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  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    171 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    9 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    7 hours

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November daily averages


November daily averages for Alanya

  • 1st
    19 66
  • 2nd
    18 64
  • 3rd
    18 64
  • 4th
    17 63
  • 5th
    17 63
  • 6th
    17 63
  • 7th
    17 63
  • 8th
    18 64
  • 9th
    18 64
  • 10th
    17 63
  • 11th
    17 63
  • 12th
    18 64
  • 13th
    18 64
  • 14th
    15 59
  • 15th
    16 61
  • 16th
    17 63
  • 17th
    17 63
  • 18th
    17 63
  • 19th
    16 61
  • 20th
    16 61
  • 21st
    16 61
  • 22nd
    15 59
  • 23rd
    15 59
  • 24th
    15 59
  • 25th
    13 55
  • 26th
    14 57
  • 27th
    14 57
  • 28th
    14 57
  • 29th
    14 57
  • 30th
    14 57

Weather Lowdown

In November, the average temperature in AlanyaTurkey is about 15°C (62°F), reaching a high of around 21°C (70°F) and low of 12°C (54°F).This is still quite comfortable for sightseeing and long hours at the beach, though some might find the water too cold for swimming.

There are about 9 hours of average daily sunshine. The length of the day decreases by about fifty minutes over the month. The longest day is November 1 with 10:38 hours of sunlight, and the shortest day is November 29 with 9:51 hours.

The average sea temperature in November is about 21°C (70°F). Although some finicky beachgoers may say that this is too cool for swimming, the great majority do not find it at all uncomfortable. November will likely be the last chance tourists have to enjoy water sports, though, so they should bear this in mind and take full advantage of the opportunities that are available.

November has about 9 days of rainfall, with measurements of about 171mm. Rain typically occurs as light rain or thunderstorm.

The skies above Alanya in November are typically partly cloudy. Humidity ranges from comfortable (36%) to humid (84%). Daily wind speeds vary from light air to moderate breeze. Winds typically blow in from the north or northwest, though sometimes from the south.

November is characterised by fairly consistent temperatures, with a drop over the course of the month. In the beginning, the average is about 18°C (64°F), with highs of 24°C (75°F) and lows of 13°C (55°F). By that end of the month, the days have shortened, rainfall has increased, and averages are about 16°C (61°F), with highs of 20°C (68°F) and lows of 9°C (48°F). 

Where to Stay

Select Apart Hotel is a Turkish delight, with clean and modern facilities. The location is excellent, within close walking distance to shops and the beach.

Villa Augusto  is a lovely boutique hotel equipped with 20 beautiful rooms, gleaming spa and relaxing pool. Standard or suites with sea views are both available at a decent price. All rooms have a marble bathroom, telephone, wifi, minibar, safe and TV. The restaurant serves a fusion of Turkish and Italian fare. The Bar is open from 11am to midnight, with delightful cocktails you can sip overlooking the sea or garden.

The Kandelor Hotel is a decent all-inclusive close to Ataturk's Boulevard, with easy access to the clubs, restaurants and shops. There are 98 rooms available: suites, connected rooms for families and standard rooms. All staterooms have satellite TV, wifi, minibar, safe, telephone, balcony, bathroom with bathtub and A/C. Onsite facilities include restaurant, two bars, two pools, children's playground, and spa with Turkish Bath and jacuzzi.

The Palm Can Hotel is a hotel that offers all inclusive deals for their guests that comes highly recommended by those that have stayed there before. The menu offers a fantastic range of cuisine and many of the bedrooms have balconies from which stunning views can be enjoyed.

Alternatively, the Mikado Hotel is a great choice if you are looking for a very nice hotel. Across from this hotel, there is a small beach bar with a wide selection and good prices. Also, there is no fee for use of the sunny deck chairs here.

The hotel has free Wi-Fi services in the lobby and a small shop that sells various snacks to get you through the day or night. About five minutes away there is a larger shop with even more choices. Both have reasonable prices. 

The hotel can arrange horse-riding tours for its guests. This is a highly-recommended way to see the beautiful landscapes of Alanya. The area's exciting nightlife and plenty of shopping are also tourist-recommended activities. The town market in Alanya is particularly fun. 

Hit the Beach

Beach-goers dwindle with the closing of the tourist season, however there are still a select few water activities available. If you ever wanted to try windsurfing or parasailing, there's no better time as the winds start to pick up in Alanya.

Eating & Drinking Out

Mahperi Restaurant is a popular international eatery with relaxed, inviting ambiance near the harbour. Guests rave about the perfect steak and hot, delicious Turkish bread. Groften Restaurant is another laid-back, friendly bar with fantastic food. No hassle, no disco lights--just excellent vibe and solid international fare.

For a spot with more traditional dishes, try the family-run Iskele Sofrasi. Their lovely mezes are fresh and available as vegetarian. The small restaurant is located just off the road from Alanya Castle.

Köyüm Gaziantep Bapınar is one of the city's best Turkish grill options. The dishes here are mostly barbecued meats, fresh and authentic, served with cold drinks. Try the stir fried beef, aubergine kebaps, or spicy meatballs in flatbread.

Things to Do

November tourists might want to consider booking a private tour or cruise. Personalised excursions can ensure that visitors see what they can, given their often limited vacation time. Any visit to Alanya is incomplete without a stop at the stately castle. The Seljuk Alanya Castle houses multiple cisterns and the remains of an 11th-century Byzantine church. It stands about 250 metres (820 ft) high, surrounded by a 6.5km (4mi) wall and 140 towers.

Also worth a look is the Antalya Archaeological Museum. Beginning with prehistoric times, the halls are arranged chronologically so as to take visitors on a virtual tour of history. Especially interesting are the Hall of Gods, the Hall of Tomb Cultures and the Children's Section. 

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