Whether Majorca is your preferred holiday destination every year or you are new to the island, Here are Top 10 Weather facts about Majorca that you may not know.

1. Marine Ecosystem 🐠

Marine Ecosystem

Warming water temperatures have brought More Jellyfish which has messed up the Marine ecosystem. great warm/hot weather from March right through to November.

2. Consistent Temperatures ☀️

Holiday weather’s Majorca 25 day forecast makes it easier to book last-minute for a week holiday or a long weekend break in Majorca ahead of time.

Holiday Weather has a forecast stretching 25 days in the future. Also shows the weather in previous years for this time period on its monthly averages pages so you can see if it is consistent. 

See www.holiday-weather.com/majorca/forecast/

3. Warm Sea Temperatures 🌊

You can almost guarantee good sunshine in this period and be able to swim in the sea at throughout this period. Click on the graph for more information.

Majorca - Average Daily Sunshine Hours
Majorca – Average Daily Sunshine Hours
Majorca Average Sea Temperature
Majorca Average Sea Temperature

4. South of Majorca is warmer than the North ⬇️ ⬆️

Microclimates exist in the north where the Serra de Tramuntana mountains on the windward side absorb the rain leaving the rest of the island (the south ) dryer and hotter. The mountain range is 90km long and 15km in width and takes over 30% of the mountain’s territory.

Pollenca & Palma Rain shadow effect
Pollenca & Palma Rain shadow effect

This area is popular with cyclists in the winter months for training similar to Tenerife but with not as much elevation. See https://www.abc-mallorca.com/mallorca-cycling-routes/

5. Majorca Carbon Footprint Policies 🦶

Diesel Car

To remove diesel cars by 2025

All street and road lights to be replaced by LEDs 

Car Hire – electric-only by 2035

Solar panels on all buildings with roofs of 1000 square metres.

6. Meteo Tsunamis 🌊

Meteo tsunamis have happened, notably in 2013. This was caused by the displacement of water due to sudden changes in the air pressure, usually, in deep water, these create waves that go unnoticed but not in shallower water. Another one in Alicante occurred in August 2021. 

Normal tsunamis are caused by volcanic activity under the sea bed. 

7. Wind Surfing Spots 💨

Great conditions for windsurfing in the Bay of Pollenca – The wind blows mainly onto the shore and is 4-5 on the Beaufort Scale. 

When the low-pressure system moves towards France from Spain, this increases the wind and size of the waves in Palma Bay and this becomes an awesome place for windsurfing. 

Great spots as follows :   

  • Palma , (Play de la Palma ) – westerly winds, 
  • Pollensa and playa  de Alcudia – 
  • El Arenal – southwest and westerly winds  
  • Cuidad de Jardin – constant winds 
  • Cala Mesquida – northeast winds 

8. Kitesurfing spots 🪁

Limited space here for Kite surfing on the Island due to Spanish Law of the Coast but mid-summer and spring is the best  time enjoying the thermal winds (Emblat winds )which can last 4 to 6 hours and are prevalent 95% of the time .

Kite Surfer In Majorca
Kite Surfer In Majorca

9. Almond Trees Blossom in the Winter 🌳

Between late January and early February the Almond Trees blossom, this is a beautiful sight of 5 million Almond trees in pink and white colours coming to life in the winter months.  

Mallorcan almonds are rated as some of the best in the world due to low water content .

They do have quite a high-fat content and taste sweet. They are harvested in August and are the pride of the Island . 

Image by ValverdeRedactor from Pixabay
Image by ValverdeRedactor from Pixabay

Awesome Mallorcan Almond cuisine includes the cake “gato d’ametiles” – see here for a good recipe , this cake originates from Valldemossa which is also the birthplace of Majorca’s Patron Saint : Santa Catalina Thomas

Almond Liqueur “Flor D’ Ametiles” is best served cold and is’nt cheap . 

10. Snow on Tramuntana Mountains 🏔

There is snow in Majorca in the winter at the top of the Traumantana Mountains, temperatures can drop to 0 C here. 

The valleys below these mountains below here can also be very cold as the cold air drifts down the mountains. 

Coldest temperature at Majorca Airport was -10C 

The last snow in Majorca (non mountain area ) was in Son Vida in February 2020 when there was over 3cm.

Serra de Tramuntana, Majorca
Serra de Tramuntana, Majorca

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