Discover the Top 10 Cities in Europe with the Most Sunshine

Europe stuns with the grand amount of cities that it boasts. An interesting fact that you may not have known is that Europe actually has 10 cities that experience the most sunshine, which are all beautifully maintained, built for tourists and the ideal spot for a summer getaway. This article aims to explore Europe’s sunniest cities that you can go and visit whenever your heart desires.

Malaga, Spain

Malaga comes in first spot as Europe’s sunniest city, with over 300 days of sunshine per year. With its beautiful beaches, stunning promenades and lovely streets to walk through, this is a great place to catch some vitamin D and take a dip in the sea. There are so many exciting things that you can do when visiting Malaga and did you know, that it is actually the birthplace of the Malaga ice cream? You see, Malaga is the sunniest city in Europe and it is also filled with rich culture and heritage, making it an ideal spot to visit.

Catania, Italy

Catania is located in the south of Sicily, home to the pistachio. With 250 days of sunshine per year, it is an area that is filled with beautifully grown fruits and vegetables, it is home to some of the most stunning beaches and the locals carry with them a warm and welcoming Italian charm, that is sure to knock the socks off any tourist looking to spend some time in Catania!

Nice, France

With its stunning coastline and vibrant promenade, Nice is a popular destination for those seeking some sun. The city enjoys over 2,600 hours of sunshine a year, making it one of the sunniest cities in Europe. It is a more quiet place, so if you are looking to escape the bustle of Paris, this could be a great alternative. Nice is also known for its excellent beachside and fresh produce markets.

Rome, Italy

The Eternal City is not only rich in history and culture but also in sunshine. With around 200 days of sunshine a year, Rome offers the perfect blend of ancient ruins and sunny weather. Nothing quite beats Rome during the summer. The heat emitted through the city which can be cooled by walking past the Trevi Fountains or simply wandering around the cool river that runs through the city is something magical.

Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece, is known for its ancient landmarks and sunny weather. It is a fantastic place to enjoy the architecture and ruins which are typical to the Athenian landscape. Athens is also known for its excellent food, so dive straight into the tzatziki and feta cheese upon arrival. Don’t forget the olives too! The sunshine makes them extra delicious!

Bari, Italy

Bari is located in the south of Italy, which is what many still call the boot of Italy and is one of the most spectacular places. It lies directly on the Adriatic Sea, which is known as one of the calmest and blues seas, so you can be sure that taking a little breather in the freshwater to avoid the heat will be as pleasurable as can be.

Seville, Spain

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and is famous for its stunning architecture and vibrant culture. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, the city is one of the sunniest in Europe, making it a great destination to enjoy the warmer climate.

Marseilles, France

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Marseilles is a bustling port city with a rich history. The city enjoys around 2,800 hours of sunshine a year, making it a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the sun and sea.

Palermo, Italy

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is a vibrant city with a Mediterranean climate. With around 250 days of sunshine a year, the city is a great destination for those looking to explore historic sites and enjoy the sunny weather.

Murcia, Spain

Located in southeastern Spain, Murcia is known for its hot summers and mild winters. The city enjoys over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, making it one of the sunniest cities in Europe. With its beautiful architecture and rich history, Murcia is a great destination for those looking to get some vitamin D.

There you have it, the sunniest cities that Europe has to offer.


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