flag Alanya, Average Weather July

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    3 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    4 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    13 hours

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July daily averages


July daily averages for Alanya

  • 1st
    27 81
  • 2nd
    29 84
  • 3rd
    29 84
  • 4th
    28 82
  • 5th
    27 81
  • 6th
    27 81
  • 7th
    28 82
  • 8th
    29 84
  • 9th
    28 82
  • 10th
    28 82
  • 11th
    29 84
  • 12th
    29 84
  • 13th
    30 86
  • 14th
    30 86
  • 15th
    29 84
  • 16th
    29 84
  • 17th
    29 84
  • 18th
    29 84
  • 19th
    29 84
  • 20th
    29 84
  • 21st
    29 84
  • 22nd
    30 86
  • 23rd
    29 84
  • 24th
    29 84
  • 25th
    29 84
  • 26th
    29 84
  • 27th
    30 86
  • 28th
    29 84
  • 29th
    29 84
  • 30th
    29 84
  • 31st
    29 84

Weather Lowdown

July in AlanyaTurkey, tends to be sunny and warm, with few clouds. The average temperature is about 28°C (78°F), reaching a high of around 30°C (86°F) and low of 21°C (70°F).

There are about 14 hours of average daily sunshine, which stays fairly constant throughout the month. The longest day is July 1, with 14:38 hours of sunlight; the shortest day is July 31, with 14:03 hours.

The average sea temperature in July is about 27°C (81°F)--so be sure to pack your swimming gear as the water's perfect.

There is very little rainfall in July, with only 4 days chance of precipitation. The average monthly rainfall measures around 3mm. When it does rain, it may be as light rain or the rare summer thunderstorm.

The skies above Alanya in July are typically mostly clear or partly cloudy. Humidity ranges from dry (29%) to humid (79%). Daily wind speeds vary from light air to moderate breeze. Winds typically blow in from the north or northwest, though sometimes from the south.

July is characterised by fairly consistent temperatures, with a slight rise over the course of the month. In the beginning, the average is about 28°C (82°F), with highs of 34°C (93°F) and lows of 23°C (73°F). By that end of the month, highs can reach as much as 36°C (97°F), and averages around 25°C (77°F).

Where to stay

Mitos Apartments is another popular all-inclusive hotel. Here, breakfast choices are not limited to a Turkish menu, there English dishes such as scrambled eggs on toast, bacon and tea. Evening meals are varied as well, with Turkish and Mexican choices in addition to chicken and steak entrees and salads.

The hotel has an internet café and a beautiful pool area with a large area for sunbathing. During the summer months, the air conditioning, not included in the price, is definitely worth the little extra cost. The area hosts a great variety of vacation resources. The beach, for example, is just three minutes away. It has showers and restrooms. Plus food and drinks are available and there are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent too.

Mitos Apartments is close to many of the harbour's clubs and bars. If shopping is more your style, there are many venues to be found in the main part of the city as well as weekly markets. These are all accessible by taxi or bus. From the hotel, tourists can find plenty of excursions. With the harbour nearby, fishing is a popular activity. This is not to mention the countless restaurants and cafés in the area.

Hit the Beach

Keykubat Beach stretches 3 km on the east side of the peninsula. Due to the abundance of bougainvillea plants in the parks, the locals sometimes call this beach Bougainvillea Beach. Visitors can take advantage of the parasols, lounge beds, and cafes that line the sand. If you wish to take a boat trip, inquire at the hotels--some offer hour-long excursions on the Mediterranean.

Eating & Drinking Out

For a truly special restaurant, take your dining partner to Grand Cru Restaurant Wine House (Dim çayı yolu,Tansa arkası beyaz karanfil apt). This is a superb place, with great atmosphere and music, and a variety of dishes from lamb, seafood, and chicken.

Filika Gardenis a wonderful option right on the beachfront. They offer exceptional buffet-style breakfast that is all-you-can-eat. A great value for your lira.

A truly unique nightlife activity is the Black Ice Bar in Antalya. The temperature inside is kept at a freezing cold -8°C (17.6°F). Novelty furniture is made of ice and the music, service and drinks are all excellent. This bar is as much a site to behold as it is a great party atmosphere.

Things to Do

For those who would like to see many of Antalya's famous sites but not spend days travelling to each one individually, MiniCity Antalya is the answer. In about three hours, tourists can see small replicas of most of Turkey's popular attractions. There is a children's play area and several restaurants. Overall, it is an inexpensive way to see many great things.

Cultural events are always popular among visitors to Alanya. Enjoy a Turkish Night with a full program of dances, music, ceremonies while you dine.

For a memorable scuba diving experience, tourists should consider Kas Explorers. Kas Explorers is a professional diving outfitter where tourists can feel secure among the friendly and very well-trained dive instructors who know how to make each dive worthwhile and exciting for beginners as well as experienced divers.

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