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Tel Aviv Weather in March, Israel

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What's the Weather like in Tel Aviv in March


The weather starts to improve in Tel Aviv, Israel, in March and temperatures rise, although there is still a risk of cloud and rain. The average temperature in Tel Aviv in March is 16.4°C, with an average high of 19.2°C and an average low of 11.5°C. This compares to March averages in Paris, France, of just 9°C.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Tel Aviv in March was a sweltering 38.3°C and although the temperature rarely goes lower than 8.3°C, it has dipped down to 3.5°C.

Sea Temperature

This is generally a mild and pleasant time to visit Tel Aviv and with a March average sea temperature for Tel Aviv of 18°C, so you may want to bring your swimming gear. The average relative humidity is Tel Aviv in March is 65 per cent. Check out our local weather report for Tel Aviv before you go.


The heavy rainfall of January and February begins to recede in Tel Aviv in March, although showers are still a possibility and some of the can be heavy. The March rainfall average is 62mm/2.5 inches and rain falls for an average of 10 days of the month, with the chances of rain decreasing as the month goes on.

Sunshine Hours

Tel Aviv in March receives average sunshine of 236 hours for the month, or 7.7 hours a day. The days continue to get longer during the month, with 11 hours and 30 minutes of daylight on March 1 and 12 hours and 29 minutes on March 31, an increase of 59 minutes from the beginning to the end of the month. The sun rises between 5.42am and 6.41am and sets between 5.38pm and 6.59pm in Tel Aviv in March. The city is less cloudy in March than the preceding three months, with the skies overcast or cloudy for 23 per cent of the month. The clearest day of the month on average is March 30 when skies are free of cloud on 77 per cent of occasions.


The wind speed in Tel Aviv during March falls from an average of 8.8mph at the start of the month to 8.1mph by the end they blow from the west for 48 per cent of the time. The calmest day of the year on average is May 11, when the average daily wind speed is 7.5mph.

Dress Code

The warmer weather is on the way and Tel Aviv's record high March temperature of 38.3°C proves that it can get very hot indeed. But this is a transition month in the main, with days generally warm and humid and evenings slightly cooler, with rain still a risk. That means jumpers and waterproofs should still be packed along with the shorts, t-shirts and swimming costumes just in case. Check our 14-day forecast for Tel Aviv before you head for the airport.

Tel Aviv Hotels in March

The Norman

Considered by many to be Tel Aviv's finest hotel, that will be reflected in the price tag for a stay at The Norman, which opened in 2014 in a converted 1920s mansion house. This is an ultra-luxurious hotel with one of the city's finest restaurants the European-Mediterranean fusion Alena and a beautiful rooftop infinity pool with lovely views. There's another fine restaurant, the Japanese-European Dinings on the third floor and a stylish bar.

Hotel Montefiore

Tel Aviv has a cluster of high-class boutique hotels and the Hotel Montefiore in the centre of the city is another fine example. Situated in a white 1920s building, there are just 12 luxurious rooms with original Bauhaus architecture throughout.  The Vietnamese-fusion restaurant is a Tel Aviv dining hotspot and it's also renowned for great breakfasts, including the Israeli version of eggs, cheese and vegetables.

The Poli House

The Poli House is another of Tel Aviv's upmarket boutique hotels and it's bright, modern and funky style has won it lots of fans. Located in another of the classic 1930s Bauhaus buildings in south Tel Aviv, it has 40 well equipped rooms and a spectacular heated rooftop pool with views across the city. There's a cocktail bar and café and a spa offering a range of treatments. Breakfast can be taken in the hotel garden.

Alma Hotel & Lounge

The Alma Hotel & Lounge has just 15 rooms, all decorated in a unique and bohemian style in a 1925 building that was brought back to life in 2012. Located in the Rothschild Boulevard, it has a funky rooftop bar and terrace that stages regular events. Unlike many hotels of this size, diners are superbly catered for with the hotel's Alma Lounge serving great cuisine that attracts locals as well as tourists.

Bars and Restaurants


Ice cream is big in Tel Aviv with many artisan shops all over the city. One of the best is Arte in Nahalat Binyamin Crafts market, selling Italian gelato, including almond crumble and forest berries. It is run by Italian ice-cream makers from Tuscany and Sicily, Stefania Pagani and Marco Camorali, eschews food colourings and chemicals and sources ingredients locally. There is a big selection for vegans, as well as frozen Italian sorbets.


Curiously branded as a 'cocktail bar pharmacy', Spicehaus in central Tel Aviv is an eccentric but entertaining venue, with bar staff dressed as chemists and drinks mostly cocktails - served in beaker bottles. To make things even more confusing the sign outside this huge bar reads 'East Jaffa Perfume Company.' If you like your drinks served with a sense of humour then you're at the right place. Unforgettable.

Old Man & the Sea

Named after the classic Ernest Hemingway novel the Old Man & The Sea in south Jaffa is a good choice for location and food. It's a large and lively restaurant with a lovely terrace that allows you to enjoy sea views while tucking into generous portions of meat and seafood, served with mezze, such as falafel balls. Leave room for their renowned Arabic tea, coffee and cake though.

Anna Loulou 

Tolerance and inclusion are central themes at Anna Loulou in Jaffa, which has owners who are Jewish, Arab, gay and straight. What they do have in common is the ability to run a great music and dancing bar which pulls in DJs from across the world. Expect to see Israelis, Arabs, Russians and other nationalities on the decks. There is a small area at the back to escape the party and relax with friends.

Things to do in Tel Aviv in March


Just 90 minutes from Tel Aviv, Bethlehem is one of the world's most historic destinations and well worth the journey. Take the whole day or combine it with a trip to Jerusalem which is 20 minutes away. It is advisable to go with an organised tour as Bethlehem is in the West Bank and tour companies take care of the tricky access arrangements, allowing you to enjoy sights such as the Church of the Nativity, Manger Square and Milk Grotto.

Old Port

Tel Aviv Old Port, known as Namal Tel Aviv, opened in 1936 and after falling into decline, it has been carefully restored to emerge as one of the liveliest places in the city. There are cafes and upmarket stores in the converted warehouses, a great boardwalk, cycle paths and play areas to keep you and the family occupied by day and at night the port area is transformed into party central, with nightclubs and pubs galore.

Charles Clore Park

The lovely Charles Clore Park runs along the south Tel Aviv coast to Jaffa and came into being in the 1970s through the generosity of British property tycoon Sir Charles Clore. It has areas for barbecues, outdoor exercise facilities, children's playground and a wooden yoga deck, all with glorious views out to sea. It is busy until after dark, with walkers, runners, cyclists and many others just relaxing away from the Tel Aviv noise.

Tel Aviv Bike Tour

bike tour is a great way to see Tel Aviv from a new perspective and there are scores of paths and boulevards to make it a safe experience. It will take you to places off the beaten track, as well as to popular sights. See the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood and White City, the Tayelet boardwalk, Rabin Memorial and more. Tours are led by experienced local guides and Tel Aviv's flat terrain makes them suitable for all ages and fitness levels.