Cookie Policy

Cookies are little files that websites put on your device to make visits quicker, easier and more relevant. Some cookies are essential for websites to work and others remember things about you to give you a better experience online.

How We Use Cookies

They server a number of purposes:

  1. Provide you with a better, faster and safer experience
  2. Help us see what parts of the site or resorts you recently viewed to help you next time visit those resorts instead of having to look them up
  3. Provide advertising which allows us to gain revenue to further develop to make your experience better
  4. To analyze and optimize the performance of the website

Types of Cookies

Session Cookies

These only exist while you are reading, interacting with or navigating the website. Session cookies are removed once you close down your web browser.

Persistent Cookies

These exist on a users device until a future date. These we use to help you when you come back to our site see the resorts your previously looked at. We also use these in Settings where you have chosen weather measurements such as Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Third-Party Cookies

These are used for Advertising. By adding tags to our pages advertisers can track a user or their device across different websites. This then builds a profile of a user based on their habits and thereafter advertising messages are more personalized and better targeted to those users.

Please see our Privacy Policy for the use of Cookies for Advertising with the facility for you to opt in or out of Third Party Cookies.

We comply with GDPR and the ePrivacy Cookie Directive at Holiday Weather.

Where do we use Cookies on our Site

  1. When you click on the Weather Table we record this for the resort you go to. Our cookies also record which resort you go to next and this data is aggregated and added to Suggested Resorts List for future users.
  2. When you change the Settings for Fahrenheit or Celsius, KM or Miles we record this with a Cookie and the next time you visit the site we set these data types for you.
  3. Recently viewed resorts and pages. Here on Desktop we use Cookies to look at which resorts you have looked at and store them in the top right in the blue box on your browser so as you can go back to them at any time.
  4. On Mobile, we use Cookies to store which actual pages you have looked at and then present to you recently Viewed pages on the site.
  5. Where you click on that you are happy to have personalized advertising, we have a cookie which allows third party data about you which helps them tailor advertising which is suitable for you.
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