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Gumbet Weather in March, Turkey

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What's the weather like in Gumbert in March


Spring has sprung in Gumbet as March arrives, and with it comes most of the rain! This is the rainiest month on average in the resort, however despite that rather doom-filled statement, it isn't as bad as it sounds, with only 130mm experienced on average throughout the month; whilst this is more in volume, it does affect less days than the previous months, with only 6 days affected to a degree. This simply means being prepared before you head out, and saving any outdoor activities for the drier days, of which there are many.

The good news weather-wise is that temperatures are on the rise, with summer looming large in the distance. You can expect an average temperature of around 13°C at this time, which can rise quite often to around 17°C on those warmer days, especially when the sun has been out for the entire day. Evenings can be chilly still, which simply means a jacket for those evenings out, with a low of around 9°C on average, dropping sharply as darkness begins to fall.

Sunshine Hours

One of the most notable differences is the amount of time the sun comes out to play for, now spring is upon us, you can expect around 7 hours of warm sunshine per day throughout the month still impressive compared to some surrounding countries and islands in the Mediterranean region at this time of year; days are beginning to get longer, just in time for summer's arrival. This means you can easily get out and about in some neighbouring resorts, such as Bodrum.

Sea Temperature

Beach time however is probably still a little too early just yet, as the water temperatures at this time only average at around 17°C throughout the month. Beach months are just around the corner however, and this is a good month for getting out into nature in the countryside surrounding the resort, with warmer temperatures, sunny landscapes, and a laid-back vibe overlooking proceedings.

Gumbert Hotels for March

Spring's arrival means more accommodation opening up throughout the month of March, which is great news for those seeking a pre-summer break. Club Flora Hotel is a small hotel which is situated on a hill top near Bardakci Bay, around 400m from the centre of town, however easy enough to reach the centre on foot. This particular hotel offers family rooms, in modern but comfortable décor.

Alternatively, The Best Life Hotel Bodrum, still located in Gumbet, offers a B&B basis, with a sea view on request. Accommodation is decorated in a modern manner, with a flat screen TV in all rooms and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Doria Hotel Bodrum is actually based in Bitez, within a stone's throw to Gumbet, and again offers a B&B or half board choice. This is a casual hotel, with a romantic and relaxing vibe. You can have a massage at the on-site spa to finish your long day exploring the region.

Bars and Restaurants

If you are keen to try some traditional Turkish food then be sure to head to Konya Ugurlu, where you can try some authentic dishes at very low prices; basically if you head to any traditional Turkish restaurant, away from the tourist streets, then you will find the bill at the end of the night is much lower overall. Here you can try BBQ meats, meze, kebabs, mixed grills, but also more international dishes too, if you have a fussy eater in your party.

Carpe Diem on the beach is a sea of blue and white umbrellas, and is a great place to head for a traditional Turkish breakfast; many locals flock here, which is always a sign of quality. Alternatively, Millennium Bar & Restaurant has something for everyone, from pizza, British dishes, to Turkish kebabs. March may be a quieter month, but there are certainly enough restaurants to try during your break. 

Things to do in Gumbert in March

The great thing about visiting resorts out of their normal tourist season is that you get to see an entirely different side to them, and when you visit Gumbet in March, you will see much more in the way of traditional Turkish life. For instance, one activity you could enjoy is a walk down to the beach late morning/early afternoon and watch the locals fishing. This is a relaxing thing to do, and you could even take part! Picnics on the beach are a particularly enjoyable activity during March's warmer days, away from the rain.

You will find locals heading out to restaurants on warm days to enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast outside in the sun. This is a true feast, and something you should certainly try, consisting of meat, cheese, olives, bread, eggs, and a breakfast dish called menemen, which is basically a spicy omelette. Delicious!

Alternatively, cooler temperatures mean you can get out and enjoy some walking trails around the area. One particularly popular one is the walk from nearby Bitez Bay to Aquarium Bay. This is a coastal walk, and one which will take you the whole day if you want to explore it properly, however you will pass over clifftops, through olive and citrus groves, through countryside, and over to Aquarium Cove. Make sure you check the forecasts, as we know that this is the area's wettest month, however on a particularly dry day, this is a very enjoyable walk.

Hiring a car and exploring by road is another good way to get out and about, especially good as the crowds are less at this time of year. Mugla, the province's capital city, is a great place to head for cheap shopping and a truly authentic Turkish way of life; this is a university city, and not at all touristy. Alternatively, quiet and beautiful Dalyan is also very reachable, and a chilled-out day can be had here.