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Puerto Banus Weather in November, Spain

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What's the Weather like in Puerto Banus in November 

November is the wettest month in Puerto Banus, the famous marina on Spain's Costa del Sol. The winter months experience a drop in temperatures, with November averaging 14°C. Highs this month can reach 18°C, and lows can drop to 10°C.

Jackets and umbrellas are a must in a November Puerto Banus, as the Mediterranean village experiences an average nine rainy days with 115 mm of precipitation. The rain reduces the amount of the sunshine the Spanish coast is known for, giving Puerto Banus only 8 hours of sunshine per day.

The surrounding Mediterranean Sea remains relatively warm at an average temperature of 18°C.  However, the chillier air temperatures may dampen visitors' desire to swim off the Puerto Banus beaches.

Despite the chillier weather, visitor to Puerto Banus in November can experience two popular winter festivals, admire the luxury yachts that dock at the marina, and enjoy the numerous high-end shops.

Take a look at the weather forecast here.

Puerto Banus Hotels in November 

Hotel PYR Marbella

Hotel PYR Marbella, a complex comprised of three Andalucian-style buildings, offers visitors comfortable rooms, pools, tennis courts, a restaurant and bar, and golf packages to the popular courses of the Costa del Sol. The hotel's location in Puerto Banus makes it easy for guests to take advantage of the shopping, beaches, and nightlife of Mediterranean marina, even in cooler winter months. The hotel is also only 6km from the center of Marbella so a day-trip to the lovely old town is definitely worth considering.

H10 Andalucia Plaza

For visitors interested in the nightlife, the marble, Andalucian-style H10 Andalucia Plaza hotel offers direct access to the Puerto Banus' only casino and is a short walk to the marina's shops, restaurants, and bars. An underground passage takes holiday residents directly to the famous marina. H10 Andalucía Plaza is also an excellent location for those visiting the Costa del Sol in the winter months for golf, as the hotel is a short taxi ride away from numerous courses. This adults-only hotel also has its own restaurant and bars, game room, pool, and spa. 

Sisu Boutique Hotel and Spa

For families, Sisu Boutique Hotel and Spa provides 4-star accommodation in the resort of Puerto Banus and consistently gets good reviews. Located just 1km from the beaches, bars and designer shops and restaurants of Puerto Banus, the hotel features beach-access, room service, a bar/lounge, a fitness center with a gym and a swimming pool. A relaxing setting with a shuttle bus service to the nearby attractions gives you the best of both worlds on your holiday, especially as onsite parking is complimentary so you can rent a car to get around if you like. The hotel also has a restaurant, hot tub, laundry service, 24-hour reception and concierge to see to your every need. With 62 twin rooms, family rooms and 2 themed suites available and free Wi-Fi the Sisu Boutique Hotel is sure to make your stay in Puerto Banus!

Bars and Restaurants 

Puerto Banus is famous for its wide variety of food, dining, and drinking experiences. No matter your tastes, the many restaurants, bars, and clubs surrounding the marina can satisfy.

Black & White

For a modern, International dining experience, visit Black & White any time of day, for coffee in the morning to cocktails at night. The modern décor, live music, and large video screens give the restaurant an urban chic atmosphere. You can enjoy a variety of foods from all over the world, including pizzas, pastas, steak, seafood, Asian fusion, and Mexican delicacies.


For some of the Costa del Sol's best Italian food, visit Aretusa, located ideally on the marina's main strip. Indulge in the restaurant's authentic Italian dishes and fresh seafood while enjoying the Greco-Roman décor and yacht views. 

Taberna del Volapie

For traditional Spanish food and tapas, check out Taberna del Volapie. This unique, cozy tavern serves genuine Spanish dishes of sausage, cured meats, cheese, shrimp, and casseroles. Enjoy excellent food and a relaxed, classy atmosphere at Taberna del Volapie.

Things to do in Puerto Banus in November

Though November is a wet, chilly winter month, the Puerto Banus weather is still relatively mild compared to other parts of Europe. This allows visitors to enjoy many of the port's famous features, such as the high-end shopping, a wide variety of dining experiences, and observation of the general splendor.

El Corte Ingles

Puerto Banus is a center of designer stores and luxury boutiques as well as home to one of the largest El Corte Ingles, the country's most popular department store chain. Shoppers of all kinds, from window browsers to big spenders, can enjoy the Puerto Banus shopping scene.

Dia de Todos Santos

November hosts two important Spanish festivals for visitors to experience while staying in Puerto Banus. Dia de Todos Santos, All Saints Day, finds families celebrating all over the country on November 1, remembering their deceased loved ones with parades and fireworks. A popular Costa del Sol tradition includes roasting chestnuts and drinking raisin brandy. On November 11, residents of Puerto Banus and Marbella celebrate Dia de San Martin. This holiday involves the slaughter of pigs for the beginning of winter, so this festival is not necessarily family-friendly. The pigs are used to make dried ham, sausage, and black pudding to sustain the towns on the Costa del Sol through the winter.

Even in the winter months, visitors can find plenty of entertainment and beauty to fill their days at the famous Spanish port.