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Seoul Weather in November, South Korea


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Seoul Averages November

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Seoul Daily Averages November

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November Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Seoul in November


November cools down significantly from October, by eight degrees.  The average monthly temperature in Seoul is only 5°C.  The daytime average cools down to 10°C and nights drop even further to an average of -1°C. 


Seoul is back into the dry season in November, with rainfall totals averaging only 52mm.  The chances of precipitation average 20% and drop going into December.  On rare occasions it will snow in Seoul in November, but snowfall is usually immeasurable. 

Sunshine Hours

The days in November in Seoul are significantly shorter than summer months. By the end of November there are only 9 hours 48 minutes between sunrise and sunset.  The skies are much clearer than previous months, however, with a 68% chance of clear skies.  This will give you an average of five hours of sunshine every day.


The average relative humidity in Seoul in November is much like October, at 66%. The air will feel dry and probably cooler than it really is with the already cold temperatures.


November winds in Seoul are much like October, averaging 3.8 m/s.  Colder northwesterly winds start to dominate, with occasional periods of southeasterly winds.

Dress Code

If you're visiting Seoul in November you'll want to dress warm.  Pack long pants and sweaters or jackets, especially for the cold nights.  If you're out late you may also want a warm hat, scarf, and gloves.  Don't bring boots that take too long to lace because you may have to remove them when entering certain buildings.  Rain isn't too much of a concern in November, but a small umbrella would be smart to bring.  As far as dress code is concerned, you'll be safe with a smart-casual style.  Check the Seoul 14-day forecast before your trip for a better idea of the expected weather.  

Seoul Hotels in November

Orakai Insadong Suites

The five-star Orakai Insadong Suites is located within walking distance of Seoul's busy commercial district with shops, restaurants, and many cultural sites. All suites feature low-key furnishings, fully equipped kitchens, in-suite laundry, and satellite TV. Suites are available from cozy one-bedroom apartments to enormous four-bedroom apartments.  There is a casual dining area where breakfast is served for a fee.  Otherwise, there are no restaurants at the Orakai Insadong, but fabulous restaurants surround the hotel.  Hotel facilities include an indoor heated pool, sauna, day spa, and kid's indoor playground.  The nearest metro station is less than ten minutes away.

Imperial Palace Seoul

The luxurious Imperial Palace Seoul is located in the trendy Gangnam district and only five minutes from the closest metro station.  This five-star hotel offers refined rooms featuring elegant furnishings, minibars, flatscreen TVs, and marble bathrooms.  Imperial Palace also offers suites with kitchenettes, living rooms, and Jacuzzi tubs.  There are a number of dining options available as well, including an international buffet, elegant Chinese dining, a Japanese restaurant, and café.  There are two opulent bars at the hotel.  Guests will also have access to the gym, business center, indoor pool, and shops.

Seoul Royal Hotel

The Seoul Royal Hotel is a four-star hotel on a popular street in central Seoul. Rooms are available in Standard, Premier, and Executive tiers, and all rooms offer plush bedding, flatscreen TVs, and free WiFi.  The upgraded rooms also feature sofas and club access to a casual lounge with complimentary drinks.  The Seoul Royal Hotel has a wonderful spa & wellness center with multiple treatments available to suit your needs, as well as a large fitness center.  The Grand Kitchen offers an elegant buffet experience, and you can relax at the more casual café & bar overlooking calming gardens.  The nearest metro station is a ten-minute walk.

Hotel Nafore

Budget travelers will love Hotel Nafore, an easily affordable three-star hotel in central Seoul. This contemporary hotel features modest furnishings, modern granite bathrooms, flatscreen TVs, a sitting area, and work desks.  Breakfast is provided for a small fee in a casual dining room, and there is also a small self-serve café.  Hotel Nafore is in a bustling neighborhood with many other great dining and entertainment options.  There are multiple subway stations within easy walking distance of the hotel.

Bars and Restaurants


Jihwaja Seoul is a trendy Korean restaurant in downtown Seoul.  The upscale restaurant serves what they call "royal cuisine", dishes that were traditionally served to members of the royal class throughout Korean history.  These ancient dishes are made with only fresh ingredients and with techniques used in olden days.  Even the ambience and service will make you feel like royalty.  Set menus are available, including two vegetarian set menus. A la carte selections of meat, seafood, soups, and salads are also available.  Jihwaja is open Wedesday through Monday from 11:30AM to 3PM and then from 5:30PM to 9:30PM.  Reservations are recommended.

On The Grill Myeongdong

On The Grill is a highly rated Asian fusion restaurant in Myeongdong, not far from central Seoul.  The dining room has a very relaxed, casual feel, and the service staff is more than friendly.  Their menu items include honey garlic pork belly, beef brisket, pepper beef, and many other Korean BBQ dishes.  You'll be able to taste the freshness in all of their meat and vegetables.  Prices are affordable, and the restaurant is kid-friendly. They are open Monday through Friday from 11:30AM until 11PM and Saturday from 3:30PM until 11PM.

Maple Tree House Itaewon

Maple Tree House gets its name from the small grove of maple trees inside the dining room, adding a unique, fun flair to the entire experience.  Maple Tree is an award-winning Korean BBQ house and commonly makes "things to do in Korea" lists.  Their food is fresh from local sources and cooked at your table.  They have some outstanding lunch sets, rice & noodles, and dinners consisting of pork belly, pork jowl, beef strip loin, and short ribs.  Flavorful sauces and vegetables compliment the meal.  Maple Tree House is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30AM until 10:30PM and on Friday & Saturday from 11:30AM until midnight.

Café Mamas City Hall

A cold morning is a perfect time to visit Café Mamas near Seoul City Hall.  Café Mama's is a cozy brunch restaurant and a very popular spot for local Koreans taking a lunch break during the day.  They offer a great selection of salads, fresh fruit smoothies, juices, hot chocolate, coffee, and hot soups.  But they are known most for their panini menu, all made with fresh bread and different cheeses, meats, and vegetables.  Café Mamas is open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM until 10PM and on the weekends from 9AM to 9PM.

Things to do in Seoul in November

Changdeokdung Palace

Seoul has a number of historic palaces, one of which is Changdeokdung Palace near downtown Seoul.  This is the second oldest of all the palaces and the most well-preserved.  Many of the buildings you'll see are from the 17th-century reconstruction of the palace.  One unique aspect of Changdeokdung Palace, compared to other palaces, is that the arrangement of the buildings and pavilions follows the natural flow of the land, instead of a more regimented grid pattern.  Most of the palace grounds are occupied by the Secret Garden, which has also been landscaped to the natural contours of the land.  The palace is open Tuesday through Wednesday from 9AM until 5:30PM; Huwon Secret Garden guided tours run from 10AM until 5PM.

Jogyesa Temple Chrysanthemum Festival

An Asian tradition that you'll also find in Seoul is the Jogyesa Temple Chrysanthemum Festival. The festival goes from mid October to mid November and is set amid the beautiful backdrop of Jogyesa Temple. The colorful chrysanthemums adorn the entire temple grounds, arranged in beautiful patterns and color arrangements. Other features of the festival include indoor exhibitions, replicas of Seoul monuments made entirely of chrysanthemums, music performances, a children's art contest, and bazaar.  A small entrance fee goes towards upkeep of the temple and festival.

Samsung Museum of Art

The Samsung Museum of Art, also called Leeum, is a beautiful modern museum housing a wide range of Korean artworks. The buildings themselves are works of art, designed by internationally renowned architects.  One of the museums exhibits traditional Korean art including paintings, ceramics, and calligraphy.  Another museum building exhibits more modern art by contemporary Korean artists, with a selection of international artists as well. The Samsung Museum of Art is located in Itaewon and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:30AM until 6PM.  Entrance requires a small fee.

Kimchi Culture Festival

Most people recognize kimchi as the national food of Korea, but many probably don't know that there's an entire festival dedicated to the fermented vegetables.  The festival takes place in Seoul Plaza in early November.  The festival is primarily meant to teach people about Kimjang, the art of making enough kimchi to sustain an entire family through a cold winter.  Those who have never made kimchi before can reserve a spot at a table and learn; most of the kimchi produced at this festival is used to feed the homeless during the upcoming winter.  There are many other cultural exhibits and hands-on experiences for people to participate in, as well as a play area for children.  Don't worry; there are numerous food trucks where you can find food other than kimchi.