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Osaka Weather in December, Japan

Osaka Averages December


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    4.6 hours
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    14 days
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    30 mm

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Osaka Daily Averages December

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December Weather Averages

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What's the weather Like in Osaka in December


December is a cold month in Osaka, at least for Japanese standards. Low temperatures vary between -1C (30.2F) and 10C (50F) for the most part. High temperatures may fluctuate from 6C (42.8F) to 18C (64.4F) this time of year. Still, daily temperatures mostly remain in the range between 5C (41F) and 12C (53.6F). If you prefer destinations featuring warmer weather than Osaka, Japan, in December, consider visiting Jakarta in Indonesia.

Average temperatures decrease for a few degrees in the course of December in this Japanese metropolis. With temperatures typically below 13C (55.4F), days are cold. Temperatures drop below 7C (44.6F) during nights. Still, the interval of very cold temperatures (under 7C/44.6F) gets longer as the days pass. The duration of this interval is roughly from 2 am to 8:30 am at the beginning of December. By the end of the month, it lasts approximately from 7 pm to 11 am.


The duration of sunshine is also decreasing in Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture, this time of year. On average, the city receives slightly over 4:30 hours of sunlight per day in December. The skies are overcast or mostly cloudy a bit longer than that. The chances of a cloudy weather are around 26% throughout the month.


In December, the destination receives the lowest annual amount of precipitation. The average amount of rainfall the city receives during 5 or 6 rainy days is somewhat higher than 30 mm/1.18 in. Rain, sleet and snow are the most common forms of precipitation this time of year. The probability of rain decreases toward the New Year from 23% (December 1) to approx. 20% (December 31). In accordance, the Japanese port city of Osaka receives the lesser amount of rainfall the latter the rain occurs.

Days are much more likely to be wet than nights. The highest chances of rainy conditions are around midday. The lowest possibility of precipitation is after midnight.

Wind speed

The average speed of the wind slowly increases in the course of December. Initially, it measures 3.6 m/s while by the end of the month it is 3.9 m/s. Just like during the rest of the year, days are windier than nights in the 2nd largest city in Japan in this period. Gentle breeze is the most common form of wind, which is only rarely substituted with light or moderate breeze.


With the average relative humidity around 63%, days are mostly dry in the city of Osaka in December. The probability of comfortable conditions is very low. The likelihood of a humid weather is insignificantly low.

Sunrise and sunset

The duration of daylight gets shorter until December 22 (9:50 hours), when it starts to get longer. On that day, sunrise occurs at 7:01 am while sunset takes place at 4:51 pm. On December 1, the sun appears at 6:54 am and disappears 9:53 hours later, at 4:47 pm. On December 31, daybreak takes place at 7:04 am while sundown occurs at 4:56 pm, after 9:52 hours of daylight.

Average sea temperature

The average sea temperature ranges from 15C (59F) to 20C (68F) in the port city of Osaka in December. Most commonly, though, it is around 17.5C (63.5F).

Extraordinary weather occurrences

Around 1500 earthquakes hit Japan every year. And the Japanese port city of Osaka is one of the most exposed destinations throughout the world in this regard. Although this seems alarming, the earthquake may be nothing more than a harmless tremor. Yet, familiarize yourself with the safety procedure before arriving in Japan to avoid potential dangers.

Other natural hazards that are likely to hit the city are tsunamis. They take form of a series of big and fast waves that hit the coastline. Being inland, on a high ground or in a tsunami-proof structure are essential safety measures if the tsunami occurs. Extensive flooding is a direct consequence of these natural disasters.

Osaka Hotels in December

As the New Year draws near, hotel deals in Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture, get high. Still, the city has a wide selection of accommodation providers ranging from very economical to very expensive. Don't worry about the exact location of your hotel because the highly-efficient transportation network transports commuters to distant areas quickly.

Hotel Toyo

Hotel Toyo is a good solution for budget travelers. It disposes of single and twin rooms featuring shared bathrooms. Air-conditioning and heating are available in some rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available in the hostel. Because the property caters to backpackers, Hotel Toyo isn't suitable for children.

Sarasa Hotel

3-star Sarasa Hotel in the Namba district is a centrally-located property. Rooms are soundproof and feature private bathrooms with complimentary toiletries and TVs with flat screens. If you wish, you are free to request a DVD player. Arriving and departing travelers can make use of a free luggage storage. Wi-Fi is free throughout Sarasa Hotel.

Sheraton Miyako Hotel

Sheraton Miyako Hotel is a 4-star establishment featuring contemporary accommodation units. Some in-room amenities are minibars, sleepwear, air-conditioning, safes and free internet access. A Health Club, paid parking and an indoor pool are additional facilities of the hotel.

Courtyard by Marriot Shin-Osaka Station

Courtyard by Marriot Shin-Osaka Station disposes of rooms and suites from the 14th to the 18th floor, which offer panoramic views of Osaka. Units feature air-conditioning, LCD TVs and hairdryers among other in-room amenities. A few dining venues are available on-site, as well as a fitness center.

Bars and restaurants

Osaka, Japan, is also known as "the Kitchen of Japan." And rightfully so since the metropolis boasts great gastronomy. Domestic and international restaurants work until late, as well as markets and food stalls. Plentiful options are available regardless of the budget. Make sure to have a certain amount of cash since you might single out an eatery that doesn't accept credit cards.

Rock Bar Cherry Bomb

Rock Bar Cherry Bomb is an American-style rock bar serving American craft beer and featuring a laid-back atmosphere. Just like the name of the bar implies, rock music is a matter of fact. Make sure to check out the exact opening hours, which change daily.

Ramen Honolu

Ramen Honolu is an eatery where you can grab affordable bites. The house specializes in salt-based and soy-based ramen. Plus, the restaurant caters to people that base their diet on the halal standards. The address of Ramen Honolu is 2 Chome-5-27 Motomachi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka. Opening hours are daily from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, and between 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Indian Curry

Indian Curry is a mid-range eatery serving Japanese-style beef curry. The menu isn't extensive, but the restaurant makes up for it with the delicious curry it specializes in. This particular dish gets increasingly spicy as you eat. The address of Indian Curry is 2 Minamisenba, Chuoku, Osaka, and opening hours are from 11 am to 10 pm every day.

Honke Shibato

Honke Shibato is an exclusive restaurant serving Japanese specialties. Eel is the type of cuisine the house is famous for. Osaka Mamushi and Shirayaki set are some good alternatives available in the menu. Honke Shibato is open for lunch (11 am-2:30 pm) and for dinner (5 pm-9 pm). Note that last orders take place some 45 minutes before the closure.

Things to do in Osaka in December

Hankyu Department Store

Just like everywhere else, December is a popular month for shopping in the port city of Osaka. And, big Hankyu Department Store, next to Osaka Station, is one of the most attractive places for shopping in the metropolis. And it has a wide range of commodities on offer, including fashionable garments for children, ladies and gentlemen, cosmetics, electronics and various appliances. Some reputable brands and trademarks you can find here are Rolex, Bose, Camper, Gucci and Lancôme, to mention a few.

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan offers premium entertainment for visitors of all ages. This amusement park consists of 8 areas where you can enjoy various parades, rides and exhibitions. Waterworld, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hollywood and Wonderland are a few of available theme areas. This time of year, queues for roller coaster rides tend to be long. To skip long waiting to join some rides, make sure to grab the Express Pass as early as possible because the quantity is limited.

Osaka in winter

It rarely snows in the city of Osaka. But if the snow cover remains, make the most of it and explore the outskirts of the city. Even without the snow, the illumination on the city streets and by the waterways is the reason enough for you to remain outdoors. Some of the most noteworthy places to explore on this occasion are the Osaka Castle, Abeno Tennoji and Osaka Christmas Market. Buildings and windows of the shops also boast elegant decoration.