flag Alanya, Average Weather September

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    10 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    4 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    11 hours

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September daily averages


September daily averages for Alanya

  • 1st
    29 84
  • 2nd
    29 84
  • 3rd
    29 84
  • 4th
    29 84
  • 5th
    28 82
  • 6th
    28 82
  • 7th
    27 81
  • 8th
    27 81
  • 9th
    27 81
  • 10th
    27 81
  • 11th
    27 81
  • 12th
    27 81
  • 13th
    27 81
  • 14th
    26 79
  • 15th
    26 79
  • 16th
    26 79
  • 17th
    27 81
  • 18th
    26 79
  • 19th
    25 77
  • 20th
    25 77
  • 21st
    25 77
  • 22nd
    25 77
  • 23rd
    24 75
  • 24th
    23 73
  • 25th
    23 73
  • 26th
    23 73
  • 27th
    23 73
  • 28th
    23 73
  • 29th
    24 75
  • 30th
    24 75

Weather Lowdown

In September, summer starts to drift away from AlanyaTurkey and cool lows gradually return. The average temperature is about 25°C (75°F), reaching a high of around 29°C (84°F) and low of 19°C (66°F).

There are about 12 hours of average daily sunshine, and over the month the length of the day decreases by about one hour. The longest day is September 1 with 12:57 hours of sunlight, and the shortest day is 11:50 hours.

The average sea temperature in September is about 27°C (81°F)--so be sure to pack your swimming gear as the water's perfect.

There is very little rainfall in September, with only 4 days with chance of precipitation. The average monthly rainfall measures around 10mm. When it does rain, it may be as light rain or the rare summer thunderstorm.

The skies above Alanya in September are typically mostly clear or partly cloudy. Humidity ranges from comfortable (30%) to humid (81%). Daily wind speeds vary from light air to moderate breeze. Winds typically blow in from the north or northwest, though sometimes from the south.

September is characterised by fairly consistent temperatures, with a drop over the course of the month. In the beginning, the average is about 28°C (82°F), with highs of 34°C (93°F) and lows of 23°C (73°F). By that end of the month, averages are about 26°C (79°F), with highs of 29°C (84°F) and lows of 19°C (66°F).

Where to Stay

The Kleopatra Bebek Hotel is superbly situated near many bars and restaurants suited to meet any tastes and budgets. Located in the centre of Alanya, it's just a stone's throw from the beach. Due to its location, however, visitors who prefer quiet should book a room at the back of the hotel. 

One highly recommended hotel in the area is Zorro's. Guests who are looking for an excellent value, inclusive options and a place to sleep will be extremely happy with their choice. Very close to this hotel, several tour operators have their bases. Boat trips are especially popular, many people taking more than one excursion on the same week-long vacation. A good piece of advice is to book your tour early in your stay so that you have the option of taking another one a few days later with a chance to enjoy the beach in between.

The menu is mostly traditional Turkish food, especially at breakfast. If this is not something that appeals to travellers, there are many other inexpensive dining options in the area. Also close by, there is an aqua park, several shops and, of course, the beach. There is not much traffic in this area, however, it is a heavily travelled pedestrian location. 

Hit the Beach

The average sea temperature is 27°C (79°F). There is no chance of aquatic activities ending any time soon. Tourists will still find many water-related activities to entertain themselves, especially with the harbour nearby. Portakal Beach is to the east of the city centre, and it stretches from Oba Creek to Dim Creek. At its widest point it is 100 metres. Various water activities are still available at this time of year, including kayaking and windsurfing.

Eating & Drinking Out

The Up Hill Lounge is a nice escape from the tourist crowds, located on the sixteenth floor of a hotel. The fare is a bit expensive for Alanya but the view of the golden city below is definitely worth it! The Wine River Restaurant also comes highly recommended. The atmosphere is cosy, with a large TV screen to watch football. Food is decent, served often with cocktails.

Club Ally is the place to go for those who want a loud, exciting party. The outdoor club is comprised of seven bars and a circular dance floor. The nightly laser show only adds to the overall atmosphere of fun. Music is carefully selected from the most popular current pop and hip hop. As if this wasn't enough, there is also a restaurant which provides a sea view and a menu featuring many fresh meat and fresh seafood dishes. 

Things to Do

History buffs are sure to enjoy the Archaeological Museum, home to 15 halls showcasing artefacts from the ancient Phrygians, Lydians, Greeks and Byzantines. Don't miss the iconic bronze sculpture of Herakles from 200 c.e. There is also the Ataturk's House Museum, which opened to the public in 1986 and commemorates Ataturk's visit to Alanya in 1935. It houses several exhibits of his personal belongings, historical documents and photographs.

Another thing that visitors must experience is a visit to the historic sites of Hierapolis and Pamukkale. These sites are typical Turkish examples of both an ancient ruin and a natural attraction that have been impeccably preserved. Previous guests highly recommend two things: first, brush up before you go or bring a guide book with you so that you do not miss any important details. Second, take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bathe in the ancient white pools. 

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