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Tel Aviv Weather in November, Israel

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What's the Weather like in Tel Aviv in November


Things start to cool down in Tel Aviv, Israel, in November, but for visitors from cooler climates, it will still feel very warm. The average temperature in Tel Aviv in November is 17.6°C, with an average high of 23.4°C and an average low of 14.6°C. This compares to the November average of 14°C in Bogota, Colombia. Temperatures can reach 29.2°C and Tel Aviv's record November high was 35.6°C. The record low was 6°C, but it will rarely fall below 10.9°C.

Sea Temperature

A swim will still be pleasantly warm as the average sea temperature is 23°C. Average relative humidity in November is high in Tel Aviv at 68 per cent. Make sure to check our local weather report.


November sees a reasonable amount of rain, with average rainfall for the month of 81mm/3.2ins. There will be rain on nine days of the month on average.

Sunshine Hours

Tel Aviv in November enjoys average sunshine of 234 hours, or 7.8 hours a day. The days shorten considerably in November, with daylight of between 10 hours and 14 minutes and 10 hours and 54 minutes. Sunrise comes between 5.57am and 6.22am and sunset is between 4.36pm and 4.51pm. Tel Aviv is getting cloudier throughout November, with the chances of overcast or mostly cloudy skies rising from 22 per cent to 31 per cent.


Wind speeds in Tel Aviv are slightly up on October, with average speeds of 8.4mph remaining constant throughout the month. The wind blows predominantly from the north in November.

Dress Code

It is definitely a month to include waterproof tops with the lighter summer clothing, along with a light jumper and jacket for chillier evenings. On most occasions you will still be walking around in the day in t-shirts and shorts. Make sure that you check our 14-day forecast for Tel Aviv before you head for the airport.

Tel Aviv Hotels in November

The Carlton

For sheer, unadulterated luxury, The Carlton Hotel is hard to beat. One of the first sights that will greet you is the stunning rooftop infinity pool and bar looking out over the marina and the Mediterranean. Everywhere you go there are great sea views, including at the hotel's three restaurants and two bars, serving everything from breakfast and light bites to high class a la carte bistro dinners.

Alexander Suites Hotel

The self-catering Alexander Suites Hotel is adjacent to Metzitzim Beach and a 10-minute walk from Tel Aviv Marina. A key selling point is its rooftop terrace with amazing views. Suites are modern and well-equipped with high-tech extras and well-equipped kitchens. A generous buffet breakfast is provided each day and there is a restaurant serving kosher cuisine for lunch and dinner on weekdays only.

Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel

There are sea views to die for at the Renaissance Tel Aviv thanks to its huge picture windows. This is a first-class hotel with all the facilities a discerning traveller needs, including direct beach access, a fitness centre, indoor pool, spa, sauna and hot tub. Many rooms offer views out to sea, or towards Jaffa. Dining options include the all-day Jaffa Terrace, The Dairy restaurant and Sabres Brasserie overlooking the sea.

Little Tel-Aviv Hostel

The Little Tel-Aviv does not live up to its name, as it is actually a large hostel in a renovated building just off Allenby Street and close to all the nightlife and attractions. It is an excellent budget option, with mixed dorms, female-only dorms and private rooms. There is a garden, shared kitchen and bar and breakfast is available. The dorms are for under35s only.

Bars and Restaurants


Buzzing is the best way to sum up Miznon which serves great food at reasonable prices. Pittas are big and can be built to order with vegetables, chicken, or meat. Other dishes include roasted spiced yam and fish and chips. Service is at the counter and you then grab your choice of tahina, labneh, green chilli sauce or pickle spread and find a seat while it's made from scratch. Beer and soft drinks are available to wash it all down.


The Alphabet is a friendly and cosy central Tel Aviv bar and club which attracts some great DJs and has a strikingly designed interior. It's for over-25s only, so the crowd is more mature. Drop by for laid back early evening drinks or opt for a more hectic experience later in the evening as the booming sound system keeps the party going into the small hours.


A 1960s singer and former Miss Egypt gave her name to Dalida, which opened in 2013 in Levinsky Market in the Florentin district. Chef Dan Zuaretz's food is fusion of Arab, Italian and French and it's a big hit with the locals.

There are seasonal menus, a courtyard for al fresco dining and a bar serving great cocktails. Try the Arabic cabbage with calamari or lamb, or their halloumi kebabs.


Pasaz is quite literally an underground venue, situated in a tunnel beneath central Tel Aviv. It's a dark and atmospheric music bar that draws the city's hipster crowd with its low lighting and period furniture. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious, with the focus on good music and drinks. There's regular live music and the club stays open until the small hours.

Things to do in Tel Aviv in November

IDF History Museum

The Israeli Defence Forces Museum is housed in 13 pavilions and sheds at Tel Aviv's restored Old Railway Station quarter. There are tanks and other combat vehicles and an armoury of artillery and light arms tracing the history of this formidable fighting force from its inception in 1948 to the present day. The Railway Station complex also has all the shops, bars and restaurants you will need after your military history lesson.

Luna Park

Luna Park is Israel's biggest and best amusement park, stretching over 12 acres in Tel Aviv opposite Park HaYarkon. It will be an adrenaline-fuelled day, with white knuckle rides such as the Black Mamba roller coaster and lots of gentler attractions for younger children, including carousels and other rides. There is a range of restaurants and you could easily spend your whole day here, so much is there to see and do.

Beit Ha'ir

Situated amid the splendour of Tel Aviv's Bauhaus buildings the Beit Ha'ir cultural centre offers a historical perspective of the city through documents and photographs. There are also two galleries where a range of temporary exhibitions are staged. The building is more than 90 years old and was once the location for Tel Aviv's first city hall.

Ilana Goor Museum

Perched on a hill in Old Jaffa, the Ilana Goor Museum is a striking 18th century building with glorious sea views that houses a range of works, including those of its resident, the Israeli artist Ilana Goor. It was originally a hostel for Jewish pilgrims en-route to Jerusalem and subsequently a soap and perfume factory. The collection is dominated by tribal art and Goor's own work, all displayed in a beautiful interior.