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Vancouver Weather in November, Canada

Vancouver Averages November


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    4 hours
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    21 days
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    200 mm

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Vancouver Daily Averages November

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November Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Vancouver in November


November is one of Vancouver's coldest months.  The average temperature for November is 6°C.  Daytime averages only reach 8°C while the nights cool down to 3°C.  On rare occasions the temperature falls to -2°C in November.  Temperatures will continue to drop going into December.


November is the wettest month in Vancouver. The probability of precipitation in Vancouver in November stays pretty close to 60% throughout the entire month.  Average rainfall totals are 200mm and you can expect rain to fall 21 days out of the month.  One of the biggest rainfall events on record occurred in November 2006 when 250mm fell within the first 16 days of the month.


November is rarely cold enough to snow in Vancouver, meaning that most of the precipitation that falls is in the form of rain.  It does snow, however, at the higher elevations and ski hills.  Only trace amounts are recorded at the airport, averaging 5cm.

Sunshine Hours

Short days and long periods of clouds & rain make November one of the gloomiest months in Vancouver.  On average the sun only shines for four hours a day throughout the month.  The chances of an overcast or mostly cloudy sky remain a fairly consistent 70% in November.


The average relative humidity in Vancouver in November remains a steady 80%.  Lower temperatures will make the air feel dry and cool despite all of the rain.


Wind speeds continue to increase in November, finally tapering off approaching December.  On November 1st the average wind speed is 5.4 mph and reaches 6.5 mph by November 30th.  Winds are mostly out of the east.

Sea Temperature

The waters around Vancouver are cold in November, falling a couple of degrees from October to 8°C.  Mostly cloudy skies and rain keep the shallow areas from really heating up any more than that.

Dress Code

The most important thing to consider for visiting Vancouver in November is to stay dry.  Bring appropriate raingear that can survive a good soaking and still keep you dry.  Don't forget to bring footwear that can withstand deep, standing puddles.  Dress in layers also to make sure you stay warm.  Check the Vancouver forecast for the most up-to-date information before leaving home.  Vancouver's dress is casual, so just wear what's comfortable for you.

Vancouver Hotels in November

The Westin Grand

You'll find Vancouver's Westin Grand right in the center of downtown and with one of the best locations in the city.  The Westin Grand is situated between Yaletown, Gastown, and Downtown, with easy access to the SkyTrain.  All rooms have been recently renovated and feature modern accommodations to make your stay comfortable.  Suites feature private bedrooms, a pull-out sofa, and floor-to-ceiling windows with outstanding views.  The Westin Grand also has a year-round heated outdoor pool and fitness centre with personal trainers on request. There is one bar & restaurant on-site with a casual setting and international food.

Sylvia Hotel

The three-star Sylvia Hotel is near Stanley Park and overlooks English Bay.  The old building was once an apartment building, built in 1912, and is now a designated Vancouver landmark.  The Sylvia is a perfect lodging option for visitors looking for easy access to the waterfront, park, shopping, and restaurants.  The warm, cozy rooms feature classic furnishings; suites are also available with private bedrooms and full kitchens.  The Sylvia also has a casual, laid back lounge and restaurant serving great appetizers and other light fare the entire day.  The Sylvia Hotel is pet-friendly.

Ramada Limited Downtown

The Ramada Limited Downtown is a simple, modest three-star hotel right next to the popular Gastown District.  The building itself is older but the bedrooms & bathrooms are all up-to-date and the staff takes pride in keeping the hotel clean.  The exceptional service is always noted in reviews of the Ramada Limited.  The hotel features a free continental breakfast for guests.  Other nearby attractions include the Pacific Centre Mall, Canada Place, waterfront restaurants, and a five-minute walk to the SkyTrain and further attractions from there.

Century Plaza Hotel & Spa

Century Plaza is a wonderful three-star hotel in the West End and has a perfect location to enjoy downtown Vancouver's great shopping, delicious restaurants, and fun nightlife.  Suites are available with full kitchens and balconies, or just kitchenettes.  Cheaper standard rooms are also available.  All rooms are kept very clean and are extremely comfortable.  Century Plaza also features a day spa and 24/7 fitness centre.  There is also one restaurant on-site, the C Prime, which has a wonderful cocktail menu and serves delightful international dishes.  The Comedy Mix Club is also on the hotel grounds and makes for an entertaining evening.

Bars and Restaurants


Vancouver is full of great seafood restaurants like Miku, where the focus is on sustainable fishing and freshness.  Miku is located on the waterfront overlooking Coal Harbour and Canada Place and has a very energetic ambience.  Miku is pioneering the new Aburi Sushi trend and has created many great Aburi dishes.  In addition to fresh, flavorful sushi creations, Miku also serves prime rib, chicken nanban, and a sake soy glazed Obie brazier.  Award-winning Miku is open daily from 11:30AM until 11PM.

Jam Café VYR

A lot of restaurants in Vancouver serve a great brunch on the weekends but not many just do brunch every day of the week.  That's what you'll find at the Jam Café VYR in downtown Vancouver near Gastown.  This casual, cozy restaurant is open every day from 8AM until 3PM and has a simple brunch menu with delicious artisan dishes.  Guest favorites include the maple pan-fried oatmeal, the Harrison salmon scramble, naan breakfast burrito, and chicken & waffles.  Traditional lunches are also available, such as Reubens, mushroom burgers, pork tacos, and the breakfast version of a BLT.

Via Tevere Pizzeria

You better get to the Via Tevere Pizzeria right when they open or else you might be waiting in line.  This popular community pizzeria is the best in Woodland.  They're a small restaurant with a cozy interior and amazing menu.  The family that started & runs Via Tevere is straight from Naples and makes authentic Napolitano pizza in their wood-fired oven.  The large menu features pizzas with red sauce, olive oil, and cream sauces.  A number of appetizers are also available, with a variety of salads, polenta, and a pasta of the day.  Via Tevere is open Tuesday thru Sunday from 5PM until 10PM (11PM Friday & Saturday).

Cavo Bar & Kitchen

One of downtown Vancouver's late night stops for the nightclub crowd is the Cavo Bar & Kitchen on Granville Street.  This fun restaurant & bar specializes in Mediterranean fare and has some of the best specials in downtown.  Happy hour from 2:30PM until 6PM offers $3 Bulleit and $5 wine; Double Tuesdays offers double well drinks for $6.  Live Music Sundays also have their own great specials.  Cavo is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.  Some of the delicious main dinner courses include wild grilled salmon with tomato vinaigrette, lamb shank, and Mediterranean stuffed chicken.  Their breakfast & lunch menu is equally impressive.  Cavo is open daily from 9AM until 2AM.

Things to do in Vancouver in November

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Kitsilano is a great cold weather or rainy day activity during your stay in Vancouver.  This space-age museum is both entertaining and educational.  The museum features a number of hands-on exhibits, a planetarium theater, and games for the kids.  If the skies clear you can also check out the observatory next door with night showings.  The museum is at Vanier Park and opens at 10AM (noon on Sundays).  It closes its doors at 3PM during the week and 5PM on weekends.  Check the website for upcoming events and descriptions of current exhibits.

UBC Anthropology Museum

Another outstanding rainy day activity in Vancouver is the Anthropology Museum at the University of British Columbia.  This renowned museum contains incredible artwork from all over the world and from all time periods.  You'll find ancient artifacts from Greece and modern paintings from Vancouver.  One of the main attractions is the collection from the local First Nations, including baskets, woodcarvings, and jewelry.  This is a museum that you want to at least set aside a few hours for, if not half the day.  The museum is open daily from 10AM until 5PM.

Burnaby Village Museum

The Burnaby Village Museum is an open-air museum at Deer Lake Park, 20 minutes southeast of downtown Vancouver.  This is a living history museum, recreating a 1920's Pacific Northwest village.  There are 31 full-scale buildings housing various exhibits and tradecraft demonstrations.  Some of the buildings are original structures while others are recreations.  Exhibits within these buildings include interesting attractions like a barbershop, general store, 1925 garage, tram station, and of course a blacksmith.  One of the highlights is the beautiful carousel constructed in 1912.  Burnaby Village is open daily from 11AM until 4:30PM.

Pacific Centre Mall

If the gloomy November weather has you down it might be time for some retail therapy.  The largest mall in downtown Vancouver is the Pacific Centre Mall.  The mall looks small from the street but most of the 100+ shops are on the underground level.  The Pacific Centre Mall takes up three floors totaling over 66 thousand square meters.  Here you'll find the mall staples like Apple, Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Nine West.  There are also a number of local shops and restaurants.  The Pacific Centre Mall is serviced by the Granville SkyTrain station.  The mall opens at 10AM Monday thru Saturday and at 11AM on Sunday.

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