Osaka Weather November Averages, Japan

    • Temperature Temperature 13.5°C 56°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 17°C 63°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 10°C 50°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 4.8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 70 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 12 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 15°C 59°F

    Osaka Weather for November 2022

    What's the Weather Like in Osaka in November


    Temperature values are on a considerable decline in the city of Osaka in November. In general, the beginning of the month features temperatures higher for several degrees than the end. Daily low temperatures tend to vary from 2C (35.6F) to 16C (60.8F) during this period. Daily high temperatures may fluctuate between 10C (50F) and 23C (73.4F). Temperature variations, though, usually remain between 10C (50F) and 17C (62.6F). This time of year, Osaka, Japan, is a significantly colder destination than Brunei, on Borneo Island.

    The 2nd largest Japanese metropolis features pleasant temperatures (over 18C/64.4F) for a few mid-afternoon hours in the first week of November. From then on, it feels cool (over 13C/55.4F) during the day and cold (under 13C/55.4F) during the night. The cool interval, initially lasting roughly from 8 am to 4 am, becomes increasingly shorter with the passage of time. By the end of November, it lasts approx. from noon to 5 pm.


    The duration of sunlight is around 5 hours per day during November in Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture. On average, sunshine and cloudiness have approximately equal share of daylight hours this time of year. Typically, the possibility of cloud cover decreases for several percentage in the course of the month, from 32% to 27%.


    The overall accumulation of rainfall is approx. 30% lesser in November than in October in this Japanese city. On average, approx. 70 mm/2.75 in of precipitation falls in this destination throughout November. The later the rain falls, it usually brings lower amounts of rainfall. In general, Osaka has 7 rainy days during this month. Finally, the possibility of precipitation decreases insignificantly in the course of November, from 25% on November 1 to 23% on November 30.

    The likelihood of rain is bigger during the day than at night. The highest possibility of rainfall is just past midday while the lowest is just before midnight. Sporadic rain is the most common form of precipitation in this period.

    Wind speed

    The speed of the wind barely varies in the Japanese port city of Osaka throughout the month. It increases from 3.3 m/s at the beginning of November to 3.6 m/s by the end. With these values, the wind speed crosses the boundary between light and gentle breezes back and forth. On average, the city is windier during the day (up to 4.6 m/s) than during the night (down to 2.9 m/s).


    It feels a bit dry most of the time in this Japanese metropolis this time of year. The average relative humidity is around 66%, which leaves a very low possibility of humid and slightly bigger of comfortable conditions.

    Sunrise and sunset

    With every next day, the city features shorter daylight. On November 1, the metropolis has 10:47 hours of daylight, from 6:17 am to 5:04 pm. On November 30, the sun rises at 6:45 am and sets 10:02 hours later, at 4:47 pm.

    Average sea temperature

    The temperature of the sea in this destination usually fluctuates from 19C (66.2F) to 23C (73.4F) this time of year. Most commonly, though, the sea temperature is around 21C (69.8F).

    Extraordinary weather occurrences

    With the typhoon season behind, earthquakes and tsunamis are natural occurrences that are most likely to affect the port city of Osaka.

    Because of the nearness of 4 tectonic plates, entire Japan is a seismically very active area. Every year, approximately 1500 quakes hit the country. And Osaka is among those that are prone to these hazards the most, and not only in Japan, but throughout the world. As scary as this might seem, you should know that the majority of earthquakes that occur around aren't particularly dangerous. Most of them are just weak tremors.

    Tsunamis manifest themselves as a series of large waves that approach the coast at high speed. These natural hazards are the outcome of underwater earthquakes. When they hit the coastline, make sure to be as far inland as possible or inside a tsunami-proof building. Any elevated ground would do, as well. Tsunamis are usually responsible for flooding because the drainage system of the city and nearby rivers can't accumulate vast quantities of water quick enough.

    Osaka Hotels in November

    If you choose the accommodation based on location, you should skip this practice in the Japanese port city of Osaka. The railway and subway network will take you anywhere in a short time here. The huge metropolis has a varied offer of accommodation, from affordable hostels to high-end hotels. Plus, many people find that hotel deals are reasonable in November.

    Guest House Koma

    Guest House Koma offers accommodation for people travelling on a budget. It disposes of dormitories with shared bathrooms, which add free soaps and shampoos. Free wireless internet and shared kitchen are also available.

    Richmond Hotel Higashi Osaka

    Richmond Hotel Higashi Osaka is a 3-star hotel disposing of guestrooms. In-room amenities are free Wi-Fi, free toiletries, air-purifier and nightwear. Vending machines selling drinks, a lounge, paid parking and a storage for luggage are additional facilities.

    Hotel Ichiei

    Hotel Ichiei is a 4-star property located in the central Namba district of Osaka, Japan. The hotel disposes of Japanese-style rooms featuring free internet access, LCD TVs and DVD players. In accordance, Hotel Ichiei has a Japanese-style restaurant available. The capacity of accommodation units varies between 2 and 6 people.

    Hilton Osaka

    Hilton Osaka is a 5-star hotel located near Osaka Station. Airy rooms and suites dispose of extra-long beds, free wireless internet and minibars. 24/7 room service is an additional amenity. Other hotel's facilities are a jogging track, swimming pool, fitness center, a few dining venues and a business center. Parking is also available.

    Bars and restaurants

    Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture, is a culinary destination everyone is glad to discover. The local cuisine abounds with delicious specialties, some of which are popular throughout the world. Sushi, ramen, miso soup, takoyaki and okonomiyaki are some dishes you ought to try. The great gastronomy scene is available at restaurants, at street stalls and in markets. Aside from Japanese food, international specialties (French, Italian, Chinese) are available, as well.

    Mustang Bar

    Mustang Bar is a bar featuring a friendly atmosphere and a lot of drinks. Here, you can eat various Israeli specialties, including sabich and falafel. The address is 2 Chome-13-1 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo, Osaka, and opening hours are from 5 pm (1 pm on weekends) to 5 am.

    Kogary Takoyaki

    Kogary Takoyaki is a Japanese-style eatery specializing in Takoyaki. This dish, made of diced or minced octopus, you can have as a snack or a main meal. You may need to wait a bit in line to be served at this affordable eatery. The address of Kogary Takoyaki is 2-18-4 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuoku, Osaka 542-0086. Opening hours are from 10:30 am to 9 pm (10 pm on Saturday).

    Kame Sushi Sohonten

    Kame Sushi Sohonten is one of the most acclaimed sushi restaurants in the city. Besides outstanding sushi, the restaurant serves delicious clams. Chefs prepare all dishes in front of their guests and prices are quite affordable here. The address of Kame Sushi Sohonten is 2-14-2 Sonezaki, Kita, Osaka-shi, Osaka. The restaurant is open from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm on Monday, and from noon to 11 pm the rest of the week.

    Lawry's The Prime Rib

    Lawry's The Prime Rib is an exclusive steakhouse serving prime rib as the specialty of the house. And the size may be too large for you to eat the entire meal. Besides prime rib, you can enjoy roasted salmon and shrimps among other dishes on offer. Lawry's opening hours are from 11:30 am to 3 pm, and from 5 pm to 11 pm. They accept last orders between 1 (lunch) and 1:30 hours (dinner) before the closing time.

    Things to do in Osaka in November

    Osaka Museum of History

    Osaka Museum of History offers a comprehensive overview of the history of the city of Osaka. It occupies the last few floors of a tall building next to the Osaka Castle, providing a spectacular view of the complex. The exhibition is set in the chronological order, starting from the top floor. Every next level elaborates a certain period during the 1350-year long history of the city. Among other exhibits, you will see mannequins wearing noble outfit, the reconstruction of the Naniwanomiya Palace, various scale models and much more.

    Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

    Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, located in the Harbor Village of Tempozan, is one of the most fascinating aquariums in Japan. It disposes of more than a dozen tanks, each representing a certain part of the Pacific Rim. This term relates to a series of coastal regions surrounding the ocean. Some tanks span multiple floors, offering an insight into creatures living at different depths. Some inhabitants of the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan are huge whales, likable otters, gracious dolphins and beautiful jellyfish.

    Mino Park

    Mino Park is an expansive forested area located north of the port city of Osaka. It is the site of an exceptional natural beauty, which is at its pinnacle in the second part of November. Then, leaves feature warm colors. Various hiking opportunities are available in the park, with the main hiking route being suitable for everyone. It leads past a few temples and the Insectarium to the Mino Waterfall, the top attraction of the park.

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