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Maldives Weather in July, Maldives

Maldives Averages July


  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    High Temperature

  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    Low Temperature

  • What is Average Day Temperature?
    The average temperature recorded between sunrise and sunset

    Day Temperature

  • What is Average Night Temperature?
    The average temperature recorded between sunset and sunrise

    Night Temperature

  • What is Average Sea Temperature?
    Average daily sea temperatures and divided by the number of days in the month. Sea Temperatures are taken from buoys, ships and even satellites can calculate sea temperature based on energy that is radiated from the sea's surface

    Sea Temperature

  • What are Average Daily Sunshine Hours?
    Total sunshine hours for the month, divided by the number of days in the month. Sunshine hours are taken with a sunshine recorder, either a Campbell-Stokes recorder or an Eppley Pyreheliometer

    Sunshine Hours

    7 hours
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years

    Rainfall Days

    13 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years


    147 mm

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Maldives Daily Averages July

July 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg 29º 84º
2 Avg 29º 84º
3 Avg 29º 84º
4 Avg 28º 82º
5 Avg 29º 84º
6 Avg 28º 82º
7 Avg 28º 82º
8 Avg 29º 84º
9 Avg 28º 82º
10 Avg 28º 82º
11 Avg 28º 82º
12 Avg 29º 84º
13 Avg 28º 82º
14 Avg 29º 84º
15 Avg 29º 84º
16 Avg 28º 82º
17 Avg 28º 82º
18 Avg 29º 84º
19 Avg 29º 84º
20 Avg 28º 82º
21 Avg 28º 82º
22 Avg 28º 82º
23 Avg 28º 82º
24 Avg 28º 82º
25 Avg 29º 84º
26 Avg 29º 84º
27 Avg 29º 84º
28 Avg 29º 84º
29 Avg 29º 84º
30 Avg 29º 84º
31 Avg 29º 84º
Avg Historical Daily Average

July Weather Averages

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What's The Weather Like In The Maldives in July?

Is It Good To Visit The Maldives In July?

Another 'high season wet month', July is in the heart of the wet season and even though the climate is not ideal for conventional tourists, countless visitors come to the Maldives in July for the warm weather  It's also one of the cheapest months (along with September and December) to come to the archipelago.

Is It Hot In The Maldives In July?

During this month the average temperature sticks at about 28ºC. During warm, rainless days temperatures can peak at 29ºC, while rainy nights often see them dropping down to 26ºC; still warm enough to enjoy the Maldives. 

Is The Sea Warm In The Maldives In July?

The Sea temperature is also quite accommodating during this month, with average temperature around 29ºC even when it's raining heavily. 

Sunshine Hours In July

During July, Maldives enjoy 7 hours of daily sunshine and the sky is almost always cloudy, at least partially since this July lies in the middle of the wet season.

How Wet IsThe Maldives In July?

Monthly total precipitation amounts to 147mm of rainfall, which is the lowest of any true wet season month. Rainfall is expected during 13 days of the month, and is mainly concentrated on the southern and southeastern atolls of Maldives.

Hotels for Maldives in July

Komandoo Maldive Island Resort

The Komandoo Maldive Island Resort is a romantic and luxurious getaway complex built on a beautiful private island. The resort offers spacious and elegant villas and is considered a popular honeymoon destination. The Komandoo is also known for its world class diving centre and its modern spa.

Anantara Kihavah Villas

The Anantara Kihavah Villas is a splendid 5 star resort catering to high end honeymoon visitors. The resort wins the hearts of visitors with its luxurious villas, its underwater restaurant and its unremitting focus on quality and excellence. This is one of the highest rated resorts and one that has earned a dozen international awards and accolades.

Naladhu Resort Maldives

Self catering accommodation doesn't get better than what is on offer at the Naladhu Resort Maldives. Here, you will find luxurious private residences that come with their very own personal house master who will work diligently to see all your needs met. The luxury and comfort are unparalleled and this is a great resort for some discreet romance.

W Retreat & Spa Maldives

The W Retreat & Spa Maldives is a tropical all inclusive resort that caters to families with diverse needs and requirements. The resort's fully equipped spa will help any tourist relax and the numerous other activities on offer will give adventure seekers something exiting to do while visiting Maldives. There is something for everyone here, including the kids.

Island Hideaway Spa, Resort & Marina

The Island Hideaway Spa, Resort & Marina is an exclusive private island that welcomes only few tourists and showers them in luxury. This 5+ star resort boasts 8 different types of luxurious villas and a uniquely beautiful marina. Visitors are treated to numerous exclusive activities including spa treatments, high end sports, fly fishing and more.

Beaches for July for Maldives

Bandos Island Beaches

The Bandos Island is a fantastic island named after a local yellow flower Mirihi, which according to the locals is believed to have the power to cure people from poisoning. The isolated island is elongated and effectively has two beaches. Both beaches are exquisitely calm and feature fine white sand and turquoise waters. The beach that hosts the eponymous resort is very tourist friendly, with tons of amenities while the beach on the opposite side of the island is more secluded.

Restaurants and Bars for Maldives in July

One & Only Reethi Restaurant

The One & Only Reethi Restaurant is a chic eatery inside one of the most prestigious hotels in Maldives. The restaurant is famous for its Kobe beef and toro from Japan that are cooked with exotic ingredients flown in on a regular basis. The cuisine is international and innovative, with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Ocean Breeze

The Ocean Breeze offers a fantastic view and equally impressive local delicacies to tourists visiting Maldives' capital Male. Ideally located next to the ferry terminal, the Ocean Breeze serves local dishes with a modern twist to island hoppers and busy tourists. The atmosphere is very friendly and the restaurant is most accommodating to families with children.


The Handhuvaru is an exotic beach bar at the Kanuhura island resort. With delicious cocktails, inviting daybeds and hot patrons, this is an upscale beach bar for the smart and discerning tourist. The prices are reasonable and the scenery is just perfect for an evening of romance by the sea or for meeting exciting new people.

Things to Do in Maldives in July


The diving trips organised by international provider Diverland are perhaps the single most amazing form of boat trip one can hope to find while visiting Maldives. These adult-only trips involve travelling on a luxurious boat to find the best diving spots and then proceed to dive and explore the vast natural beauty of the myriads of coral reefs and marine life around Maldives. The trips are fairly affordable but tourists must be at least acquainted with scuba diving to be able to fully enjoy the experience.

Maldivian cooking classes

Park Hyyat Maldives Hadahaa organises traditional Maldivian cooking classes where tourists can learn how to prepare numerous local dishes including a traditional Maldivian soup, curries and a whole Reef Fish dish. This cooking class stands head and shoulders above others because it is organised by a professional chef and his staff who work on the 5 star hotel.

Dates for the Diary

Every year on the 26th of July, Maldives celebrates its Independence Day. The archipelago became a British Protectorate in 1887, with the British pledging to protect Maldives from colonial expansion. This lasted for more than 70 years until on 26th July 1965, Maldives gained full independence. During the Independence Day celebrations, festivities include nationwide parades by armed forces and the school children of Maldives along with public feasts and special menus served on most local restaurants.

For Muslim countries, the Ramadan is a month of fasting that is widely observed in the Muslim world and Maldives are no exception. It begins in July the 20th and lasts well until August. During the Ramadan, non-Muslim tourists can experience unique culinary creations that are typically served after sunset in local eateries and can also partake in various religious ceremonies that are tourist friendly and accessible during this month.