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Tel Aviv Weather in May, Israel

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What's the Weather like in Tel Aviv in May


Things start to warm up in Tel Aviv, Israel, in May, with temperatures climbing and the amount of rainfall declining sharply, making this a great month to visit ahead of the baking summer period. The average temperature in Tel Aviv in May is 21.8°C, with an average high of 24.9°C and an average low of only 17.3°C. It can get incredibly hot though and temperatures regularly hit 32°C. The May high for Tel Aviv was an unbearable 46.5°C, the highest recorded temperature for any month of the year in Tel Aviv. At the other end of the scale, the record low was 11.2°C. and it will seldom go below 14°C at night.

Sea Temperature

Things are warming up in the water too, with the average sea temperature for Tel Aviv going up to a comfortable 21°C. The average relative humidity, while still high, is lower than three of the previous four months at 63 per cent meaning that conditions can still get a little sticky. But overall, this is a good time for a visit to Tel Aviv. Make sure to check our local weather report before you go.


May sees a dramatic drop in the average rainfall in Tel Aviv with the monthly average of 3.6mm/0.1inches being felt on just 1.8 days of the month. If you do get rain, it will generally be very light and tends to come in the earlier part of the month, closer to April.

Sunshine Hours

May in Tel Aviv is very sunny, with average sunshine of 329 hours for the month, or 10.6 hours per day, considerably more than the average of eight hours per day that Madrid, Spain receives in May. The days are long too, with between 13 hours and 26 minutes and 14 hours and six minutes of daylight. Sunrise is at 5.55am and sunset at 7.21pm on May 1 and sunset is 5.35am and sunset at 7.41pm on May 31. Cloud cover is also falling in May, with a 25 per cent chance of a cloudy day at the start of the month and an 11 per cent chance by May 31.


Wind speeds in Tel Aviv stay around the same throughout May, with an average of 7.6mph and only a minor variation on this during the month. The wind blows predominantly from the west in May, for more than half of the time. The calmest day of the year is on May 11, when wind speed is at 7.5mph on average.

Dress Code

T-shirts, shorts and cool, loose fitting clothing is essential, as are swimming costumes. If temperatures hot up you will be grateful for a cool dip in the pool or sea. You can probably leave the waterproofs at home but take a warmer top for the evenings just in case. Make sure that you check our 14-day forecast for Tel Aviv before you head for the airport.

Tel Aviv Hotels in May

Savoy Sea Side Hotel

Savoy Sea Side Hotel is a good self-catering option located 100 metres from Jerusalem Beach in Tel Aviv centre. The four-star boutique hotel has a daily breakfast buffet, but no restaurant. That is not a problem as all suites have kitchenettes and there are so many restaurants nearby. Rooms are modern with private balconies, a living room and separate bedroom. Carmel Market is a five-minute walk away.

Shenkin Hotel

Perfectly located just two minutes from Tel Aviv's famous market, The Shuk, and 10 minutes from Rothschild Boulevard and the beach, the Shenkin Hotel is a great choice for travellers who want to be at the heart of the action but are on a budget. There is no restaurant, but there are plenty of choices nearby and the hotel has a lovely roof terrace and spa.

Hotel Gilgal

The boutique three-star Hotel Gilgal is 200 metres from the public beach on Tel Aviv seafront and some of the 50 rooms at this reasonably priced choice offer sea views. Breakfast is available each day and there is a coffee shop in the lobby and restaurant, with plenty of other dining choices right outside the door. As with most hotels of this size, there is also a rooftop terrace for guests.

The Diaghilev Boutique Hotel

The Diaghilev is a stylish, stripped-down sister hotel to the Rothschild Hotel, with simpler rooms but a perfect location and arty vibe, with regular exhibitions. The ballet-inspired Backstage Bar is a meeting place for the city's tech whizzkids and serves breakfast, salads, sandwiches and other snacks. Reception is open 24 hours and private cycle tours of Tel Aviv can be arranged there.

Tel Aviv Beaches in May

Jerusalem Beach

May is a great month to hit the beach in Tel Aviv, before it gets too hot and the crowds descend. Right in the heart of the city and close to Carmel Market is Jerusalem Beach, formerly known as Geula Beach. It's as popular with Tel Aviv's young people as it is with tourists and can get noisy at times, especially at weekends! You will certainly hear the familiar sound of the beach game Matkot being played. There are bars and restaurants across the street and a beach café, outdoor showers, a fitness area and playground on the beach itself.

Bars and Restaurants


You can buy a meal at Puaa and if you like the furniture and fittings you can buy them too! All the furniture and accessories are for sale, which is apt as it's in a flea market. The food is good too and it gets packed at weekends, with all-day Israeli breakfasts and dishes such as fried challah with jam and halva or sour cream and cucumber are in great demand.


416 is a nirvana for vegans, but meat eaters should not be put off, as the food has drawn rave reviews from all quarters. The team here serve generous meals with lots of extras and these include vegan shawarma, a juicy seitan steak served with potatoes and onions and mushroom schnitzel baguettes to name just a few. Another restaurant that it's worth booking ahead for.


The two big challenges with Sputnik are finding it in the first place and securing a table when you do. Even though it only opened two years ago, this is a seriously popular nightspot tucked down an alley off Allenby, near the corner of Rothschild. Hipsters abound to enjoy drInks and listen to great music, including top DJs and live acts. There are big queues to get in on occasions, so to be sure of a place, book a table in advance.


The Greek influence is strong at Kalamata, named after the Peloponnese region of Greece. It occupies a 500-year-old house on Jaffa's Kdumim Square. The menu is Greek-Cypriot with an Israeli influence and diners can enjoy starters such as stuffed vine leaves and ceviche and mains of black seafood pasta and meat or seafood kebabs. Leave room for a home-made dessert, including Arabic sweet kunafeh with ice cream. A bonus is the huge window which looks out over the Mediterranean.

Things to do in Tel Aviv in May

Carmel Market

Another great Tel Aviv market is also the city's busiest. Carmel Market is a typically crowded, loud and noisy Middle East shuk bursting with clothing, electronics, food, spices and accessories. One of its strengths is the range of fresh produce on offer, from bread to fruit and vegetables, so self-catering tourists will find it useful to do their shopping here and save money in the process. There are food tours of the market for newcomers.

Maine Friendship House

The American Colony was the first neighbourhood to be established outside the Jaffa city walls and was founded by a collective of American Christians almost 160 years ago. The Maine Friendship House museum tells their story in an entertaining and engaging way. The area is now a bit tatty but is quite safe. The museum opens two days a week, but they will open specially on other days if visitors call in advance.

Rubin Museum

The Romanian-born Reuven Rubin was hailed as Palestine's answer to Gauguin and was also compared to Matisse. Born in 1893, he emigrated to Palestine aged 30 and became famous for his landscape paintings depicting scenes from his new home. After his death in 1974, the Rubin Museum was established in his former home, displaying scenes from Jaffa and Israel's early years.

Helena Rubenstein Pavilion

The Helena Rubenstein Pavilion is a contemporary art gallery which was funded by the cosmetics company fonder of the same name and is an annexe of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The top floor houses a large collection of decorative arts and downstairs is the main exhibition area which displays a range of works by Israeli artsts and others from around the world. There is a small courtyard café at the rear.