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Gumbet Weather in February, Turkey

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What's the weather like in Gumbert in February

The month of love is still classified as winter in Gumbet, however there is slightly more sun to be experienced at this time than the previous month, and spring is certainly on the horizon.


February experiences an average temperature of a mild 12°C, comparable to January, however the average high often hits 15°C during the day, and combined with an impressive 6 hours of bright and warm sunshine per day, this is a great excuse to head outside and soak up some of those rays.

This being winter still, you can expect temperatures to drop quite dramatically as evening closes in, and you will notice the mercury drop at around 4/5pm, so remember a jacket if you are out and about for a long day. You can expect an average low of around 8°C, which can feel a little cooler when you've been in the sun all day.


The resort isn't open to a huge degree at this time of year, so any activities do tend to involve exploring the region, walking around the town, having a generally leisurely time of it, and catching up with residents, who will be only too happy to share their culture and traditions for those who take the time to listen. If you are exploring, then rainfall in the second month of the year is very similar to that experienced in January, at around 90mm over the month, affecting up to 8 days to some degree or another again, remember an umbrella and check forecasts.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature is also a similar story to the previous month, at a chilly 17°C on average, however a walk on the beach is a wonderful way to spend your time, an especially romantic activity to enjoy for those visiting during the Valentine's period; the coastal regions in Turkey are rarely wild, except for the odd winter storm, and waters are often calm and peaceful perfect for a laid-back wander beside the sea.

Gumbet Hotels for February

For a romantic break in Gumbet you have plenty of choice, and many are close to the centre of town, so you don't have too far to wander to get to the amenities, and some are also in the countryside if you want total R&R. February is still the down season in the resort, but there is plenty of life for those who prefer their holidays to be a little more laid-back, and the choice of accommodation on offer reflects that.

Ambrosia Hotel is a great choice for a beach hotel, with beautiful views over Bitez Bay, located about 4km from the centre of Gumbet itself. This is a quiet choice, ideal for rest and relaxation, with a stretch of private beach, and an on-site restaurant, serving international and Turkish cuisine. Green House Apartments are a good alternative, offering a B&B or room only board basis, with family apartments on offer to give a home away from home feel to your break.

For a spot of luxury, perhaps for a romantic Valentine's break, check out Shark Club Hotel, which is a four star choice with stunning views over the sea and mountains, located very centrally in the resort.

Bars and Restaurants

A romantic Valentine's meal is certainly the ticket when you visit Sul Mare Restaurant & Café, with locally caught seafood and traditional dishes to enjoy, all with a beautiful sea view. February might not be the warmest month of the year, but it is ideal for a romantic evening walk after a delicious meal. You can also head here for breakfast, which comes very highly recommended by locals.

If you're a steak lover then head to Divers Restaurant, where the chateaubriand is famous. The restaurant itself is set in gardens and the large menu of European and Turkish dishes means there is something for everyone. Try a traditional Turkish meal if you can, as you will certainly enjoy the strong and delicious flavours an ottoman casserole is a good halfway point, which is basically a chicken casserole with some of the most delicious spices you can imagine.

Babylon's Restaurant is another popular choice, with a good atmosphere no matter what the time of year. The drinks here are cheap and the menu is large and plentiful. 

Things to do in Gumbet in February

Rest and relaxation is the name of the game when you visit Gumbet during the winter months, and a great way to experience a traditional activity, whilst kicking back and casting your cares away, is to experience an authentic Turkish bath, or hammam. February is the off season in Gumbet, so the quiet pace of life is ideal for treating yourself to a spot of pampering. Queen Hamam is a popular place to head for this authentic experience, or Vela Nova Spa Hamam.

When you head to a Turkish bath you will leave with skin as soft as silk, and the massage you will generally indulge yourself in afterwards will get rid of any aches and pains.

Alternatively, you could head to a regular spa, such as Sunhill Centro, or Alin Wellness & Spa in Bodrum, where there are certainly more in the way of fitness, wellness, and spa facilities.

A relaxing walk around the beach in Gumbet is a great way to spend the quieter months, and will show you the laid-back way of life around the area at this time. If you want to continue your exploration however, hire a car or jump on the bus to the huge city of Izmir. This is around 3 and a half hours away by road and is certainly worth the journey.

This cosmopolitan city on the west coast of Turkey is packed with modern attractions, as well as nearby ruins such as Ephesus, which is great to explore when the temperatures are lower. If you head here during the peak season, you will find crowds and you will find yourself sweating, however with cooler temperatures you can walk around the ancient ruins of this former city and take it all in completely.