especially paired with hot, rainy days.

Bali Hotels in November

The St. Regis Bali Resort is a five-star luxury resort which is ideally located on a beautiful beachfront. They have three pools and a spa that offers massages and body treatments, as well as containing a steam room. If you prefer to do your swimming at the beach, the resort has a water sports centre, providing options like kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing, as well as offering lessons for things like surfing. They also have a bar on the beach for guests to enjoy. In addition to this bar, the resort has two more on-site, as well as four restaurants/cafes. They are located in Nusa Dua, which is about a 50 minute drive from Ubud.

The Kayumanis Ubud offers 23 private villas for their guests to select from. Each offers its own theme, with choices like "Balinese, Javanese, Oriental, Palembang, Primitive, Ethnic and Modern." Every villa comes with its own swimming pool, as well as an open-air, garden-style bathroom. In addition to the spacious and private villas, there is also an on-site spa offering a variety of therapies, massages, and treatments. The Kayumanis also has a "dining corner" which serves local cuisine, as well as a "wine corner" with wines from all over the world. Private dining is also available to enjoy in your villa. There is also an infinity pool with sundecks and cabanas. It should be noted that this is an adults only location and no one under 16 is admitted. This specific Kayumanis is located in Ubud, but there are several others located through Bali.

Bali Beach for November

Tamarind Beach is located in Nusa Lembongan, which is an island off of Bali. In order to access the beach, visitors will need to take a boat which departs from Sanur. The beach affords spectacular views to Bali and its highest peak, Mount Agung. The open views also allow for incredible sunset views, so be sure to stick around for them if you have the time. Swimming at Tamarind Beach is great during high tide, but be aware of powerful currents and tide fluctuations. It is a relatively quiet beach with minimal accommodations, but sunbed rentals are available. As this is a quiet beach, there are not many places nearby for food and drink, but Tamarind Beach Bungalows is close to the beach and has a restaurant offering both local and international dishes and a variety of drinks. Sanur, where boats depart to the island that Tamarind Beach is on, is about a 30 minute drive from Ubud.

Kuta Beach is one of Bali's most famous beaches, as it is home to what is considered the best beachfront in all of Bali. The beach is about 5km long and consists of white sand. It is a relatively clean beach and well-maintained, due to the large number of visitors it receives. There is barely any coral or rocky areas in the water, making it a great place for both swimmers, and those interested in learning how to surf.

There are lots of surf schools nearby that offer surfing lessons and have rental equipment as well. In addition to the great beach area and perfect swim water, the sunsets at Kuta Beach are also amazing, further adding to the draw of this beach. There are numerous, small stalls just off of the beach offering cheap and delicious local food, but for a more formal dining experience, Kedin's Café offers local Indonesian dishes and serves cold drinks. Kuta Beach is about a 40 minute drive from Ubud.

Bars and Restaurants

Mozaic Bali is a unique dining experience in which guests feel like they are eating in a jungle, as their outdoor seating is situated among several plants and trees. They offer two different tasting menus in either six or eight course options, a "surprise" menu in which the chefs prepare their newest creations, or a vegetarian menu. Their menu is constantly changing as their chefs use only the finest and freshest ingredients and products, but dishes like fresh tuna and salmon, and duck and suckling pork feature regularly. They also offer an extensive wine list that has won worldwide acclaim. They are open daily from 6PM until you finish your meal, and only adults and children 12 years or older are allowed. They are located about an eight minute drive from Ubud.

Terracotta Restaurant is another unique experience in that the restaurant is situated in the middle of a rice paddy and its open-air setting allows for incredible views. From a distance, this restaurant can be mistaken for simply a large hut, sitting on a small hill overlooking the rice field. Their menu consists of both local and international cuisine, and the fare is prepared using local ingredients, including rice from their own fields. Choices like tuna tataki, duck salads, fresh fish, roasted honey pork, and a selection of pasta dishes can be found on their menu. They also serve breakfast. The restaurant also serves wines and cocktails, as well as fresh juices made with local fruits and can be served with or without alcohol. They are open every day from 7AM to 11PM and are located about a ten minute drive from Ubud.

Things to do in Bali in November

In order to see some of Bali's wildlife, and in a safe environment, head to Bali Safari and Marine Park. They are home to hundreds of animals, consisting of more than 60 different species, such as leopards and rhinos. Visitors have lots of options for animal viewing, including a safari ride either on a bus, or even on top of an elephant. The park also has an "Animal Encounter" area, which lets visitors interact with the animals. They even have a water park for guests to cool off in during a hot day. Prices vary depending on the type of experience each guest is interested in, and reservations should be made at least three days in advance of your trip.

The park is open daily from 9AM to 5PM and they are located about a 30 minute drive from Ubud. They also offer shuttle service to and from the park, picking and dropping-off visitors from Kuta, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Jimbaran.

If you happen to catch a rainy day during your visit to Bali, check out the Museum Puri Lukisan. This museum was first opened to the public in 1956 and was created in order to preserve Balinese art so that it would not be lost to history, as well as to return such art to where it was created. The museum hosts permanent collections that include paintings and wood carvings made by artists from Batuan, Sanur, Ubud, as well as Balinese "student" artists that were taught by a Dutch Painter named Arie Smit in Bali. The museum also has temporary exhibitions throughout the year. There is also a restaurant and café on-site that stays open until 9PM, hours after the museum closes. The museum is open every day from 9AM to 6PM and there is an entrance fee (Rp. 50,000) for anyone 15 and older. They are located in Ubud.

It is still very warm in Bali this month, so to cool off from the heat visit Circus Waterpark Bali. They provide a fun way to play in the water, offering a variety of water slides, as well as a lazy river in which visitors relax on a float as it calmly moves along the water. Lockers and towels can be rented, along with gazebos for when you need a break from the water. They also have a restaurant on-site for food and drinks. Tickets cost $20 for adults and $12 for children under the age of 12, although discounts for groups are available. The park is open on Mondays from 10 AM to 6 PM, and the rest of the week from 9 AM to 6 PM. They are located about a 40 minute drive from Ubud.

November events in Bali


Perang Topat

1st November 2018 to 31st December 2018

In an age-old tradition, the two main religions in Indonesia; Islam and Hinduism, take part in a good natured food fight to celebrate the friendship and unity between the two religions. In this unusual tradition, the Muslims and Hindus prepare sticky rice parcels, or 'topat', and throw them at each other, with encouraging laughing and shouts from spectators and participants alike. Tourists are welcome to join spectators and watch, but anyone too close has a chance of getting hit by one of the rice parcels! The dates depend on the moon cycles, so it's woth checking before you go, but it's usually in November or December.


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