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San Sebastian Weather in November, Spain

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What's the Weather like in November in San Sebastian

November experiences the wettest weather in San Sebastian, providing a greater level of average rainfall than any other time of the year. However, thanks to its maritime climate, even when 165mm of rain are expected within the 30 days, there are still plenty of good days in this part of Northern Spain.


Showers and thunder storms are likely throughout this month in San Sebastian so it is worth checking the forecast. But when the rain has stopped, the region still enjoys an average of 11 daily sunshine hours throughout November. And with average highs of 15°C, when the sun comes out it is a beautiful place to be.


Thanks to the higher rainfall, November is also the most humid time to be in San Sebastian. Though humidity levels will start within normal range at the beginning of the month, peak humidity levels can reach as high as 95% at the end of the month, with some years reaching up to 100%. This makes air conditioning, or at least a fan, essential for any modern accommodation. Or many visitors choose to stay closer to the sea where the air is considerably fresher.

Average lows are a very mild 8°C in San Sebastian in November, even in the dead of night. This means the chances of snow during the month are very rare. In 1998 the temperature did fall to -3°C at one point in November, but sub-zero temperatures are not often seen in this part of the world.

Average Sea Temperature

Sea temperatures are still a very inviting 16°C in November, ensuring the many surfers and divers that come to San Sebastian are never deterred as long as they have a wetsuit. And when the weather is dry, it is highly likely that you will see joggers, skate boarders and walkers enjoying the wonderful stretch of La Concha in the sunshine.

Overall average temperatures of 12°C in November are far cooler than the popular resorts of Benidorm and Torremolinos. However the draw of San Sebastian in the winter months is not all just about the warmth.

San Sebastian Hotels in November

Pension Nuevas Artes provides a wonderful combination of Old Town hospitality while still delivering excellent value for money. The thick stone walls that provide the foundation for this gorgeous building, ensure it can easily fend off the November climate. With clean, well decorated rooms, every visitor can feel at home. And though there are no communal areas at this establishment, one room has been specially adapted for disabled visitors to ensure everyone is welcome. Situated in the heart of the old part of San Sebastian, even in November it is still surrounded by many restaurants and bars that are open for business. It's the perfect place for a winter retreat.

Book a room with a sea view at the Hotel Ezeiza and on the clearer days in November you can see for miles. Situated right across the road from Ondarreta Beach, this is the perfect location for families who want to get away from the cold. Every well-equipped room has both air conditioning and heating, to keep up with that maritime climate. And the centre of San Sebastian is just a 20 minute walk away. Come with a car. Hotel Ezeiza offers underground parking for all of its guests. And with special offers for those that travel out of peak season, this is the ideal place for anyone who wants to get away from it all.

For clear views, peaceful surroundings and a true taste of the Spanish countryside while still being close to town, the Agroturismo Maddiola offers a beautiful place to stay. This elegant accommodation is far more than a standard B&B. There are rooved outdoor areas to enjoy the heat even when it is raining. And the sight of a thunderstorm from their sea view rooms is something you will never forget. The warm cosy atmosphere ensures it doesn't matter what the weather is doing outside. And with the central town a short car or bus trip away, you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the main city or sit back in the onsite spa. Agroturismo Maddiola provides you with any type of holiday you choose.

Bars and Restaurants

Though Bar Zeruko is packed with visitors all year round, in November there should always be space to find a seat. Many of the Pintxos tours that take place around San Sebastian will stop here to enjoy their combination of great atmosphere and delicious food. But you can easily stop by on a trip to the old town and enjoy the hospitality for yourself. Prices are reasonable and the staff are always on hand to guide you through the menu. But if you find that Bar Zeruko isn't open when you drop by, just come back later. Opening times may be a little erratic, but this bar is definitely worth the effort.

While getting a table at the Mirador de Ulia can be a challenge, when you have your reservation you are in for a real treat. This exceptionally high quality restaurant offers a depth of flavour and style of food that is utterly divine. If you can't decide what to select from the a la carte options, choose the tasting menu for a range of extraordinary dishes. All are a very good size and come with little extras and added touches that ensure a meal at Mirador de Ulia is one you will never forget. Wash the meal down with a selection from their broad array of top quality wines and champagnes. It's a wonderful way to create a very special memory of San Sebastian.

When you are looking for a great cup of coffee and delicious pastries head on down to Cafe Irubi. Helpful staff and a very warm welcome ensure this is the place to go morning, noon or night. The personalised biscuits are a beautiful take home treat for friends and relatives. While freshly made sandwiches and healthy options are available for those that are watching their weight. But when you see the range of delicious baked goods and speciality cakes on offer at Café Irubi, any diet is going to race out the window. It's the place to indulge and have a little of what you fancy most.

Things to do in San Sebastian in November

When you want to get away from the wet weather, a trip to Donostia Aquarium is not to be missed. The picturesque location on the harbour side means this is a beautiful place to go at any time of the year. But in the cool November days, this makes a fabulous place to visit. The two storey museum provides a combination of historical and live exhibits displaying a genuine skeleton of a Northern Right Whale alongside more than 200 live tropical species. Walk through the underwater tunnel and see the Bull Shark swimming overhead. Or why not book a tour to 'sleep with the fishes'. An overnight stay in the Aquarium is something no visitor will ever forget.

When you want to hit the shops in San Sebastian, La Brexta is the place to be. Situated in the heart of San Sebastian, more than 7 million visitors come here every year to enjoy the combination of shopping, entertainment and restaurants in this Spanish version of a Mall. Everything from high fashion and cosmetics to cinemas and fresh produce are all on offer almost every day of the year. La Brexta is even open until midnight at weekends to ensure you are never without somewhere to shop when the urge takes hold.