Buenos Aires Weather December Averages, Argentina

    • Temperature Temperature 23°C 73°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 28°C 82°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 18°C 64°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 90 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 9 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 22°C 72°F

    Buenos Aires Weather for December 2022

    What's the Weather Like in Buenos Aires in December


    The first month of summer features increasing air temperatures in Buenos Aires, which typically range between 18C (64.4F) and 28C (82.4F). At the beginning of December, average daily temperatures rise from 18C (64.4F) to 25C (77F). By the end of the month, they vary between 20C (68F) and 28C (82.4F). However, low temperatures tend to fluctuate between 14C (57.2F) and 24C (75.2F) this time of year. As for high temperatures, they may vary from 21C (69.8F) to 32C (89.6F), even more on rare occasions. In December, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, features temperatures similar to Belo Horizonte, the city in Brazil.

    Days during December mostly feature comfortable temperatures (over 18C/64.4F). However, the duration of the warm interval (over 24C/75.2F) is constantly expanding. At the beginning of December, it feels warm roughly from 2 pm to 6:30 pm. By the end of the month, the warm interval lasts approx. from 11 am to 11 pm.

    Sunshine Hours

    The largest city of Argentina features around 9 sunshine hours per day on average during December. The probability of overcast and mostly cloudy conditions is on a slight decrease, remaining a bit over 30% throughout the month. Hence, the sky over the city is sunny for more than 60% of daylight hours. Nevertheless, days are slightly more likely to feature cloud cover than nights during this period from the statistical point of view.


    With the arrival of the summer season, the city of Buenos Aires is prone to intense showers and thunderstorms. However, this Argentine destination usually receives a lesser amount of rainfall than the neighboring months. On average, a slightly over 100 mm/3.94 in of precipitation falls across 9 rainy days here this time of year. Furthermore, the amount of fluids discharged by rain is lesser the later it happens. Typically, the chance that rainy weather will occur is around 30% throughout the month of December.

    Just like in most months, late night hours are the most likely time of the day of wet weather. The precipitation is least likely to take place during late evening hours, after 9 pm.

    Wind speed

    This parameter is on the slight decline in the course of December in Queen of the Plata. The wind speed decreases from 4.9 m/s, at the beginning of the month, to 4.7 m/s at the end.

    In the first half of December, wind is the strongest (up to 5.3 m/s) around mid-morning and the calmest during early evening. In the second half, this parameter features the highest values at late evening and the lowest around mid-afternoon (down to 4.4 m/s). In most cases, you will feel the wind like a gentle breeze.


    The cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires features varied humidity conditions during the first month of summer. The average relative humidity is 63%, which, depending on the temperature, could feel anything between dry and oppressive. However, the possibility of dry conditions is on the decline. Muggy and oppressive conditions are on the rise from around 20%, at the beginning of the period, to 44% by the month's end.

    Sunrise and sunset

    December 1 has the shorter daylight in the most populous city of Argentina. On this day, the sun rises at 5:33 am, and sets 14:18 hours later, at 7:51 pm. December 21 has the longest daylight, which lasts 14:29 hours, from 5:37 am to 8:06 pm. On December 31, sunrise takes place at 5:43 am, while sunset occurs at 8:09 pm, 14:26 hours later.

    Average sea temperature

    The sea temperature is on the rise during December in this Argentine destination. In general, it fluctuates from 21C (69.8F) to 24C (75.2F) in December.

    Extraordinary weather occurrences

    Recently, Buenos Aires and Argentina had to deal with floods caused by the heavy rainfall. With the arrival of summer, these natural hazards become more likely to occur than in winter and spring.

    Buenos Aires Hotels in December

    With the arrival of summer, Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, welcomes big tourist crowds. Consequently, hotel and flight rates get expensive, reaching their annual pinnacle. More so, you should book your accommodation well in advance to ensure availability.

    Casona La Boheme

    Casona La Boheme is a budget-friendly hotel located in the downtown area. Guests of the hotel make use of free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms. Luggage storage and housekeeping are other convenient amenities provided by the hotel.

    telmho Hotel Boutique

    telmho Hotel Boutique is a 3-star property, located in the San Telmo barrio of the city of Buenos Aires. Some welcoming in-room amenities are free internet access and TVs with flat screens. A restaurant and a pleasant garden are other on-site facilities of the hotel.

    Hotel Metropolitano Supara

    Hotel Metropolitano Supara is a 4-star establishment, located in the center of the city. Its guestrooms feature free wireless internet, safety deposit boxes and flat-screen TVs, while selected rooms add bath tubs. Business and banquet facilities and a bar are other available on-site facilities.

    Four Seasons Hotel

    Four Seasons Hotel is an upscale complex located in the city core. Spacious and airy rooms feature utmost luxury. Some in-room amenities are a minibar, HD TV mirror in bathrooms and complimentary Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the guests of the hotel benefit of the attached gardens, dining venues, spa, fitness center and a pool.

    Bars and restaurants

    The cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires boasts an extraordinary dining scene, consisting of affordable, mid-range and exclusive dining venues. Argentine- and international-style eateries alternate constantly, offering attractive dining options for any taste. Fares are equally diverse, ranging from a few USD to a few hundred USD (in the local currency) per meal. The majority of dining venues operate until late evening hours and accept credit cards.

    Alo's Bistro

    Alo's Bistro is an eatery serving dishes with ingredients sourced in Argentina. Trianglolini with mushrooms, rabbit wrapped in bacon, deer meat and homemade pasta are some dishes you can enjoy here. Opening hours of Alo's Bistro are from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm (5 pm on Mondays) daily except on Sunday.

    180 Burger Bar

    180 Burger Bar is a place burger fans should check out. Here, create your own burger with the ingredients on offer or opt for a burger featured by the house. Besides gourmet versions, vegetarian options are available. Opening hours of 180 Burger Bar are from noon to 4 pm on weekdays.

    El Baqueano

    El Baqueano is an exclusive restaurant that prepares exotic dishes. Among other ingredients, you can dine llama and alligator meat here. A varied wine list accompanies extraordinary dishes of El Baqueano. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 8 pm and 11 pm.


    Cadore is a well-reputed ice-cream shop that has many other great delicacies on offer. Some of many flavors you can make your ice-cream of are chocolate with rum, maracuja, cherry cream and orange with ginger. Desserts on offer are Caramel, Cadore, Almond and Fantasy desserts. Cadore is open daily from 11 am to midnight (3 am on Fridays and Saturdays).

    Things to do in Buenos Aires in December

    El Obelisco

    El Obelisco, or the Obelisk, is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. It adorns the crossroad of Corrientes and 9 de Julio Avenues, two major thoroughfares of the city. Each of the 4 sides of the white-stone obelisk has a story of its own. Take a closer look to discover when Queen of the Plata was founded, when the Argentinian flag was raised and the year in which the city became the nation's capital. The height of the monument, which is a focal point of various celebrations, is 67.5 meters (221.5 feet).

    Parque Tres de Febrero

    Parque Tres de Febrero is a beautiful park of Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, located in the Palermo Woods. Named after the battle that took place in 1852 (Third February), it is home to various plant and animal species. Parque Tres de Febrero features various plazas and separate parks. A few top points of interest here are Rose Garden, Galileo Galilei Planetarium, Eduardo Sivori Art Museum and the Palermo Lakes. On the lakes, you can enjoy a pedal boat or row boat ride.

    Street art of Buenos Aires

    By exploring the streets of the largest city of Argentina, you won't fail to notice graffiti and exceptional examples of street art. These could be simple inscriptions like anywhere else in the world. But sooner or later, you will discover a true masterpiece adoring a wall of a street or an alley. Hence, allocate some time to explore back streets while navigating from one attraction of the city to another.

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