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Tel Aviv Weather in September, Israel

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What's the Weather like in Tel Aviv in September


Do not expect Tel Aviv, Israel, to be autumnal in the normal sense of the word in September. This is a very warm month with very little rainfall. The average temperature in Tel Aviv in September is 26.5°C, with an average high of 29.4°C and an average low of 22.5°C. Temperatures can go higher, reaching 32°C on occasions and Tel Aviv's record high for September was 42°C. The record low was 15.7°C, but it is unlikely to dip below 20.6°C. This compares with the temperatures for September in Malta.

Sea Temperature

This is a great month for a swim in the sea, with an average sea temperature of 28°C. Average relative humidity is high in Tel Aviv in September falls slightly, to 60 per cent.

Check our local weather report for Tel Aviv.


The chance of rain is still low in Tel Aviv in September, with an average rainfall of just 0.7mm/0.02ins and rain expected on less than half a day over the month. This compares with January in Tel Aviv, when the city receives 147mm/5.8ins.

Sunshine Hours

Tel Aviv still gets plenty of sunshine in September, with average sunshine of 300 hours, or 10 hours a day. The days go on getting shorter in September, with daylight hours falling from 12 hours and 49 minutes to 11 hours and 53 minutes. Sunrise is between 6.15am and 6.33am and sunset is between 6.27pm and 7.05pm. Cloud increases as the month goes on in Tel Aviv in September, from a zero per cent chance at the start of the month to seven per cent by the end.


Wind speeds in Tel Aviv are constant throughout September, at an average of 8.1mph with only 0.1 per cent variation. The wind is predominantly from the west in September.

Dress Code

You should still pack for hot and sunny conditions, but perhaps a light waterproof could be included just in case. Make sure that you check our 14-day forecast for Tel Aviv before you head for the airport.

Tel Aviv Hotels in September

Old Jaffa Hostel

Set amid the hustle and bustle of Jaffa's famous flea market and a few hundred metres from the beach, the Old Jaffa Hostel is a good low-cost choice that was once named one of the world's 50 best budget hotels. Located in a renovated old building with balconies hanging right over the market there is a shared kitchen and rooftop terrace with sea views. Breakfast is included and there is a grocery shop nearby along with restaurants and bars.

65 Rothschild Hotel

65 Rothschild is a modern hotel with 74 rooms at the heart of Tel Aviv's shopping and cultural district. The rooms are spacious, with panoramic windows offering sweeping views and airport transfers are free for stays of three nights or more. The hotel's Café 65 has won awards for its breakfasts and snacks and drinks are served there during evening happy hours.

Gordon Hotel

There is a Caribbean feel about the Gordon Boutique Hotel with its period building, cool white interiors and striking sea views. Attentive service will not be a problem as there are only 12 high-tech rooms, some with roomy terraces offering yet more great sea views. The style is continued in the bar and in the popular restaurant at the hotel entrance, which serves Mediterranean cuisine. The hotel has free Wi-Fi and is air conditioned.

Sadot Hotel

The Sadot Hotel is the closest four-star to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport and there is a free shuttle service for the 15-minute trip. Despite this and the fact that it is on the third floor of a gleaming new shopping mall -  its 55 spacious rooms, studios and one suite offer views over fields and farmland. There is a bar and buffet restaurant serving breakfast and the hotel also has a library and gym.

Tel Aviv Beaches in September

Bograshov Beach & Metzitzim Beach

Bograshov Beach is about as central as you can get in Tel Aviv, a lovely stretch of sand with all the delights of the city a few yards away, including bars and restaurants. By way of contrast, the Metzitim Beach named after Israeli comedy films of the 1970s is perfect for families, with shallow waters and lots of activities for children. There are lots of restaurants and bars close at hand and beach parties every Friday afternoon.

Bars and Restaurants

The Block 

The Block in Salame Street, south Tel Aviv, is reportedly the city's biggest night club and also one of its most popular. It's away from the main action in the city centre but is worth a visit. There are three separate areas with different music and atmosphere a large and a small dance hall and a chilled-out lounge. If you're staying in the centre of Tel Aviv you will need a taxi to get there.


One of two sister restaurants with the same name, Goocha, occupies a prime location on Ben-Gurion Ave is the original and considered to be the better of the two. The crowd is a mix of locals and tourists who are drawn by signature dishes such as moules and frites, shrimp burger and seafood risotto. It is very popular, is always busy and you may be disappointed if you do not book in advance.

The Space 

Jazz lovers should head for The Space in Kerem Hateimaniem, one of Tel Aviv's most upmarket neighbourhoods, on a Tuesday. Plenty of other tastes are catered for across the week at this versatile destination, which is a mix of restaurant, bar and music venue. As if that's not enough, it's also connected to an art gallery and coffee shop.

Mike's Place 

Mike's Place is a popular chain of American sports bars serving up hearty food, beer, and live sports including Premier League soccer and American football - on their multiple big screens. They are said to have some of the best burgers and chicken wings in Tel Aviv and there's a huge beer selection to choose from. All bars stage regular live music events and there are themed parties on certain nights.

Things to do in Tel Aviv in September


The Eretz Israel Museum explores Israel's history and culture in fascinating detail but tucked away inside is an attraction that is literally out of this world a Planetarium allowing guests to gaze at the stars from a revolving seat. You can also learn about Israel's first ever astronaut, Ilan Ramon, and see live pictures of outer space from NASA. A great place for children and adults.


No visit to Israel would be complete without experiencing Jerusalem and its old city, considered a spiritual home by Jews, Christians and Muslims. It is only 70kms and just over an hour away by road from Tel Aviv and thousands of years of history await. Find out all about it at the Israel Museum, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls and visit the Yad Vashem Memorial and Western Wall. Security is an issue, so take an organised tour.

Old Railway Station

Tel Aviv's Old Railway Station, known as HaTachana, was once the terminus for the Jerusalem to Jaffa train line until it closed in 1948 and fell into decay. It has now been transformed and is more than just a destination for train spotters as it is one of Tel Aviv's trendiest public spaces near Tel Aviv Beach. There are boutiques, cafes and restaurants galore in the beautiful historic buildings.

Nachum Gutman Museum of Art

With more than 200 works by the 20th century artist on show, the Nachum Gutman Museum of Art is a fascinating display of his art, illustrations and sculptures, located in an historic house dating back to 1887 down a quiet street in the trendy Neve Tzedek neighbourhood. The Gutmans were among the first families to make Tel Aviv their home and Nachum, who died in 1980, was one of the country's most renowned authors and illustrators.