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Los Angeles Weather in November, USA

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    9 hours
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  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    31 mm

November, 2024

1 Avg 19º 66º
2 Avg 18º 64º
3 Avg 18º 64º
4 Avg 18º 64º
5 Avg 19º 66º
6 Avg 19º 66º
7 Avg 20º 68º
8 Avg 19º 66º
9 Avg 18º 64º
10 Avg 16º 61º
11 Avg 16º 61º
12 Avg 18º 64º
13 Avg 19º 66º
14 Avg 20º 68º
15 Avg 18º 64º
16 Avg 17º 63º
17 Avg 17º 63º
18 Avg 17º 63º
19 Avg 18º 64º
20 Avg 17º 63º
21 Avg 18º 64º
22 Avg 19º 66º
23 Avg 19º 66º
24 Avg 18º 64º
25 Avg 17º 63º
26 Avg 16º 61º
27 Avg 17º 63º
28 Avg 17º 63º
29 Avg 16º 61º
30 Avg 16º 61º
Avg Historical Daily Average

What's the Weather like in Los Angeles in November 


November is the start of the rainy season in Los Angeles, and temperatures begin to decline with an average temperature of 17°C (about 62°F). The average high temperature still reaches 23°C (around 73°F) but can also reach as low as 10°C (about 50°F). Still not bad, considering many other areas around the States have already had the first snowfall of the year by this point. If you're looking for a snowy holiday, take a trip to Edmonton, Canada.

Sunshine Hours

The amount of average daily sunshine is about nine hours a day, meaning you will still be able to head out in light clothes during the day, compared to the previous month of October where it averages on 10 hours a day. You also still have time to enjoy outdoor activities during the day in Los Angeles. However, seeing as evenings are cooler, a light jacket would be appropriate to take with you. You have an excellent chance of having a sunny day while visiting Los Angeles in November, at 68 percent. 


The average rainfall during November is 31mm and rain falls, on average, three days during the month. So, it is likely you may experience a light shower if you visit Los Angeles around this time. Pack your umbrella, poncho or raincoat just in case. The chance of rain on any given day is 13 percent and the chance of a cloudy day is 11 percent.

Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature is a chilly 17°C (around 63°F), so it would not be advisable to go swimming unless you're feeling brave and have the proper wet or dry suit. With the chances of abundant sunshine, hanging out at the beach is still a good option. Even if you're not planning on getting in the water, with all the sunshine, you'll still want to pack sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun's rays.

Los Angeles Hotels in November 

Stay on Main Hotel

Catering toward a young, hip crowd, Stay on Main Hotel Los Angeles offers shared and private rooms at an affordable rate. When staying here, you'll get free continental breakfast, afternoon snacks and Wi-Fi and get to participate in group activities like ping pong, video games and movies. Stay on Main is only minutes from LA LIVE and a short Metro ride to Hollywood.

Shelter Hotel

A cozy, boutique hotel just blocks from Los Angeles' Wilshire Boulevard, Shelter Hotel offers rooms with a king bed or two double beds. All the rooms have flat screen TVs, iPod alarm clocks and free Wi-Fi. The Metro subway and bus stations are only steps from the hotel, providing easy access to the best of Los Angeles.

Mikayo Inn

Bringing Japanese flair to Los Angeles, the Mikayo Inn in Los Angeles is one of two Mikayo Inns in the States. Along with the typical hotel room amenities, the rooms here have heated water bidets and the executive rooms come with a Japanese rain shower and bath. The Japanese touches go beyond the rooms with an on-site sushi bar and karaoke lounge.

Los Angeles Beach for November 

Nicholas Canyon County Beach

Located in Malibu, the Nicholas Canyon County Beach is ADA-accessible and family-friendly. During the summer months, food trucks bring a variety of cuisines to beachgoers to enjoy when taking breaks from swimming, surfing and enjoying the sun.

Rosie's Dog Beach

Along Ocean Boulevard, Rosie's Dog Beach invites furry friends to join in the beach fun during the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. each day. The beach has pooper scoopers and bags to clean up after a day of fun.

Bars and Restaurants 


The chefs at UNION in Pasadena put a California twist on Northern Italian dishes and pride themselves on using simple and local ingredients. The menu changes frequently and includes specialties like fusilli, tagliatelle, risotto and porchetta.  

Baco Mercat

Home of the "Baco", a flatbread sandwich with pork belly and beef carnitas, Baco Mercat is located in the Old Bank district of Los Angeles. For parties over six people, Baco Mercat has a special family-style menu. Come in on Mondays for all-you-can-eat spaghetti and meatballs.

Bar Ama

Sister restaurant to Baco Mercat, Bar Ama takes Tex-Mex favorites and gives them an update. The menu includes items like Bar Ama's egg salad with a fried egg between a butter toasted bolillo, making Bar Ama a sure thing when you're craving food from south of the border. 

Things to do in Los Angeles in November 


Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November to commemorate the Pilgrims' original settlement in New England in the 17th century. Most people have family celebrations with traditional turkey dinners, and this is also on the menu at many of Los Angeles' top restaurants.

Holiday Ice Rink in Pershing Square

Even in the warm Mediterranean weather, the Holiday Ice Rink in Pershing Square opens every November and features an outdoor skating rink similar to the famous Rockefeller center ice rink in New York.

Staples Center

The NBA season is in full swing in November, so consider taking in a LA Lakers or LA Clippers professional basketball game at the Staples Center. The LA Kings professional NHL hockey team also calls the Staples Center home, so you can catch them in action as well. If sports aren't your thing, the Staples Center hosts other events like concerts, comedians and ice shows.