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Seoul Weather in April, South Korea


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Seoul Averages April

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Seoul Daily Averages April

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April Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Seoul in April


April continues the rapid warming trend in Seoul that started in March.  The monthly average temperature increases by seven degrees to 11°C.  The daytime average reaches 17°C.  Nighttime temperatures are significantly warmer than the previous month but still chilly at 5°C. 


Rainfall totals rapidly increase in April, averaging 65mm and climbing.  The chance of precipitation in Seoul in April averages 20%.

Sunshine Hours

Seoul days are 13 hours 42 minutes long by the end of April.  There is a 55% chance of an overcast or mostly cloudy sky in April.  Even with the cloudy skies, you'll still get an average of seven hours of sunshine every day.


The average relative humidity in Seoul decreases in April, to 61%.  This will help keep the air feeling slightly dry with the increasing temperatures.


Average wind speeds in Seoul are a constant 3.9 m/s in April.  Winds are mostly out of the southwest to southeast.

Dress Code

Average temperatures in Seoul in April may finally warrant short-sleeve shirts, and possibly skirts & shorts depending on current conditions.  Nights will still be cold, so be prepared with additional layers if you find yourself out as day transitions to night.  With the increasing rainfall in April, you may also want to bring a rain jacket.  You'll find that most people dress in a casual to smart-casual style.  The Seoul extended forecast will give you a more accurate picture of the weather before your trip.  

Seoul Hotels in April

Millennium Seoul Hilton

Seoul's Hilton Millennium is set in a beautiful glass high-rise in the center of Seoul.  This five-star hotel has 680 rooms and 29 suites available for guests. All rooms feature large windows, bright furnishings, premium bedding, and minifridges.  The suites also have living rooms, kitchenettes, and some have dining rooms.  Speaking of dining, Millennium Seoul Hilton features four prime restaurants with Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and international cuisine.  You'll also find a deli and a dark oak English-style bar. Other features include indoor pools, a gym, and day spa.  The central Seoul train station is only a seven-minute walk from the hotel.

Pacific Hotel

Pacific Hotel is a comfortable four-star hotel in downtown Seoul.  Numerous rooms are available in either standard, deluxe, or suites.  All rooms feature bright, modern décor, lightly colored hardwood floors, and flatscreen TVs.  Suites have living areas and some rooms also have futons.  Pacific Hotel also features a casual international grill serving breakfast and lunch; you'll also find a cozy bar and café at the Pacific Hotel. There is also a men's wellness center at the Pacific Hotel, accessible for an extra fee, which features a swimming pool, gym, and sauna.  Pacific Hotel is only a two-minute walk from the nearest metro station.

Orakai Insadong Suites

Visitors staying in Seoul for an extended period will want an apartment-style hotel, and one of the best is the Orakai Insadong Suites. This five-star hotel is located in the Insadong neighborhood, surrounded by shops and restaurants.  Suites are available with one to four bedrooms, and all have flatscreen TVs, in-room laundry, living rooms, and fully equipped kitchens. Other hotel amenities include an indoor pool with separate kids' pool, sauna, fitness center, and children's playroom. Breakfast is available in a casual lounge.  The nearest metro station is a seven-minute walk from the apartments.

Gangnam Artnouveau City II

As the name implies, this hotel is an Art Nouveau-style hotel in the busy Gangnam district.  Gangnam Artnouveau City II features elegant, upscale rooms with living rooms, sofas, kitchens, in-room laundry, and flatscreen TVs.  Larger suites also have dining rooms.  There is one excellent restaurant at the hotel, an Italian bistro serving pasta, pizza, and salads.  It is also open for breakfast and lunch.  Other hotel amenities include a fitness center, business center, and rooftop garden. The nearest metro station is less than ten minutes away by foot.  There are numerous shops and restaurants in the streets surrounding the hotel.

Bars and Restaurants

BLT Steak

This renowned restaurant in Jung-gu is on top of the J.W. Marriott Dongdaeumun Square. BLT Steak serves lunch and dinner in a casual bistro setting that also combines the ambience of a traditional American steakhouse.  The lunch menu includes a beef stroganoff, grilled strip loin, burgers, and salmon.  Dinners are more popular, however, and include a much larger variety of cuts.  Steaks are served with a large selection of sides, sauces, and pairing wines chosen by their sommelier.  In addition to steaks you can also find seafood platters, rack of lamb, duck leg confit, and grilled sea bass.  BLT Steak is open daily from 11:30AM until 10PM, with a break between 2:30 and 5:30. Reservations are accepted.

Braai Republic

Braai Republic is a great addition to Seoul's food scene, serving South African cuisine in Yongsan-gu.  This highly rated restaurant serves lunch and dinner and can be very crowded during the dinner hours.  The dining room combines rustic and modern African elements, and the staff is outstanding.  Menu specialties include lamb, which is served in a variety of delicious ways in lamb chops, lamb rack, and lamb pies.  Other popular menu items include the bangers, boerewors, and cheesecake.  Braai Republic is open Monday through Thursday from 5PM to 9PM and Friday through Sunday from 12PM to 9PM.

Wonjo WonHalmae Dakhanmari

If you just want some great soup in a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant, make your way to Wonjo WonHalmae Dakhanmari in Jongno-gu.  This small restaurant doesn't have much in the way of a menu, just a single set menu consisting of chicken soup with sticky rice cake, mushrooms, potatoes, and noodles.  The soup is assembled at your table, by yourself, or with the assistance of an employee if you're unsure.  This restaurant is located in an alley near a couple of other chicken soup stores, so if the queue is long, there are others.  They are open for lunch and dinner.

J.J. Mahoney's

J.J. Mahoney's is a fun, late-night bar in the Grand Hyatt Seoul.  It is on quite a few lists of the "world's best bars."  Inside you'll find a warm, cozy décor with multiple bars, terraces, and seating areas.  One of the rooms features a lively, fast-paced DJ spinning tunes.  If you're looking for something a little more mellow and low-key, there is also a jazz room with a live band.  Light snacks are also served.  J.J. Mahoney's is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30AM until 2AM and on Friday & Saturday from 6PM until 4AM.

Things to do in Seoul in April

Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival

One of the top attractions in Seoul in April is the Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival. Over two million visitors come to Seoul every year to watch the blossoms, which typically happen between late March and early April.  There are numerous places throughout Seoul to admire the blossoms, which almost appear to be fake at first glance.  The cherry blossom festival also includes a cultural Victory Parade, reenacting the Joseon victory march after the Imjin War.  The Yeojwacheon Starlight Festival paints the cherry blossoms with laser lights and traditional illuminations, and nearby there is an impressive fireworks display that takes place the first week of April.

Biking the Han River

April is finally warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities.  A good, easy tour is bicycling the Han River.  April is an especially beautiful time to do this activity, as the flowers and trees start to bloom.  The ride is 15km long and takes approximately three hours.  It starts at the Yeouinaru station and ends at Yeouido Park.  There are several bike shops at the beginning where you can rent bicycles specifically for this ride.  The ride will take you past beautifully manicured island parks, cafes, a marina, and traditional Korean gardens.

Lotus Lantern Festival

The end of April marks the month-long celebration of Buddha's birthday.  It kicks off with Yeon Deung Hoe, also known as the Lotus Lantern Festival.  This tradition dates back over a thousand years and is one of Korea's unique cultural traditions.  The streets of Seoul are decorated in these intricate lanterns; the Lantern Parade is a sight to see as thousands of participants walk through the streets holding the lanterns on sticks high above their heads.  Many of Seoul's traditional Korean restaurants serve foods from times past.

Seoul Plaza

Seoul Plaza is the home of the new Seoul City Hall and is considered the center of Seoul. The new City Hall building is an architectural marvel, appearing to some as a giant tsunami made of glass.  It towers over the old city hall building, which is now used as a library.  You can tour the interior and admire the vertical garden, which is the tallest in the world.  In front of these buildings there is a large circular park, a popular hangout and home to many concerts and other entertainment events in the warmer months. This is just a fun area to walk around and spend a few hours, and numerous shops and restaurants surround it.