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Los Cristianos Weather in November, Spain

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What's the weather like in Los Cristianos in November

Even though most of Europe is starting to experience a colder climate at this time of year, as the winter months approach, Los Cristianos and the rest of Tenerife is surprisingly still relatively warm.


The average low temperature is 65°F (18°C) and the average high temperature is 77°F (25°C), even during November. However, the month of November is characterized by gradually falling daily high temperatures with daily highs decreasing from 27°C to 24°C to 25°C.


During November there is an average of 69mm of precipitation spread across a total of five days on average. Even though the amount of days covered is very little in comparison to the likes of the UK, November is actually one of the wettest months of the year in Los Cristianos.

However, it is very unlikely it will affect your holiday, but it may be best to bring a long a light coat and umbrella just in case. If it were to rain the most common forms of precipitation are drizzle, moderate rain and light rain. The probability of some form of precipitation during this month is only a mere 15%, so there really is nothing to worry about!

Daylight Hours

There is an average of 10 ½ hours of daylight per day in November with around six hours of sunshine per day. As expected at this time of year the length of day is starting to gradually decrease. The shortest day of the month is November 30th with 10:30 hours of daylight, whilst the longest day is November 1st with 11:04 hours of daylight.

Cloud Cover

You also won't have to worry too much about any cloud cover affecting your holiday as the median cloud cover at this time of year is only a partly cloudy 42% with little variation.


During November the relative humidity typically ranges from a mildly humid 50% to a humid 81%, rarely dropping below a comfortable 34% or exceeding 91%. On average, the air is driest around November 23rd, at which time the relative humidity drops below a mildly humid 58%, three days out of four. On the other hand the air is likely to be most humid around November 1st, where humidity levels could rise above a humid 76% three days out of four.


The wind speeds at this time of year are also fairly low. The typical wind speeds usually vary from a light 2 mph to a fresh breeze of 20 mph. It is unlikely for wind speeds to exceed 28 mph at this time of year. The highest average wind speed of 12 mph usually occurs around November 30th, at which time the average daily maximum wind speed is 20 mph. At this time of the year the wind is most likely to come from the east, followed shortly by the northeast.

Average Sea Temperature

Last but not least, the sea temperature is a very comfortable 22°C making it warm enough to go swimming or take part in water sports such as surfing, scuba diving and water skiing. There are plenty of water sport companies in the local area including Playa de las Americas if you are interested. 

Los Cristianos Hotels in November

The Suites at Beverly Hills may be mistaken for something you would find in Los Angeles, however, this set of self-catering apartments are located in the heart of Los Cristianos. All of these spacious apartments feature a TV, private terrace and living area, as well as a fully-equipped kitchenette. The complex also offers an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and children's play area.

Apartamentos Los Alisios is another attractive holiday complex to look out for in Los Cristianos. These three-star apartments are set in landscaped gardens and feature an outdoor swimming pool. This is an ideal holiday destination for both couple and families as all self-catering apartments are very spacious and are in a very convenient location, in the heart of the resort.

On the other hand, if you are looking for somewhere where everything is catered for the four-star Hotel Reveron Plaza may be just what you are looking for. This beautiful hotel is located just 100m away from Los Cristianos Beach and boasts stunning panoramic views over the rest of the resort. Hotel Reveron Plaza also offers a rooftop outdoor swimming pool and the Mirador Plaza Restaurant.

Aguamar is another popular complex located close to the beach of Los Cristianos. This modern apartment building offers room with balconies and features an outdoor swimming pool. There are a wealth of facilities and amenities here including a large sun terrace, table tennis, mini-golf and a children's play area. 

Los Cristianos Beach for November

There are a wide range of beaches to choose from in and outside of Los Cristianos.

Los Cristianos Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the south of Tenerife as it is sheltered by a small harbour making it ideal for families and nervous swimmers, as the waters are generally calm and clear throughout the year. Of course as Los Cristianos is a popular resort there are a number of restaurants, shops, cafes and bars along the promenade.

There are also quite a few spectacular beaches found in the nearby resort of Costa Adeje, including Playa del Camison. This golden sand beach is actually a Blue Flag beach due to its cleanliness and pristine beauty. At this time of year it is relatively quiet as the summer season is over, however, Tenerife is generally visited all year mainly by visitors from Europe as you are guaranteed sunshine practically all year long!

Another option to try is Las Galletas, which is a relatively quiet beach located next to the fishing village of Las Galletas in the south of Tenerife. This beach is popular for scuba diving as the waters are crystal clear, making it the ideal place to spot fish such as garden eels, parrotfish and puffer fish. Perhaps it's not surprise there are a number of delicious seafood restaurants within close proximity such as Casa Mary, which serves the perfect Spanish paella.

Bars and Restaurants

Via Vai is an Italian restaurant and beach bar situated on the beachfront of Los Cristianos. This renowned eatery serves fresh quality Italian coffee, ice cream, salads, pancakes and much more. This is the perfect place to come to on a sunny afternoon to sit back and relax!

The Chill Out restaurant is another eatery which is definitely worth a try whilst staying in Los Cristianos. Recognizable at night due to its large purple neon sign this place serves a variety local favourites and Mediterranean classics. They also serve a delicious array of homemade desserts and mouthwatering cocktails. This restaurant is also highly recommended on Trip Advisor.

On the other hand, if you miss the food from back home you may want to try Oliver's With A Twist, which is one of the most popular restaurants in the whole of Los Cristianos. This restaurant serves up a number of British favourites such as homemade steak pies and fish and chips.

Otelo is located a bit further out compared to the other restaurants in Los Cristianos, but it is definitely worth the trip. This highly popular traditional restaurant is located in Adeje and boasts a large open terrace overlooking the impressive Barranco Del Infierno. If you consider yourself a foodie you should definitely come here as you can try all the local delicacies they have to offer, such as the pollo al ajillo (crispy chicken infused with garlic).

Things to do in Los Cristianos in November

Believe it or not, the sea temperature is still extremely warm at this time of year. Los Cristianos and the surrounding resorts of Las Galletas, Los Gigantes and Puerto de las Cruz offer some of the clearest and warmest waters on the island and are perfect for scuba diving! Tenerife Scuba in Las Galletas offers a number of diving lessons for all abilities. It is highly likely you will see large array of marine life including sea turtles, angel sharks and even diving wrecks.

Tenerife also boasts a vast amount of excellent hiking paths. The best hiking is often found around Teide National Park, the Anaga Mountains and Teno National Park. The ultimate challenge out of them all is reaching the peak of Mount Teide on foot, which is the highest peak out of the whole of Spain.

On the other hand, if you're here with the kids or consider yourself an animal lover you may to go to the Monkey Park, also situated in the resort of Los Cristianos. The Monkey Park is an established breeding centre for endangered animals, which has been open to the public since 1991. You can learn a lot about these beautiful creatures including their eating habits, life cycle and their habitats.

Whilst staying in Los Cristianos you should definitely visit the local harbour on a sunny day. There are plenty of things to see and do here, including watching the various fishing boats sail by or stopping off for an afternoon coffee at one of the bars of cafes dotted along the beachfront.

Dates for the diary

November is the month in which some of the more northern areas, including La OrotavaIcod de Los VinosPuerto de La Cruz and San Juan de La Rambla celebrate the Fiesta de San Andres. This wine festival is worth attending if you are staying in nearby Los Cristianos because it is exciting, unique and steeped in history.

The tradition dates back to when barrels of wine had to be rolled noisily through town to waiting boats in the harbours. Therefore, the celebration begins with the "dragging of the pots" in which children pull tin cans and other small objects through the streets. Then, young men join in, pulling much heavier and louder items, and they have gotten increasingly creative over the years. Next, the fiesta continues with the "dragging of the boards."

Brave citizens ride uncontrollable slides from the city's streets all the way to the harbour, hopefully not injuring themselves in the process. Finally, the day ends with wine tasting and free snacks.

November is also the time of year when many Spanish cultures celebrate the Day of the Dead. While the citizens of Los Cristianos observe this holiday, it is a rather quiet day consisting of visiting the graves of loved ones and making sure the graves are well groomed.