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Bahia Feliz Weather in February, Spain


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Bahia Feliz Averages February

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    29 mm

Bahia Feliz Daily Averages February

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February Weather Averages

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  • weather in bahia feliz

    We went to the Hotel Orquidea in Bahia Feliz, from 21st August until 2nd September. We had solid sunshine the whole holiday and didn't see a sinlge cloud. It was...


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The temperate island of Gran Canaria, home to the quiet village of Bahia Feliz, sees mild temperatures and near-perfect holiday weather all year long. While most of Europe associates winter with snow, sleet and other precipitation, Bahia Feliz continues to be sunny and dry. Sun seekers feeling an itch to escape mainland Europe can find a reliable winter sun in Bahia Feliz to cure all sorts of winter ails and many do each year. January and February are a mini high season for tourism in Bahia Feliz, but fear not, there is sand enough for everyone along the beautiful Gran Canaria coast.

There is very little change in the weather in Bahia Feliz from January to the month of February; in fact those lounging on the beach may not notice the calendar change at all. In February temperatures reach an average of 19°C (66°F) during the day, which is reasonably conducive to outdoor activities.

The average low temperature remains consistent from January at 14°C (57°F), and February's average high temperature in Bahia Feliz is a pleasant 20°C (68°F). Visitors can embrace the consistent cool breeze to stay comfortable on the beach by day and with a light jacket at night.

Sea temperatures average around 19°C (66°F), which is rather cool but manageable for swimming. As well, a temperature of 19°C (66°F) is quite pleasant for those hoping to take part in water sports. February can be a great month for snorkelling or diving with a light wetsuit.

There is occasional precipitation in the month of February, however Bahia Feliz sees less rain than the mountainous parts of Gran Canaria. February sees an average of 5 wet days per month, amounting to an average of just under 29 mm of precipitation throughout the month.

Daylight hours and the average hours of sunshine per day increase slightly during February, with an average of 9 hours per day of bright sunshine. While the days might be shorter than the summer months, it is still likely that every day of your February holiday will be sunny and pleasant.

Where to Stay

The nearby tourist town of Playa del Ingles offers a range of accommodation options including the Aparthotel Buenos Aires. Designed to look and feel like a hotel, the guest rooms are arranged as serviced apartments. Basically, offering guests the best of both worlds. Each unit has a small sitting area, kitchenette and balcony with contemporary finishes. The rooms are kept simple, but given the great location of this hotel and the many facilities right on the hotel grounds, you are unlikely to spend much time in the guest room. Even in the cooler weather of February, guests can take advantage of the sun terrace, and Aparthotel Buenos Aires smartly has an indoor swimming pool as well.

For families seeking a winter escape the Hotel Orquidea is the place to stay. In fact, if you ask many repeat visitors to Bahia Feliz, Hotel Orquida is really the only place to stay in the village. The Hotel Orquidea is the only resort-style accommodation in the centre of Bahia Feliz and many of the popular restaurants and bars are located on its grounds. Complete with a spa and swimming pools, the Hotel Orquidea has everything the family could need in one place; plus the experienced staff makes a special effort to ensure families with children have a great stay.

Those who want a winter destination that is peaceful by day and lively by night should consider a stay in nearby Playa del Ingles. It is incredibly easy to reach Bahia Feliz, and the quieter beaches in the area from Playa del Ingles, but stay amongst the bars and restaurants of Playa del Ingles' Yumbo Center. One fantastic option for adults and couples in Playa del Ingles is Gold by Marina. This adult-only resort is trendy, chic and has a flair for the nostalgic. Considered one of the best hotels in Playa del Ingles, the hardworking staff makes it look easy to be cool. You will leave feeling refreshed, revived and ready to take on the cold of winter once again.

What to Do

Carnival is a big deal on Gran Canaria and the wonderful weather in February makes this an awesome place to come experience this colourful festival. There are three major festivals that are held around the island - the Carnival of Las Palmas (including parades and Latin dancing), the Festival de Opera, and the Festival of Almond Blossom, which includes folk dancing and food stalls. The largest of these is in the northern city of Las Palmas right on the beach, however Carnival is also celebrated in the nearby southern city of Maspalomas. Following Ash Wednesday the Carnival continues at nearby Playa del Ingles with processions and parties.

Unlike many places in Europe, February in Bahia Feliz is a great time of year for outdoor activities. While some people might not find it warm enough to spend every day on the beach, there are plenty of other things to do near Bahia Feliz. Approximately 20 minutes from Bahia Feliz is El Salobre Horse Riding. This ranch offers horseback riding excursions through rural parts of Gran Canaria that show visitors a completely different side of this beach destination. If horses are not your style, there is another, unique option just outside Bahia Feliz. Camello Safari offers camel tours across the sand dunes outside Maspalomas. The 30 45 minute camel rides are one of the most interesting excursions on Gran Canaria, and it is less than 30 minutes by car from Bahia Feliz.

Hit the Beach

The beach at Playa de las Alcaravaneras will delight those who seek winter sun. It is a hearty drive from Bahia Feliz to this stretch of sand on the north-eastern part of Gran Canaria, however no matter what time or what day you visit, there will be an upbeat atmosphere and a few other sun worshipers relaxing on the golden sand. The beach at Playa de las Alcaravaneras is known for calm waters that are perfect for sport and other activities such as kayaking.

Where to Eat & Drink

While mainland Europe is cold and frigid in February, Bahia Feliz is a welcome respite of warm weather. A winter holiday in this sunny town would be incomplete without a night out for seafood or fish.

It is easy to find a restaurant near Bahia Feliz that serves fresh seafood, however few restaurants in the area can top the service and quality of food at Restaurant Grill Sal y Brasa. The restaurant is located approximately 15 minutes east of Bahia Feliz in a less touristy part of Gran Canaria. From the onset Restaurant Grill Sal y Brasa has a rustic feel and friendly atmosphere. Despite its location outside of any resort or town, the restaurant receives consistent high praise from visitors and locals alike. It is truly a Spanish experience to have a meal at Grill Sal y Brasa.

Visitors who do not mind a short drive for some exquisite seafood are encouraged to try Restaurante Las Rias in the nearby city of Maspalomas. This gorgeous restaurant has a great combination of indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a large grassy area for children to play while the food is prepared. The ambiance is sophisticated and posh, but there is nothing arrogant about this family owned and managed place. As well, Rias Bajas in Playa del Ingles is well known for its fresh fish.