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Budapest Weather in February, Hungary

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What's the weather like in Budapest in February

Although winters are extreme in BudapestHungary, in February, the severe freezing temperatures start getting slightly warmer than those experienced in January, the coldest month of the year.


The average high temperature during the daytime is 4°C and the average nighttime low temperature is -2°C. Nights are cold this time of year. The overall average temperature is 1°Che mercury rises above freezing again in February, although it still remains very cold. On the plus side, February is characterised by noticeably increasing temperatures, especially toward the end of the month.


Surprisingly enough, February is one of the driest months of the year in Budapest. Rainfall ranges around 30mm this month and there are only 7 days with precipitation. That being said; the chance that rainfall occuring stays between 51% and 55% during the entire monthrecipitation is still quite likely. As February falls in the middle of winter, the most common type of precipitation is moderate snow, which occurs on 33% of all days with precipitation. Other likely types of precipitation are moderate rain, light rain and light snow, respectively happening on 23%, 17% and 17% of the wet days.

Sunshine Hours

The length of the days increases gradually in the course of February; from 9.33 hours of daylight in the beginning of the month to 11.02 daylight hours at the end. This 1.29-hour increase implies that every day in February is 3 full minutes longer than the previous one. Just as in January, cloud cover remains high throughout February. It now averages 88%. This high percentage of cloud cover is the main reason behind the typical darkness of February days. There are only 7 hours of sunshine per day on average, the same as it was in December and in January.

A slight chill is still in the air due to overcast sky, rain and fog. The occasional sunny days are bright with pleasant clear blue skies. February is definitely in the low seasonhis quietness makes exploring Budapest much more fun than in the busy summer season. Make sure to pack warm clothes and an umbrella, though. You'll need them.

Budapest Hotels in February

Situated at one end of the famous Chain Bridge in central Budapest is the five-star Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel offering spectacular views of Castle Hill, the Danube River and the Buda Hills. Housed in one of the greatest Art Nouveau buildings in Budapest, this excellent hotel offers everything you may expect from a hotel in the Four Seasons chain. Amenities are plentiful and world-classhey include a bar, restaurant, soundproofed rooms, a car rental service, business centre, gym, spa and wellness centre, massage rooms and a swimming pool.

Lord Residence is located a 5 minute walk away from the Oper Metro Station and is popular among couples, families and friends. Free WiFi, cleaning service, air conditioning and flat-screen TV's are included in the apartments. Most units have private balconies and fully equipped kitchens. The concierge service is useful for anyone that wants to get around and the private airport transfer is convenient too. The clean, modern apartments are ideal for city breaks in Budapest and the location is a bonus.

In the heart of Budapest is the 4 star Soho Boutique Hotel, proving very convenient for exploring tourists. The distinctive atmosphere of the hotel harmonizes the stylish comfort with Soho's sensual elegance. Overall, there are 76 very comfortable rooms and WiFi is free to access. The suite rooms provide guests with hot tubs or showers and the hotel also has conference rooms, making it suitable for business trips.

Bars and Restaurants

A very popular place to eat in central Budapest is Tom George Restaurant and Café. It's situated near the St. Stephen's Basilica, this Italian restaurant serves cheap lunches and slightly pricier dinners, both of which are worth trying. It gets particularly busy on weekends, so make sure to make a reservation if that's when you would like to visit.

You can't stay in Budapest without going to a ruin bar. Szimpla Kert is probably the most popular of them all and is rated highly. The famous bar is an iconic party place and is decorated with an eclectic collection of bric-a-brac. The selection of broken, colourful, weird items makes the ruin bar memorable and unique. It's pumping at night with guests drinking beers, cocktails and smoking shisha pipes while surrounded by the old atmospheric walls. Tourists are welcome to stop by in the day as well as night.

Find M. Restaurant down a quiet, trendy street in Budapest. They serve French Hungarian cuisine and have a changeable menu with a variety of delicious meals. The wonderful restaurant design and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere. For something traditional go for the goulash and try the grilled pork belly or duck terrine, both are highly recommended. The restaurant is child friendly and ideal for groups and parties. If the weather is nice enough the outdoor seating is free for guests to use. 

Things to do in Budapest in February

February in Budapest is carnival time starting with the "Furry Pig Festival", also known as Mangalica Festival. This festival takes place at the Vajdahunyad Castle, which is one of the best attractions in Budapest. This festival is celebrated at the beginning of the month. It celebrates the indigenous Hungarian furry pig breed called Mangalica. One can experience all the Mangalica meat products, Hungarian drinks and find some good Hungarian handicrafts for sale here.

14th February, Valentine's Day in Budapest offers a number of romantic activities for couples. They can enjoy candlelight dinners, attend concerts and chill in one of Budapest's incredible thermal baths.

Farsang parties are celebrated all over Budapest in February as well. These parties are more like fancy costume parties for people to hang out, dance and enjoy the Farsang festival.

In Mohacs, a huge carnival is celebrated. Mohacs is a 2-3 hour drive from Budapest and not too difficult to get to. A parade is held where people wear shepherd coats with devil masks and horns. It's believed that these costumes were used to scare away the "Gruffalo" monster and Turkish invaders in old times. A dummy representing winter is also burnt at this carnival. Having doughnuts at this festival is a Hungarian tradition.

One of Budapest's main attractions is the Chain Bridge, the very first bridge ever to permanently connect the areas of Buda and Pest. Crossing the bridge on foot is an essential thing to do during any visit to the city and offers amazing views in every direction. It's at its most beautiful in the evening, when it's all lit up.