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Bahia Feliz Weather in October, Spain

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The Mediterranean climate of Bahia Feliz means the transition from summer to autumn is smooth and hardly noticeable. There is never a bad time of year to visit this gorgeous location. A resort known for temperate weather, October delivers with stunning, sunny days during the low tourism season. Other parts of Gran Canaria begin to cool and experience seasonal changes, but the southern coast is sheltered by the rolling mountains of the Pico de las Nieves region and moderated by the nearby sea. During the month of October, Bahia Feliz remains warm and comfortable, with daily average temperature of 25°C (77°F).

The air temperature remains relatively consistent throughout the month, and extreme high or low temperatures are unlikely and uncommon. The average high temperature, often occurring just after midday, is 25°C (77°F). The warm afternoons often continue as comfortable evenings for outdoor dining and other activities. A drop in temperatures overnight and occurring into the morning, causes an average low temperature of 18°C (64°F).

The strong sun during the day keeps the sea temperatures warm throughout the month of October. While September historically has the highest sea temperatures in Bahia Feliz, the waters in October are still comfortable for swimming and other water sports. The average sea temperature during the month is 23°C (73°F).

The daily weather in October in Bahia Feliz is generally dry and sunny, although rain crops up occasionally. Compared to the following months of November and December, October is still relatively dry, with an average of 16 mm of precipitation. This small amount of rain falls over an average of 5 rain days during the month.

Despite the occasional rainfall, sunshine is reliable during October and there is an average of 10 hours of bright sunshine per day.

Where to Stay

Bahia Feliz is a small picturesque resort and offers great opportunities to simply relax, make use of the various restaurants and bars and sit outside during the evenings and overnight, and soak up the sun on the beaches. There are some reasonable accommodation options available locally including the Hotel Orquidea Bahia Feliz. The Hotel Orquidea is a great option when autumn weather arrives in Gran Canaria, as it brings everything a visitor could need to one place. This makes a stay in Bahia Feliz hassle free at a time when some restaurants and bars on the plaza or along the beach begin to close for the low season.

In the nearby town of San Agustin, the older crowd visiting Bahia Feliz choose the adult-only hotel Bull Hotel Costa Canaria. Adult-only hotels offer a unique accommodation option and environment, and often fall into 2 categories. Some are quiet and serene while others can be a constant party. Bull Hotel Costa Canaria is in the first category. There are 231 rooms, 11 bungalows and 3 beach bungalows on the property, in addition to every amenity and facility guests could desire. It is a great place to hunker down during fall and leave your holiday truly relaxed.

Another adult-only option is the Hotel Neptuno in Playa del Ingles. Located a stone's throw from Bahia Feliz, the Hotel Neptuno is ideally situated close to the nightlife of the Yumbo Centre in Playa del Ingles, and has the advantage of being kid-free for couples or singles on holiday.

What to Do

Many people choose to visit Bahia Feliz for the warm weather and great beaches, however as temperatures cool in October it is a great time of year to see some of the stunning natural beauty in the interior of Gran Canaria. From the Maspalomas Sand Dunes to the mountains in the Pico de las Nieves, there are many outdoor adventures that make a great day trip from Bahia Feliz.

One great option is a trip to Roque Nublo, which translates to "Cloud Rock." The 80 m tall, volcanic rock is situated in the centre of Gran Canaria, and is an impressive sight on the island. Commonly referred to as "Gran Canaria's Biggest Icon" because of its size, it is one of the most famous landmarks on Gran Canaria and was named a national monument of Spain. Tour operators, such as Free Motion, offer guided hikes up and around Roque Nublo.

October is also a perfect time to visit the Maspalomas Lighthouse. A short drive from Bahia Feliz, the Maspalomas Lighthouse, or El Faro de Maspalomas in Spanish, is an active lighthouse that is situated on the southwestern end of Gran Canaria. The Maspalomas Lighthouse stands at the end of Maspalomas beach and is the perfect sightseeing before or after a day on the sand.

Hit the Beach

While the weather on Bahia Feliz is largely consistent, the temperatures in October begin to drop slightly. There are days in October that feel like the summer in Bahia Feliz will never end, and then there are mornings that turn breezy and cool. A great alternative to an entire day spent on the sand is to walk the Paseo Costa Canaria. This walk stretches from the small town of San Agustin and its quaint beachfront to the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas. Throughout there are gorgeous views out to the ocean and across the Maspalomas Sand Dunes. Additionally, the conclusion is the perfect place to take a quick dip in the still warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Where to Eat & Drink

The larger town of Playa del Ingles is far enough from Bahia Feliz to avoid some of the tourists who flock to this more well-known destination, but close enough (15 minutes driving) that those on holiday in Bahia Feliz can easily enjoy the restaurants, bars and nightlife. In the quieter tourism months of October and November, Bahia Feliz can become very quiet, and for dinner or drinks a trip to Playa del Ingles or Maspalomas is a great option.

The Yumbo Centre in Playa del Ingles is a great place for both shopping and dining. While a number of restaurants in this area come recommended, the tapas bar Wapa Tapa is a great place to have dinner, drinks or start a night out. Open only from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM, it can be difficult to get a table so booking in advance is recommended. The food is fantastic and service wonderful so it is worth the extra effort.

If visitors are in the mood for a tapas tour, then continue on to Tango Tapas. Located just outside central Maspalomas, Juan and the staff at Tango Tapas serve excellent Spanish food in a fun environment. There is regularly live music that adds to the atmosphere of this crowded and festive restaurant. Finally, leave Maspalomas to the west and head towards the coast to find Bandera Tapas Y Copas. Look past that the restaurant is located in a shopping centre, as the food is excellent and the atmosphere upbeat.