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Today - 12th July 2024

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Sunset 21:39

35°C (94°F)
34°C (93°F)
32°C (89°F)
29°C (84°F)
28°C (82°F)
27°C (80°F)

Tomorrow - 13th July 2024

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Sunset 21:39

26°C (79°F)
26°C (77°F)
25°C (76°F)
25°C (76°F)
24°C (75°F)
24°C (75°F)
24°C (74°F)
23°C (72°F)
25°C (77°F)
26°C (78°F)
27°C (79°F)
27°C (80°F)
28°C (81°F)
29°C (83°F)
29°C (83°F)
29°C (83°F)
29°C (83°F)
29°C (83°F)

Puerto Banus is a purpose built resort located just outside of Marbella on the southern coast of Spain. Conceived in 1970 as a marina and shopping complex, this is now one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.


Being just a few hoursâ flight time from the UK, Spanish destinations are extremely popular for many types of holidays.

Puerto Banus is a resort famed for its luxurious, high-end clientele. Many people choose to visit here to relax and indulge, so are more likely to choose longer holidays of two to three weeks.

You wonât find much budget accommodation in Puerto Banus, so itâs unlikely youâd come here for a cheap weekend getaway â" although many people visiting nearby Marbella may choose to visit Puerto Banus as part of their holiday.

Puerto Banus is easily accessible, with the nearest major airport being Malaga â" roughly 45 minutesâ drive away by car. There are plenty of car hire options available once you land at the airport.


Puerto Banus enjoys a Mediterranean climate, so has cool winters and warm summers. Puerto Banus is very much a resort town so all but closes down during the winter months, meaning there is not much in the way of accommodation or tourist options available during this time. This means that the best time to visit weather-wise is during the summer months of May to October.


Holidays in Puerto Banus combine the best of both worlds, with a thriving modern resort full of shops, bars and restaurants being located right next to many historical sites and some breathtaking scenery.

Puerto Banus is known as a suburb of nearby Marbella and so this is a great place to visit to soak up the history and culture of Andalusia.

The Marbella Vaults are some of the best preserved Roman remains in the area. This complex used to be the opulent bath houses where people would bathe and socialise in that time, and guided tours are available to learn more.

The Murallas del Castillo is also worth a visit as this is a partly restored Arab Castle that dates back to the 10th century, and the Basilica Vega del Mar dates from the 4th century with extensive ruins to be seen.

Many historical artefacts from the excavations from these buildings can also be found in the National Archaeological Museum.

And Salvador Daliâs 3.6 tonne rhinoceros statue is also a cultural highlight of any visit to Puerto Banus.


There are many charming alleyways in Puerto Banus filled with boutiques selling a variety of designer goods such as clothing and accessories. There are also a couple of more affordable shopping centres among them as well.

The marina is the focus of the resort, and here you can sit back and watch the hundreds of yachts coming and going â" some of which are extremely ostentatious and belong to some of the worldâs richest people.

If youâre here with children then there is an aquarium you can visit to see a range of marine life, and there is also a multiplex cinema screening English language movies.

You can also visit the huge street market that takes place every Saturday in the Nueva Andalucia Quarter. Here you will find a great mix of clothing, jewellery, local crafts and souvenirs to tempt you, before relaxing with some food and drinks in one of the many street cafes. Quite different from the expensive boutiques of the town centre, here you can pick up many bargains so long as you brush up on your haggling skills.

This area is also famed for its golfing holidays, with well known courses including San Roque, Valderrama and Los Arqueros.


There are several very popular beaches that surround Puerto Banus.

San Pedro Alcantara features fine golden sand so is ideal for long, lazy days of sunbathing. Water sports such as windsurfing, jetskiing and pedaloes are also available, and there are many amenities such as bars and cafes. The beach has been EU blue flag certified since 1992.

Puerto Banus Beach is excellent for tourists as it features sunbeds, parasols, lifeguards, showers and beach restaurants.

Benabola Beach and Levante Beach are two very popular beaches in the area just to the west of Puerto Banus, and offer fine sand and a wide range of amenities.

And Rio Verde is another excellent beach but features black gravelly sand that may not be appropriate for very young children.


Puerto Banus is famed for its exciting range of bars, clubs and restaurants that are open well into the early hours of the morning.

Many cocktail bars and restaurants are situated around the picturesque marina.

For more hectic nightlife, you can head to some of the bigger bars and clubs such as Pangea, Sinatraâs, News Caf© and Zoo Lounge. All of these venues play a different type of music to suit anybodyâs tastes.

And no night out in Puerto Banus would be complete without a trip to Linekerâs Bar, the most famous party destination in the whole resort.


There is very little by way of budget accommodation in Puerto Banus, but your hotel choice doesnât have to break the bank either.

Club Jardines Del Puerto is one of the more popular resorts in Puerto Banus. Set in landscaped gardens, this resort is just a minutesâ walk from the famous marina and close to the town centre.

The Benabola Hotel and Apartments offers a range of accommodation options located right on the marina with spectacular views over the coast. There is also a lounge and restaurant on site.

Privately rented villas and apartments can be found in main developments such as Playas del Duque, Marina Banus, Grey DâAlbion and La Alcabazba.

And for slightly cheaper accommodation you can stay just outside of the main resort towards Marbella, such as the PYR Marbella Hotel Apartments, which offer affordable self catering and all inclusive accommodation.