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Gumbet Weather in November, Turkey

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November, 2024

1 Avg 17º 63º
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3 Avg 15º 59º
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15 Avg 15º 59º
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22 Avg 14º 57º
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What's the weather like in Gumbert in November

November is classified as the brief autumn period on the south coast of Turkey and visitors to Gumbet at this time will be treated to very mild temperatures despite the time of year, and a laid-back resort, compared to the party-fuelled fun of the previous few months; this is an important comparison to experience.


Obviously temperatures drop slightly now summer has left for another year, however the month overall averages around 16°C per day, which can reach an average high temperature of up to 19°C on the warmer days.

Sunshine Hours

The sun still shines for an impressive 6 hours per day on average, which makes exploring the region much easier and certainly something which should be done to show visitors the true Turkish way of life, which often gets overlooked in favour of summer holiday fun.

The major difference at this time of year is that evenings can become rather chilly compared to previously, so a jacket will be needed, as well as warmer clothes. The average low temperature can dip down to a cool 12°C, however this simply means a better night's sleep without air conditioning.

Sea Temperature

It is still possible to enjoy beach time during the sole autumn month, on the warmer days, and the average sea temperature is around the 21°C mark, although it will be more pleasant typically at the beginning and middle of the month, compared to the end. Watersports are still available at the start of the month, although you may find that vendors pack up for the season after that, so simply relaxing on the beach and perhaps a swim is the best way forward for those who want to experience the beach before winter arrives in full.


Do be prepared to take an umbrella with you on your travels however, as you can expect an average precipitation rate of around 90mm across the month, which does affect around 7 days to a degree. Whilst this isn't a full 7 days of torrential rain, you may have a short, sharp interruption to your day or evening, so simply be prepared and keep an eye on forecasts, to ensure you're not caught out.

Gumbert Hotels for November        

The quieter season still means accommodation is on offer in Gumbet, and November is the ideal time to enjoy a home away from home base, whilst exploring the town and region around it. Can Hotel is a great option, close to everything, and offering B&B so you know your breakfast needs are taken care of!

If however you want to be on the beach, so you can enjoy the sun rise over the water every morning, then Salinas Beach Hotel is for you. This is a half board hotel, which was completely renovated a few years ago, so you can be assured of modern, clean surroundings. The family suites are comfortable and elegant, and there is an on-site pub, bar, and restaurant are your entertainment.

You can still go all-inclusive despite this being the off season, and Poseidon Suites are perfect for couples and families, just 300m from the beach. This is an affordable option, despite the all-inclusive nature, with suites and large rooms for your autumn break. The large pool is still open despite the cooler temperatures, so you can enjoy a dip on those still very mild days for this time of year.

Bars and Restaurants

Autumn means the season has come to an end, although there are still many restaurants open during the beginning of November, the large clubs and bars have generally closed down for another season. Bar Street remains open at the weekends for residents however, so that is always an option for your holiday entertainment.

Generally speaking, nightlife tends to be centred around restaurants and a few drinks in your hotel at this time of year, and Windmill Restaurant is certainly somewhere you should be heading. The seafood here is very highly recommended, and the atmosphere is quiet and chilled out. Alternatively, for something a little more mainstream, Smiley's Grill is a budget option, with large portions on offer.

The Beach House Café Bar is, obviously, right on the beach, and is a wonderful spot for cocktails as the sun goes down, perfect for a chill out in tranquil surroundings.

Things to do in Gumbert in November

The summer season is generally closed in Gumbet by the time November rolls around, and whilst some hotels and restaurants do remain open, much of the attraction side of things has shut up shop until the following summer. Despite this, enjoying the laid-back vibe around the resort is a good experience to have. Alternatively, get your wandering shoes on and head to the otogar, or bus station.

Altinkum is another holiday resort very close by, however if you head there during the very start of the month you can experience the Mavisehir night market. Tour operators do excursions here, however you may struggle with this now summer season has ended; but it is quite easy to reach on the local bus. Here you can wander around the market in the cool air and haggle for souvenirs to take home, such as those iconic glass candle pots you will no doubt see in every shop around the region, or some fresh Turkish delight.

Didim is another destination very close by, which should certainly be explored. Again, the local bus will take you here and the journey lasts for under two hours. The Temple of Apollo is a wonderfully well preserved set of ruins, as well as Miletus with its huge amphitheatre. You can arrange a cultural tour of the region to get the best out of it, and learn more as you explore. This is a definite must visit for anyone into history and architecture.

Whilst you're in the Didim/Altinkum area, if you are a fan of fishing then head to Flying Fish, a company who organise fishing charter tours. This is the ideal time to head out on the waters, when the temperature is cooler, and the crowds have disappeared. You can charter a private motor yacht and crew for a luxury day out around the coastline, which is totally relaxing, and perhaps even catch a fish or two for dinner!