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Budapest Weather in November, Hungary

Budapest Averages November


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    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    2 hours
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    13 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    60 mm

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Budapest Daily Averages November

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November Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Budapest in November

Cold dominates the weather in the month of November in BudapestHungary. Freezing weather is likely to be possible, with the chilly current of air that flows over the city this time of year.


The average temperature in November is no higher than 5°C, which makes it the fourth coldest month of the whole year, after DecemberJanuary and February. During the day, the mercury doesn't rise above 7°C very often, while at night, the temperatures average only 2°C. You may expect some frosty nights when visiting the city in November. Both the average high and low temperature drop significantly in the course of the month. The daytime highs decrease from 11°C to 5°C and the nighttime lows fall from 3°C to -1°C. Needless to say; for a holiday in Budapest in this month, pack warm clothes and plenty of layers.

Sunshine Hours

The air in November is brittle and clear, and the sun shines consistently. Each day has 8 sunshine hours on average, which is quite a lot considering that November days are between 8.46 hours (on November 30) and 9.59 hours (on November 1) long. Even so, in terms of total sunshine hours, November is the fourth least sunny month of the year, after the following three winter months.

The skies tend to become a tiny bit more cloudy in the course of the month. Cloud cover increases from 85% to 91%, which actually makes November one of the cloudiest months in the year. However, as shown in the number of sunshine hours above, this still is a relatively sunny month.


When it comes to rainfall, November is your average month. Throughout the entire year, there is always a chance of precipitation, be it thunderstorms, rain or snow, and November is no exception. The total amount of precipitation this month is about 60mm, which is spread out over 13 days with precipitation. The chance that precipitation occurs increases in the course of the month, from 53% in the beginning of the month to 63% at the end. The most common type of precipitation are moderate rain and light rain, respectively occurring on 39% and 24% of the rainy days. Snow falls as well in November, in the form of moderate snow and light snow, respectively observed on 15% and 8% of the days with precipitation.

Budapest Hotels for November

Gerloczy Café & Rooms deLux is a Parisian-style accommodation on a small pretty square in the centre of the city. In addition to being a well-located place to stay, the building also houses a popular French café, well-known for its great outdoor sitting area and Parisian atmosphere. The French and Parisian influence is also noticeable in the common rooms and bedrooms with their typical décor and wooden floors. All rooms have a mini-bar, flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. Additional facilities are a fine restaurant and a 24-hour front desk.

Stay in the heart of Budapest at luxury Hotel Sofitel Budapest. Set in an ideal location near the River Danube, Hungarian Parliament and Budapest's best tourist attractions. The hotel boasts 8 floors and the posh decor is very pleasing to the eye, it focuses on a flamboyant style from 19th century Hungary. The 357 rooms and suites offer amazing views, WiFi and gorgeous marble bathrooms. For something extra luxurious you can include breakfast, snacks and access to the guest lounge. Enjoy food from the two restaurants. The hand-crafted cocktails at the Paris Budapest Bar are highly recommended and are perfectly accompanied by soothing music. For something even more relaxing, head to the plush spa which have a range of treatments. 

Bars and Restaurants

One of the most unique dining venues in Budapest is without question Restaurant Spoon. Housed on a three-deck boat that is docked on the Danube River, Restaurant Spoon features two different restaurants and no less than five bars. If you're not in the mood for dinner, you can also just go there for sunset cocktails on the riverefinitely a romantic thing to do in the evening.

For all those hummus lovers out there, Budapest have something to you... A hummus bar. Pair up your favourite food with hummus. The healthy bar serve divine home-made hummus and have a range of lovely meals on their menu. They also have their own 'hummusology' that claims hummus is freedom and eating is meditation. 

The Gozsdu Countryard boasts some of the best restaurants and bars in Budapest, it's located in the Jewish Quarter. Explore the area and grab a beer, cocktail or meal in the courtyard. You will find a whole bunch of cafes, bars, shops, restaurants and clubs in the this area. The most popular ones being, DiVino, Blue Bird Cafe and Spiler. Art exhibitions, fairs and concerts go on all year round so it's worth visiting. Also, If you're around on a Saturday the craft and vintage market takes place between 2pm-8pm.

Things to do in Budapest in November

Winter events and festivals kicks off in the month of November. Budapest's Christmas and New Year Fair begins on November 18 on Vorosmarty Square. Several Christmas fairs are held in this month. All Saints' Day in Budapest is on November 1. This day is dedicated to those who have died and they are honoured.

Additional festivals in November are the St. Martin's Day Festivaland the Festival of New Wine and Cheese. November in Budapest is just perfect to visit one or more of those festivals; it gets chilly but not freezing and you can also enjoy beautiful sunny days.

For anyone interested in history the Shoes on Danube Bank are a very moving Holocaust memorial. They represent the thousands executed along the riverbank during WWII. You will find the shoes on the Pest side of the river near the Hungarian Parliment building. Go there before sunset and you will experience an atmospheric view.

Named after Bishop Gellért who in the 11th century was thrown from the hill by pagans, Gellért Hill is a residential area, home to private houses and embassies. Because of its historic significance, the hill has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987he world heritage site encompasses the so-called "Banks of the Danube" area. Other notable landmarks in the area are the Gellért Baths and the Gellért Hotel. The hill's main feature, however, is the incredible panoramic view of the city that it offers. It's a wonderful place to visit after having just arrived in Budapest, good to get an overview of the city and get your bearings. Besides enjoying the view, make sure to pay a visit to the Gellért Hill Cave Church, the Citadel and the Statue of Liberty as well.