Seoul Weather July Averages, South Korea

    • Temperature Temperature 24°C 75°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 27°C 81°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 20°C 68°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 4 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 395 mm

    Seoul Weather for July 2023

    What's the Weather like in Seoul in July


    July is one of the hottest months in Seoul, sharing the distinction with August.  The monthly average temperature is 24°C.  Daytime averages hit 27°C for the month and nights are much warmer than they are during winter, averaging 20°C.  The record temperature in Seoul in July was 38.4°C.


    July is in the heart of the Asian monsoon season.  Average rainfall totals in Seoul peak during July, and average 395mm during the month.  The chances of precipitation average 50%. 

    Sunshine Hours

    Seoul sees an average 52% chance of overcast or mostly cloudy skies in July.  The length of the days starts to shorten in July, ending the month at 14 hours 7 minutes.  The constant rains mean an average of four hours of sunshine every day.


    July is one of the most humid months in Seoul, with an average relative humidity of 81.3%.  This is the highest humidity of the year.  The high temperatures will make the air feel very uncomfortable to visitors who are not used to it.


    Except for typhoons, July winds in Seoul are fairly light, averaging 3.4 m/s. Winds are equally out of the west, south, and east.

    Dress Code

    You're going to want comfortable clothing if you're visiting Seoul in July, ready to take on the heat and humidity.  But you'll also need to be prepared for massive rains.  Loose-fitting lightweight clothing will be your best bet in the humidity. Be aware that when you're entering some buildings, you may get chilled with the air conditioning, so a light jacket is advisable.  But you'll also want a much heavier jacket capable of withstanding the rains, as well as appropriate footwear. 

    Be mindful that you will have to remove your footwear in certain buildings.  A smart-casual dress style is a safe bet. For a better idea of expected weather, check the Seoul 14-day forecastbefore you start packing. 

    Seoul Hotels in July

    The Classic 500 Residence

    The Classic 500 is a luxury five-star hotel set in an impressive glass high rise in Gwangjin-gu.  The hotel caters especially to business travelers who will find themselves in Seoul for an extended period, but it's also great for large families.  The smaller Deluxe suites have sitting areas next to large windows, spacious bathrooms, superior bedding, and modern décor. Standard suites have separate bedrooms, living rooms, in-room laundry, and fully equipped kitchens.  For dining you'll find an elegant buffet, French wine restaurant & bar, and a casual café.  There is a large fitness club at the Classic 500 with various exercise rooms, spa treatment rooms, and an outdoor pool on the fifth floor.

    Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong

    The Nine Tree Hotel is a modern four-star hotel in Myeongdong, in a neighborhood full of lively restaurants and shopping.  The rooms all feature contemporary furniture, bright décor, flatscreen TVs, and minifridges.  Suites are also available with terraces where you can take in the views of Seoul. There is a very comfortable lounge area on the top floor with panoramic city views, where guests can visit and are encouraged to share travel tips.  Other hotel facilities include a casual restaurant, rooftop bar, and gym. The nearest metro station is only a few minutes' walk and airport shuttles are available for a small fee.

    Centermark Hotel

    Centermark Hotel is a polished four-star business hotel in the center of Seoul.  Ten different types of rooms are available, from small singles to large suites with living rooms and dining areas.  All rooms feature modern, simple furniture, beds with pillowtop mattresses, and sophisticated bathrooms.  You'll find a number of different restaurants at Centermark, including a casual breakfast & lunch buffet, a simple café, a Korean BBQ restaurant, and a fusion Japanese restaurant.  Centermark Hotel also has a large fitness center and business center.  It is less than a five-minute walk from the Jonggak metro station.

    Makers Hotel

    Makers Hotel is a hip, modest hotel perfectly suited for the budget traveler.  This three-star accommodation is located in central Seoul and has earned outstanding reviews across the board.  The urban brick building has single, double, and triple rooms, as well as suites with separate living areas.  All rooms are adorned in a fun mid-20thcentury décor and wood paneling.  Makers Hotel also has a chic café serving a great breakfast buffet, and they often host live music.  Makers Hotel is just three minutes from the nearest metro station.

    Bars and Restaurants


    Seoul is full of buffets, and Aria is one of the top-rated all-you-can-eat buffets in the city.   Aria is in the Westin Chosun hotel and can be considered an upscale buffet with an elegant dining room.  Despite this, it is still a good choice to bring children.  Aria serves an international buffet and has ten live cooking stations where chefs will prepare meals for you on order.  Only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients are used in their dishes.  In addition to the main courses, there is also an expansive dessert spread.  Prices are higher and reflect the quality of the buffet.  Aria is open during the week from 7AM until 10PM and on the weekends from 11:30AM until 9:30PM.


    Hemlagat is an authentic Swedish restaurant in central Seoul.  The fun Swedish atmosphere is just as amazing as their traditional foods.  Some of the home-style Swedish dishes you'll find on the menu include Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, marinated elk with mushroom stew, and grilled pork belly stuffed with plums.  You'll also find a nice selection of Scandinavian beer and a large list of international wines.  Brunches include traditional herring and smoked salmon sandwiches.  Hemlagat is open for lunch from 11:30AM until 2PM and for dinner from 5:30PM until 9:30PM.  They are closed on Sundays.

    Yeonnamseo Sikdang

    Yeonnamseo Sikdang is hidden in a red brick building near Sinchon Station, and if you're not looking for it you might miss it.  This Korean BBQ restaurant is literally standing room only; guests stand around oil drums converted to grills where the meat is cooked.  Guests can also bring in their own outside foods like drinks, rice, and kimchi; the menu really only has meat and some drinks, including beer. Most people just come here for the beef anyways.  The beef is marinated in a flavorful sauce and is also served with a variety of dipping sauces.  The prices can't be beat.  They are open daily from noon until 8PM.

    Korea Beer Exchange

    Beer connoisseurs will need to set aside some time to visit the Korea Beer Exchange, located in the Yeoido district.  This pour house has a bit of an industrial vibe with both bar and table seating.  They serve standard pub food like pizza, fried chicken, and French fries, but they're known for their beer selection.  They have a variety of craft beers available from all over the world. Beers are ordered from iPads on the table and they'll show you everything you want to know about that particular beer.  The dining room is small, so get there early.  Korea Beer Exchange is open Monday through Friday from noon until 2AM and Saturday & Sunday from noon until midnight.

    Things to do in Seoul in July

    Expo Park

    Expo Park is enjoyable during the day, but is one of those landmarks that you have to see at night.  Expo Bridge is brilliantly illuminated in red and blue lights and is one of the most noticeable landmarks in Daejon.  Expo Park is the site of the 1993 World Expo, and the park's facilities commemorate the event.  There are musical fountains, exhibits about the expo's history, a rocket-shaped observation tower, and multiple science exhibits.  Numerous crafts classes are taught throughout the day. Expo Park is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30AM until 5:30PM.

    Sinchon Water Gun Festival

    Seoul can get extremely hot during the summer, and one of the more enjoyable ways to cool off is to participate in the Sinchon Water Gun Festival.  This relatively new event takes place in July in the college neighborhood of Sinchon.  The streets are closed off for two days to accommodate the events.  There's a parade, water gun wedding, and massive water gun fights.  Certain areas are set aside for small children.  The festivals also have themes; 2017's theme was to protect the neighborhood from alien invaders.  Water guns are available for purchase or you can bring your own.

    Seoullo 7017 Skypark

    To address vehicular traffic congestion, Seoul was covered in unsightly concrete overpasses throughout the city during the 1960s & 70s. Most of these overpasses have since been removed, but Seoullo 7017 was preserved and transformed into an aboveground garden walkway.  The walkway is nearly 1km long and contains 24,085 plants representing 228 different species.  The bridge connects numerous neighborhoods and there is more than one way to walk the Skypark.  You'll also find refreshments, souvenirs, and food along the way.  Seoullo 7017 is above Seoul Station.

    Bukhansan National Park

    South Korea's jewel national park is Bukhansan, located just north of Seoul.  This massive park is full of granite towers, thousands of species of flora & fauna, rivers, ancient fortresses, and old Buddhist temples. There are hiking trails for every skill level and length, and one of the most popular is the hike to 832m Bukhansan Mountain.  The round-trip hike takes about 3 hours and can be difficult in places, but the views from the top are worth it.  The park has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest number of visitors per square foot, so you may want to visit during the week.  There are also traditional Korean spas and cafes at the park.

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