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Seoul Weather in February, South Korea


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Seoul Averages February

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Seoul Daily Averages February

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February Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Seoul in February


Seoul is only slightly warmer in February than it is in January, with an average monthly temperature of -2°C.  The daytime average only gets up to 4°C while the nights are still chilly at -7°C. The record low in Seoul in February was -19.6°C while the record high only reached 18.7°C.

Rain & Snow

The chance of precipitation in Seoul in February still averages only 10% like January, but rises slightly towards the end of the month.  Rainfall totals average 25mm throughout the month.  Only a small amount of precipitation falls as snow in Seoul, but more will fall on the mountains. 

Sunshine Hours

The length of the days in Seoul continues to increase in February.  By the end of the month, there are 11 hours 19 minutes between sunrise and sunset.  The chances of an overcast or mostly cloudy sky slightly increase, averaging 41% by the end of the month.  This will give you an average of five hours of sunshine every day.


The average relative humidity in Seoul is 64%, just like January.  Cold temperatures and low humidity will make the air feel even colder.


Winds in Seoul in February are only slightly higher than in January, averaging 4.1 m/s.  Northerly winds start to subside while westerly winds move in.

Dress Code

Bring plenty of warm clothing if you're visiting Seoul in February.  The winds and low humidity will often make the air feel colder than it really is, so you'll want to bring multiple layers of clothing, including a scarf and warm hat.  Consider your footwear too; you may find that you will need to take off your boots in certain buildings.  Be sure to check the extended forecast before you start packing to know what the temperatures will be.  

Seoul Hotels in February

Grand Mercure Ambassador Yongsan

This highly rated hotel is perfectly situated in the center of Seoul, next to Yongsan Station and the Electronics Market. Grand Mercure Ambassador Yongsanis a unique hotel consisting of twin towers with a multi-floor entertainment center suspended between the two towers.  The hotel offers spacious rooms with contemporary décor, large windows, and premium bedding.  This hotel is perfect for guests who will be staying in Seoul for extended periods, as even the smallest rooms are suites with in-room laundry and a fully equipped kitchen.  There are two bar lounges at the hotel, one of which is reserved for guests staying in premium rooms.  The hotel also features a pool, fitness center, sauna, and massage services.

Prince Hotel Seoul

The three-star Prince Hotel is an affordable lodging option in Jung-gu, right next to the bus and subway station.  The hotel features simple rooms with light hardwood floors, bright décor, and contemporary bathrooms.  All rooms include WiFi, minifridges, and TVs.  There are also suites available with separate living areas and sofas. There is one casual restaurant at Prince Hotel, serving an international buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a dining room with great city views.  Prince Hotel is also within walking distance of numerous shops, restaurants, and bars.

Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong

Hotel Skypark is an elegant four-star hotel set in a beautiful glass building in Myeongdong. The hotel features standard rooms with light furnishings, comfortable beds, minifridges, and modern bathrooms.  Suites are available for larger families, and there are also "princess suites" with plush pink beds and rose furniture to pamper the women in your group.  An on-site restaurant serves breakfast in a bright dining room.  Some floors are dedicated to day spa treatments and cosmetics displays. Hotel Skypark is a ten-minute walk from multiple subway stations, and a complimentary shuttle is also available.

Hotel Peyto Gangnam

One of Gangnam's beautiful modern glass buildings houses Hotel Peyto, a four-star hotel with great prices.  There are 186 rooms at Hotel Peyto Gangnam.  They all feature lightly colored hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, bright décor with Asian influences, and fashionable bathrooms.  There are also suites with private bedrooms and sofas. All rooms have flatscreen TVs and WiFi. Café PO:Z serves an international buffet for breakfast and lunch, and the Paul Bassett Café serves some of the best coffee and pastries in Gangnam.  Hotel Peyto also features a fitness center.  It is just a few minutes' walk from the nearest bus station.

Bars and Restaurants

Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market is one of South Korea's popular street markets, serving tasteful, authentic Korean street food. Here you'll find many great seafood dishes including fresh octopus, live squid, and fishcakes. Korean raw beef, rice cakes, mung bean pancakes, and kimchi also abound throughout the market. If you're staying in an accommodation that has a kitchen, this is also a good place to purchase fresh produce.  There are also many local artisans and clothing vendors at this market. The food market is open from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday and is located in Jongno-gu.

Chef's Palette

Chef's Palette is an elegant European-style restaurant located in Le Meridien Seoul hotel.  The food is served in a large buffet, where you can find everything from healthy Mediterranean salads to sweet fried desserts.  Chef's Palette specializes in food from southern France, Italy, and the Med.  A large selection of white and red wines is available to go with your courses.  A small Chinese a la carte menu is also available.  Chef's Palette is open daily from 6AM until 9:30PM; the bar is open until midnight.

Brooklyn The Burger Joint

If you just want a good burger, head over to Brooklyn The Burger Joint in Gangnam. This retro restaurant has the feel of a 1950's-era American diner and is a favorite among tourists and locals. They're even cited as having the best burgers in South Korea, and competitive with burgers in America. That's a big claim.  Their milkshakes and fries are also on-point, rounding out the meal.  Burgers are priced very fairly, and they do also serve beer.  Brooklyn The Burger Joint is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:30AM until 9:30PM.

Jinmi Sikdang

One of Seoul's specialty restaurants is Jinmi Sikdang, a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Mapo-gu.  The dining room is traditional Korean style, with low tables and floor seating.  The menu is very limited, so it's definitely for niche tastes, but it's the best in Seoul.  They specialize in soy-marinated raw crab.  All of the crab is served in the shell with plenty of meat, fresh from the ocean.  A variety of sauces, soups, kimchi, and seaweed are available to compliment the crab. Jinmi Sikdang is open daily from noon until 8PM with a break between 3:30 to 5.  Reservations are recommended.

Things to do in Seoul in February

Sledding in Gwangjin

Ttukseom Hangang Park is so much more than a sledding hill.  There is a theater, bungee jumping, smelt fishing, bumper cars, and magic shows at this large park.  But the sledding hill is the prime attraction.  The small entrance fee gives you admission to the park for the entire day and also your own tube for sledding.  There are a few different sledding hills available, including short shallow hills for the small children and taller hills for the more adventurous. The park is open daily from 9AM to 5PM and is almost empty during the week.

Seoul Plaza

Seoul Plaza is home to Seoul City Hall and is located in central Seoul.  The moon-shaped plaza is home to a number of cultural events throughout the year, and in the winter transforms into a large, popular ice skating rink.  There are two rinks; one for advanced skaters and one for beginner skaters, where you can also take lessons.  The rink is open until 9:30PM during the week and 11PM on the weekends.

Namsan Seoul Tower

You'll probably notice the tall hill next to Seoul Plaza, topped with an elaborate tower, and wonder how you get up there and what you can do there.  This is Namsan Seoul Tower, a communications and observation tower.  The tower is taller than the hill that it's on, and the whole structure rises 480m above sea level.  There are dozens of restaurants, a few souvenir shops, and a game plaza at the tower. One fun tradition is for couples to leave locks on the gates outside of the plaza, locking their love for eternity. The plaza closes at 11PM during the week and midnight on the weekends.  You can take a cable car to the top.

Bukhansan National Park

One of the most popular natural areas near Seoul is Bukhansan National Park.  This park is comprised of towering granite mountains, crystal clear water, dense forests, and a variety of wildlife.  There are also remnants of a defensive wall that was first constructed during the 2ndcentury and later expanded.  Bukhansan National Park is easily accessible from Seoul and offers numerous sightseeing and hiking opportunities.

Myeongdong Market

The market in Myeongdong, Namdaemun Market, is probably the oldest and most traditional markets in Seoul, in operation for over 600 years.  Namdaemun is known for their remarkably efficient food vendors, serving up traditional dishes of dumplings, fishcakes, and noodle soup at blazingly fast speeds.  Namdaemun is also home to a number of vendors selling souvenirs and artisan crafts.  A more modern market is right next to Namdaemun, where you can find contemporary retailers like Ralph Lauren, Louis Vitton, and a number of Korean brands as well.