July Weather Averages for Tokyo, Japan

What's the Weather like in Tokyo in July


July in Tokyo, Japan, brings more hot and sticky weather. The rainy season continues until about the third week of July, while the average high temperature increases several degrees to 28°. This temperature is similar to Orlando in the USA.

Sunshine Hours

Across the month, Tokyo usually enjoys an average of five hours of daily sunshine, compared to August where it creeps ...

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    • Temperature Temperature 25°C 77°F
    • High Temperature Holiday Weather 28°C 82°F
    • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 22°C 72°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 5 hrs
    • Rainfall Rainfall 128 mm
    • Rainfall days Rainfall days 20 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 24°C 75°F

    Tokyo Weather for July 2019

    What's the Weather like in Tokyo in July


    July in Tokyo, Japan, brings more hot and sticky weather. The rainy season continues until about the third week of July, while the average high temperature increases several degrees to 28°. This temperature is similar to Orlando in the USA.

    Sunshine Hours

    Across the month, Tokyo usually enjoys an average of five hours of daily sunshine, compared to August where it creeps up to 6 hours, along with medium cloud coverage which fluctuates between 78% at the beginning of the month and 73% by the end. On average, the sky is mostly clear.


    The rain can vary, with some days bringing intense downpours while others bring just occasional sprinkles. Because of the heat, a jacket may be unbearable, so packing lots of fast-drying, lightweight clothing may be your best bet, in addition to picking up a hand fan and umbrella while you're here.


    July can be extremely humid due to the rainy season - this can often feel extremely uncomfortable and is vital you book somewhere with air conditioning.

    Tokyo Hotels in July

    Oakwood Premier Tokyo

    Oakwood Premier Tokyo is a luxury serviced apartment with hotel-like services, located at just a 2-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station's Yaesu North Exit. Located on the 6-19th floors of a 19-storey building, this property is designed to offer a getaway in the centre of Tokyo. There is a 24-hour front desk on site.

    Ascott Marunouchi

    Situated in the center of Tokyo, Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo is 900 yards from Tokyo Station. Elegantly furnished rooms located on the upper floors boast city views. Free WiFi is featured throughout the property and an on-site fitness centre is available for guests for free.

    Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo

    Directly accessible from JR Tokyo Station, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi offers a quiet luxurious accommodation in the heart of the bustling city. This hotel was selected as one of Top 25 Hotels in Japan by TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award 2014, and provides spacious rooms, complimentary use of hot-spring baths and sauna in a spa, and a 24-hour fitness studio. Free WiFi and pick-up service from the station is available.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Robot Restaurant

    You simply must try Robot Restaurant - the name is somewhat misleading – nobody goes to this Kabukicho wonderland for the food (think convenience store-style bento boxes). If, however, you're more into disco-dancing 'borgs, battling bikini babes and gilded toilets, this is exactly the place for you!

    Alcatraz ER

    As far as disturbing theme restaurants go, Alcatraz ER has to be close to the top: a prison hospital recreated inside a slightly run-down office building in the middle of Shibuya's love hotel district, Alcatraz delights patrons with everything from drinks served in urine bottles and syringes to creepy nurse waitresses. The grub is mostly standard izakaya fare.


    For something slightly more civilized, try Takzawa. The elaborate and inventive cooking is illustrated by a ratatouille of 15 vegetables as a little terrine. In another dish assorted vegetables are harvested from a "soil" of breadcrumbs by the diner. The interior of Aronia de Takazara is petit, with just five tables and enough space for the chefs to freshly prepare all the food

    Things to do in Tokyo in July


    Many choose to visit the Danjiri Festival, from the 12th-13th July - This is large festival floats ridden precariously by local men while being towed in vigorous fashion around the Hirano area of Osaka before being taken back to Kumata Shrine late at night. An exciting spectacle that regularly draws in excess of 300,000 visitors.

    Mushi Okuri Festival

    Another to see if you are in town, would be the Mushi Okuri Festival - a group of dancers and drummers, accompanied by flute player and singer, spend all day walking around the town. At numerous locations they stop and perform the Mushi Okuri Odori, an ancient dance asking all the insects to leave the rice fields and go somewhere else. Once common throughout Japan, this dance is rarely performed anymore.

    Sumida River Fireworks Display

    If you want to see a great fireworks display then you will need to go and see the Sumida River Fireworks Display. This is one of the biggest displays of fireworks in the country. So this is definitely one of those places that you need to go to because it allows you to enjoy the fireworks from a country that was close to the developing country of the gun powder that would be used to make the fireworks. So this display is one you will definitely enjoy seeing time and time again.

    July events in Tokyo


    Nishiarai Daishi Wind Bell Festival

    1st July 2019 to 4th August 2019

    Over 400 different types and designs of wind chimes are gathered from all over the country and displayed in the grounds of Nishiarai Daishi Temple. The festival began in 1999 and, along with the Kawasaki Daishi Wind Chime Market, is one of Tokyo’s most well known.

    Mitama Matsuri

    12th July 2019 to 15th July 2019

    One of Tokyo’s most popular summer festivals, Mitama Matsuri at Yasukuni Shrine has been held every year since 1947 and today attracts around 300,000 visitors. It is especially famous for the 30,000 lanterns hung in the grounds of the shrine, as well as the messages and paintings by celebrities from all different spheres




    Asakusa Hozuki Ichi

    9th July 2019 to 10th July 2019

    The Hozuki Ichi (ほおずき市, hōzuki-ichi) is a summer tradition that has been held since the Edo period. It is related to kudoku-nichi (功徳日), a designated day that differs from temple to temple on which a single prayer counts for 100 or even 1,000 prayers.

    Firework Display

    Yokohama Sparkling Twilight

    13th July 2019 to 14th July 2019

    Annual festival and firework event in Yamashita Park. Over 3,000 fireworks are launched from the shoreline each night and there are international-themed parades and other activities during the day. There is also a Seaside Restaurant & Bar open on both days between 11:30am and 8:30pm with an Asian-themed corner and a “PR Corner” from 11:30am to 5pm in which you can take part in a variety of activities.



    Kawasaki Daishi Wind Chime Market

    17th July 2019 to 4th August 2019

    The wind chime market (風鈴市, furin-ichi) is an annual event where makers from all over the country gather for 5 days at Kawasaki Daishi—one of Tokyo’s most important shrines. While wind chimes are a common sight during the summer festivals, the market at Kawasaki Daishi is on another scale—about 30,000 of the things are on sale in all different shapes and sizes. The market is on from 10am to 6pm each day (until 8pm on the Thursday).



    Ikebukuro Hula Festa

    19th July 2019 to 21st July 2019

    Over 170 teams, 5,000 dancers, and six stages make this annual event one to see. Hawaiian bands add to the festive atmosphere and you will also find the usual food and drinks stalls. The six stages are a little spread out around Ikebukuro with three near the West Exit of the station at the other three out towards Sunshine City. You can register for the workshops if you fancy more active participation.




    Ueno Summer Festival Parade

    20th July 2019

    The parade starts at 5:30pm with over 30 groups performing along Ueno Chuo Dori. There will also be food and drink stalls in the park and performances on the open-air stage located at the bottom of the park below Shinobazu Pond.



    Edogawa Goldfish Festival

    20th July 2019 to 21st July 2019

    The Edogawa Goldfish Festival has been running since the Meiji era. Over 20,000 goldfish will be swimming in the plastic buckets ready to be scooped up by eager children with about 20 species on display and available for purchase. The event takes place from 10am to 6pm on the Saturday, and 10am to 4pm on the Sunday.




    Tsukiji Honganji Noryo Bon Odori Taikai

    31st July 2019 to 3rd August 2019

    The famous temple near Tsukiji hosts a bon odori for four days around the beginning of August. The open grounds of the shrine provide a good arena for dancing around the yagura scaffolding, but the biggest attraction is the food stalls set up by the vendors of Tsukiji Fish Market.



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