The Americas

The Americas Weather Overview

From the north to the south of The Americas the weather varies quite significantly. Spanning from latitude of 80 N in very northern Canada down to 60S in South America, you will find a smorgasbord of all different climates as you move across the various regions of the Americas.

With North America- predominately Canada and the United States, playing host to continental conditions, arid conditions in the middle of the American deserts, Mediterranean conditions on the Californian coast and Arctic conditions in the very north of Canada and Alaska you can be sure that you will see a range of weather conditions as you move across the continent.

Mexico, lying at the base of North America and occasionally considered part of Central America, is one of the worlds 18 mega diverse countries, playing host to almost all of the worlds different species of flora and fauna and boasting 10% of the worlds biodiversity. The climate varies across the countries, with some parts remaining in the 20's throughout the whole year and blistering hot in summer and other areas experience more moderate conditions

The Tropic of Cancer which effectively splits the country of Mexico into temperate and tropical zones.

Central America is home to the countries of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama and has in recent years been classed as a "biodiversity hotspot" which means that the regions vast and varied flora and fauna biodiversity is under threat. The topography is varied which results in varied weather across the subcontinent- cooler in winter at high altitudes and more moderate when nearing the coast.

The Caribbean, lying at about 15 degrees North, sees tropical conditions due to its proximity to the equator. With 2 seasons (wet and dry) and about 8 to 9 hours of sunlight per day throughout the entirety of the year. The tropical conditions provide for a great getaway year round, particularly in the northern winter months when Northern Europe and America are suffering through blistering cold conditions- this is when the Caribbean sees daily highs of mid 20's, uninterrupted sunlight and clear days.

South America, home to 12 countries including Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Peru, is a region of huge biodiversity. In Venezuela you will find the worlds highest waterfall, in Chile you will find the worlds driest desert, across 9 of South America's countries you can find the Amazon Rainforest- the worlds largest rainforest and the continent is also home to the worlds largest river and longest mountain range! So you can see why South America, occupying 3.5% of the Earths surface experiences a huge range of weather conditions!