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Seoul Weather in September, South Korea


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Seoul Averages September

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Seoul Daily Averages September

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September Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Seoul in September


The hot Seoul summers finally come to an end by late September, with an average monthly temperature of 19°C.  Average daytime temperatures are four degrees cooler than August, at 24°C.  Nighttime temperatures drop six degrees from the previous month, to a mild 14°C.  


Typhoon season comes to an end in September, and rainfall totals decline from an average of 200mm in the beginning of the month to 80mm by the end of the month.  The total monthly average is 169mm.  The chances of precipitation also sharply decrease, from 40% to 20%. 

Sunshine Hours

The end of Seoul's rainy season lends to some clearer days, but the days will be shorter.  They are 11 hours 51 minutes long by the end of September, with a 65% chance of clear skies. You'll still get six hours of sunshine every day.


The muggy air of the summer starts to decline in September.  The average humidity in Seoul is 73% in September, and with dropping temperatures the air may still feel humid but shouldn't be uncomfortable to most people.  The end of the month is rather pleasant.


Winds in Seoul in September are rather light, averaging a steady 3.2 m/s throughout the month.  Winds are generally between the northwest and northeast, with some periods of southerly winds.

Dress Code

Temperatures and humidity in Seoul are much more comfortable in September, especially the end of September.  You'll still be able to wear short-sleeve shirts and skirts & shorts during the day, though you may want long pants and a light coat for night.  It can still rain heavily in September, so bring the appropriate raingear.  Local customs dictate that you remove your shoes in certain buildings, so keep that in mind when choosing your shoes & socks.  Most locals dress in a smart-casual style.  You'll get a better picture of the weather by checking the extended forecastbefore your trip.  

Seoul Hotels in September

Grand Hyatt Seoul

The Grand Hyatt Seoul is a gorgeous five-star property in Itaewon, overlooking the Han River.  This modern hotel features 601 stylish rooms, including 50 suites.  All rooms feature flatscreen TVs, work desks, premium bedding, and contemporary bathrooms.  Suites also include living rooms.  The Grand Hyatt has a number of other facilities within the hotel.  There are nine restaurants & cafes, including a steakhouse, sushi bar, and European bistro.  The four bars at the Grand Hyatt include a Japanese pub and rooftop lounge. Breakfast is free, and the hotel also offers a 24-hour fitness center with pools & saunas, and an expansive business center.

Hotel Sunbee

Budget travelers can't go wrong with Hotel Sunbee, a three-star hotel in central Seoul in the Insadong neighborhood.  This modest property doesn't have all of the amenities that other, more expensive hotels have, but the clean rooms all have comfortable beds and are looked after by a very accommodating staff.  All of the 42 rooms feature flatscreen TVs, hardwood floors, modern bathrooms, and a stylish retro décor.  The hotel features a cozy café, delicious breakfast offered at a reduced rate, and sunny patio seating.  The location of Hotel Sunbee is one of its main draws, surrounded by restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions.

Koreana Hotel

The four-star Koreana Hotel is located in a beautiful glass high-rise just minutes from Seoul City Hall.  The Koreana Hotel offers casual rooms with classy furniture, flatscreen TVs, minifridges, and spacious bathrooms.  Suites are also available with separate living rooms.  The hotel also offers traditional Ondol rooms with heated floors and futons.  There are four great restaurants at the Koreana Hotel, including western cuisine and two Asian restaurants.  Other hotel amenities include a club lounge for the club guests, and a gym and fitness center for all guests.  The Koreana Hotel is just four minutes from the nearest metro station.

Glad Hotel Mapo

Glad Hotel Mapo is an excellent four-star lodging option in Yeouido, set in a bustling commercial center near the Han River. Guests can choose from standard, deluxe, and premium rooms with different amenities.  All rooms have a cozy feel, flatscreen TVs, upscale furniture, and minibars.  The upgraded rooms also have living areas, dining tables, and in-room laundry.  The hotel offers a gym and free parking for guests. As far as dining options, Glad Hotel Mapo has a chic café, swanky bar, and an elegant restaurant.  The nearest metro station is right across the street from the hotel doors.

Bars and Restaurants


Mingles is an upscale Michelin-starred restaurant in Gangnam.  The restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere and a stellar staff.  The cuisine is a blend of traditional Korean cuisine and modern Asian styles.  The menu is rather simple and consists mostly of set menus, but you will be able to try a variety of foods with what is offered.  This includes Korean beef, poached octopus, sashimi, fried shrimp cake, and sea bass stuffed with vegetables.  Mingles is open Monday through Saturday from noon until 10:30PM with a break between 3PM to 6PM.  Reservations are recommended.

Jyoti Indian Restaurant

Seoul has a number of great Indian restaurants, and Jyoti is towards the top of the list.  This cozy restaurant is located in central Seoul; it has nothing fancy about it but has won numerous awards.  Jyoti offers a number of set menus for lunch and dinner featuring flavorful combinations of rice, naan, curries, salads, and soups.  A la carte options are available, including a full tandoori and curry menu.  Jyoti also has beer, wine, and sake on the menu. They are open from 11AM until 11PM daily.  There are two other locations in Seoul as well.

Jin Ok Hwa Original Chicken Restaurant

Jin Ok Hwa is another one of Seoul's "original" chicken restaurants and does not disappoint. The dining room is more contemporary than the usual "hole in the wall" places you'll find in alleys, but it is still located in an older market.  If you've never been to a Korean chicken restaurant before, it's somewhat similar to Korean BBQ.  You cook your own food in this case, chicken soup and then add whatever you want to it.  Noodles, potatoes, rice cake, and a number of sauces are also available.  Jin Ok Hwa is known for their superb flavorings.  They are open daily from 10:30AM until 1PM and accept reservations.


Re:BAR is a swanky cocktail lounge in the upscale Vista Walkerhill hotel, located in Gwangin-ju and on the Han River. This chic lounge is fronted by large windows overlooking the river, allowing you to enjoy the views while a DJ plays the perfect music to set the mood.  Re:BAR is staffed by magnificent mixologists who will expertly craft their own house drinks, or make you a more traditional drink from their full bar. Re:BAR is open Monday through Friday from 5PM until 2AM and on the weekends from noon until 2PM.

Things to do in Seoul in September

Namsan Seoul Tower

The clearer skies of September make it a great time to go to Namsan Seoul Tower. This 480m tower is a short walk from Seoul Plaza and is a popular attraction for both tourists and locals.  The tower was formerly strictly a broadcast tower, but is now home to a large plaza with restaurants, shops, an observation deck, and a large gaming area.  You can take a cable car to the top and then enjoy the many viewpoints surrounding the massive tower.  The plaza closes at 11PM.

Sebitseom Floating Islands

The Han River is home to some of Seoul's most recent attractions, the Sebitseom, or "Some Sevit".  These are three artificial islands completed in 2014; the architecture is magnificently unique and beautifully lit up at night.  Each island has its own theme; one island is dedicated to the performing arts and has a large performance hall; another island is full of restaurants, gardens, and cultural facilities; the third island features gardens and recreational water activities.  Check the website for current events.

Seokjeon Daeje

September 28th is the celebration of Confucius' birthday and the cultural festival known as Seokjeon Daeje. This festival also takes place on May 11th, the anniversary of Confucius' death. Seokjeon Daeje translates into "laying out of the offerings" and takes place in the many "hyanggyo" schools where lessons of Confucius are taught.  Offerings of food & alcohol are made, along with other cultural performances. The ceremony is open to the public and is a wonderful cultural event full of bright costumes and traditional dress. The munmyo ilmu dance also takes place; this is a traditional dance that is a treat for any visitor to witness. The festival lasts approximately two hours. 

Bukhan Mountain

Bukhansan National Park is one of Seoul's national treasured natural areas, located immediately to the north of Seoul.  It is one of the busiest national parks in the world and offers many different activities. There is bird watching, historical tours, river rafting, and many hiking trails.  One of the most popular hikes is to the top of Bukhan Mountain, where the park gets its namesake.  Baegundae Peak is the tallest peak on the mountain, at 840m above sea level.  The total trip is between 7 to 8km depending on which trail you choose to take and can take more than four hours to complete.