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San Sebastian Weather in January, Spain

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What's the Weather like in San Sebastian in January


January is the coldest month of the year in San Sebastian and one of the wettest. Average temperatures of 9°C, still make the weather much milder than it is in most parts of Northern Europe during this month. However, when compared with more southerly parts of Spain, such as the Costa Blanca or Almeria, temperatures are considerably cooler.

Peak day time temperatures of up to 12°C ensure there is some warmth in the air in San Sebastian, even in January. 1999 saw record temperatures of 21°C in the region during the first month of the year. Although historic low temperatures in 1985 saw the night time climate fall as low as -9°C on one occasion.

As a norm, night time temperatures never really fall below 5°C in San Sebastian, ensuring that snow is very rare in this region. But as San Sebastian is located so close to the Pyrenees, there is always the opportunity to see a good covering of powder on the white capped mountains during a stay in January.


Rain is a constant in San Sebastian, whatever the time of the year. However January is usually one of the wetter months of the year. Average precipitation of 160mm makes January second only to November in terms of the volume of rain expected. However, when it comes to the actual number of days that are likely to see rain, January is nearly half way down the table with only 13 days of expected rain. This means, when the rain does fall in January, it is likely to be significant, but it still doesn't last too long.

Average Sea Temperatures

Though San Sebastian is a Spanish coastal resort, sea temperatures averaging 13°C will ensure there are not many tempted into the water at this time of year. And in the month of February the water is likely to get even cooler. It is only then that the water starts to get warmer beginning its ascent to the peak 21°C experienced in the middle of summer.

San Sebastian Hotels in January

Hotel Niza

The quirky style of Hotel Niza makes it the perfect place to stay during January in San Sebastian. Its incredibly well considered location makes it possible to see over the entire bay without leaving the very comfortable rooms it provides. Though there are many steps, this traditional hotel is only a 15 minute walk from the centre of the town and only a few minutes from the beach. The restaurant situated on the first floor is the ideal place to savour some authentic local cuisine. And when you book for a January stay at Hotel Niza, the discounts alone will make you want to come back for more.

Choose a superior room at the Monte Igueldo Hotel for a wonderful base for any trip to San Sebastian. Pay a little extra and your recently renovated rooms can enjoy a beautiful sea view, which offers the perfect setting for any late night drink or early morning coffee. Located just 2km from the central town, thought the outdoor pool is only open during the summer months, it offers the perfect setting to enjoy the warmth of the January day. Enjoy a meal in the onsite restaurant that boasts the same views as many of the rooms. Monte Igueldo offers the ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy your stay.

Hesperia Donosti is traditionally a business hotel, but the warm hospitality and large spacious rooms mean no one should miss out on this little gem. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff at the Hesperia Donosti. And the location of the hotel means it is just as convenient for travelling across Spain and into France as it is for enjoying the sights around San Sebastian. Some form of transport will be required to access the main town, but with buses and taxis readily available, the Hesperia Donosti offers outstanding value to anyone who chooses to stay.

Bars and Restaurants

Taste the food at Gandarias Jatetxea and you may never want to eat anywhere else again. The quality of the steak, seafood and speciality local cuisine is only surpassed by the array of dishes on offer. Even gluten free diets can be accommodated at Gandarias Jatetxea and every meal is just as exceptional as the last. Wash your meal down with a local wine, or choose from their extensive range of international vintages. With friendly staff and a warm and cosy atmosphere, Gandarias Jatetxea is one place you will want to go again and again.

As the name suggests, mussels are the speciality at La Mejillonera, and they definitely do them well. Great value for money and deliciously fresh seafood ensures La Mejillonera is just as popular with the locals as it is with the many visitors that come to their door. And when every meal can be washed down with an oversized beer or a glass of fine wine, you know you are in for a treat. For lunch or for dinner, all year round, just remember to leave your credit card at home. It's cash only at La Mejillonera.

In the peak summer season Bar Aralar is packed out every night. But in the calmer month of January, there should always be room to accommodate a few new guests. Delicious tapas and a good range of local and international drinks ensures Bar Aralar is always popular. And as it is situated in the heart of the old town, make sure you pop in. From early afternoon to late into the night, for a tapas bar with style, Bar Aralar is a great place to go.

Things to do in San Sebastian in January

One of the loudest and most exciting things to do in San Sebastian in January has to be to enjoy the sights and sounds of La Tamborrada. This is one of the most famous annual festivals in San Sebastian and sees drummers from across the country marching through the streets and playing their instruments. Usually held on the 20th January, this festival will start at the Plaza de la Constitution and will be celebrated with special dinners around the city. The festivities will then continue through the night, ensuring everyone can feel the beat of the drum in San Sebastian.

The annual Crafts Fair is also held in San Sebastian in the middle of January offering an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to see how some of the most creative artefacts are created. You can even buy a few of the items to take home with you as souvenirs. Head down to the marquee at Koldo Mitxelena Library and experience the sights for yourself. It's an opportunity to experience a truly cultural side of the region.