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Bahia Feliz Weather in November, Spain


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Bahia Feliz Averages November

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Bahia Feliz Daily Averages November

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November Weather Averages

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    We went to the Hotel Orquidea in Bahia Feliz, from 21st August until 2nd September. We had solid sunshine the whole holiday and didn't see a sinlge cloud. It was...


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The temperatures typically cool a little in Bahia Feliz during the month of November, and there is more rainfall than at other times of the year. Despite some of these seasonal changes, November is temperate and lovely. The famous cool breeze means it nearly feels like autumn in this quiet village by the sea. The atmosphere in November is quiet and calm, a perfect complement to the weather.

December is the rainiest month in Bahia Feliz, but November also receives relatively more rainfall than other months, with an average of 31 mm of precipitation over an average of 5 rain days.

Despite the perception of increased rain, in November, there is still plenty of sunshine in Bahia Feliz. There is an average of 8 hours per day of bright sunshine, which is a significant majority of the possible total. The continued strong sun and low chance of cloudy days highlights the reliability of sunshine along the southern coast of Gran Canaria.

The afternoons and early evenings of November remain on the warm side throughout the month. The average daily temperature is 22°C (72°F). Overnight and mornings in Bahia Feliz are often cooler than October, with the average low temperature dropping to 17°C (63°F) for the month. The days at the start of November can be quite warmer than those at the end of the month. The warmer days drive the average high temperature for November to 23°C (73°F). Overall, November is comfortable for the many outdoor activities available in Bahia Feliz and nearby areas of Gran Canaria.

The average sea temperature cools off a little during November, and combined with lower air temperatures may make it too cool for swimming.  However, the average sea temperature is still a relatively warm 22°C (72°F), which is comfortable for many water sports and boating. Visitors that love to dive and snorkel may find a wetsuit is desired.

Where to Stay

The number of accommodation options in Bahia Feliz is limited, however the surrounding coastal area is bursting with beautiful hotels and wonderful holiday apartments. However, if visitors are going to sacrifice proximity to the less touristy beaches of Bahia Feliz, for the crowded spots in Playa del Ingles, the hotel must be worth the trade-off. The short drive to Hotel Marieta is worth it. The adults-only hotel is located just 200 metres from the beach, and has a hot tub, heated swimming pool and gym to make your late-autumn holiday more comfortable. For the warmer days in November there is also a rooftop terrace, perfect for a sundowner.

The apartments at Judoca Beach Apartments are an awesome budget option in Playa del Ingles. Often described as laidback, chilled out and cool, the Judoca Beach Apartments have the closest thing to a cult following as possible for an accommodation option. The resort is adult-only, but there is nothing uppity about these airy and comfortable apartments.

For those visitors who want to stay closer to the quiet of Bahia Feliz, the Monte Feliz Apartments are a great option. The 202 apartment units are fully serviced by a professional staff and cleaning crew, who provide friendly service to each guest. The apartments are excellent for both families with children and couples, with amenities and activity suggestions to suit all types of visitors. The on-site restaurant offers breakfast and dinner, and the grounds include a soccer field, two swimming pools, mini market, jet ski rentals, ping pong and tennis courts.

What to Do

It is true that Bahia Feliz seems to have fabulous weather all year long, however on the cooler days of November many visitors will want to take a break from the hotel pool and beach. Take a step back in time and across the Atlantic Ocean with a visit to Sioux City Park. The Sioux City Park is a re-enactment of the American Wild West. An entire American western town is reconstructed, complete with gunfights and a saloon. There are also stunt shows and a BBQ that begins at 8:00 PM until midnight on Friday evenings. Sioux City Park is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

So often when the sun goes down, people on holiday think the activities come to an end. However, at AstroGC the experiences are just beginning. AstroGC offers stargazing trips into the mountains of Gran Canaria. Far away from light pollution and other man-made distractions, the knowledgeable guide from AstroGC covers the basics of astronomy and star gazing. The company offers a free pickup and return service to hotels across southern Gran Canaria, including Bahia Feliz.

Hit the Beach

Puerto de Mogan is located on the western coast of Gran Canaria, and is nearly a 30-minute drive from Bahia Feliz. However, the charming port town is full of fantastic water activities, boat trips and deep-sea fishing expeditions. The beach at Puerto de Mogan is located in a well-protected bay, and therefore conducive to swimming most times of the year. A free car park is located nearby and frequent buses also stop in Puerto de Mogan, making it an easily accessible day trip.

Where to Eat & Drink

With tables neatly arranged under a covered terrace and offering sweeping views of beautiful greenery and the Atlantic Ocean, Maximilan's Restaurante in Maspalomas is worth the short drive from Bahia Feliz. There isn't a better location for an early dinner on a pleasant November evening. The menu has all the expected Italian dishes and some mouth-watering specialties. An extensive wine list and competent staff make Maximilan's Restaurante an all-around great dining experience.

Likewise the chefs at Samsara restaurant in Maspalomas are serving up reliable, yet interesting food. Self-proclaimed as a "creative cookery" the interior of Samsara is a wonder of colour, creativity and décor. Everything from Chinese fans to feathered boas decorate the fascinating restaurant. That is just the start, as the furniture is also eclectic and unique. This entertaining establishment is often at capacity, therefore it is a great idea to have your hotel in Bahia Feliz call ahead.

Located a bit closer to Bahia Feliz and offering an array of Italian and International dishes, Marco Polo Restaurant is a long-standing restaurant in Playa del Ingles. The owners have a long family history of hospitality proprietorship in Playa del Ingles, and opened Marco Polo Restaurant in 1980. The menu and décor has evolved, but both retain the classic, simple elements of good taste that keep this restaurant popular.