flag Kusadasi, Average Weather November

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    92 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    8 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    6 hours

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November daily averages


November daily averages for Kusadasi

  • 1st
    15 59
  • 2nd
    15 59
  • 3rd
    15 59
  • 4th
    15 59
  • 5th
    15 59
  • 6th
    16 61
  • 7th
    16 61
  • 8th
    15 59
  • 9th
    15 59
  • 10th
    15 59
  • 11th
    16 61
  • 12th
    16 61
  • 13th
    17 63
  • 14th
    15 59
  • 15th
    15 59
  • 16th
    14 57
  • 17th
    15 59
  • 18th
    15 59
  • 19th
    15 59
  • 20th
    15 59
  • 21st
    15 59
  • 22nd
    13 55
  • 23rd
    14 57
  • 24th
    13 55
  • 25th
    14 57
  • 26th
    13 55
  • 27th
    13 55
  • 28th
    13 55
  • 29th
    13 55
  • 30th
    13 55

What's the Weather like in Kusadasi in November 


November continues the drop in temperature initiated at the end of the summer and is the first month to enter the cold season on around the 25th. Chances of precipitation continue to rise and skies begin to become cloudier. The average temperature in November is 14 C (57 F).

November begins with highs and lows on average of 20 C (68 F) and 10 C (50 F) with possible highs of 25 C (77 F) and lows as low as 5 C (41 F). Probability of rainfall during this time begins at 27% chance on the 1st and rises to 31% on the 11th.

As the month progresses the temperature continues to fall with highs and lows on average of 18 C (64.4 F) and 8 C (46.4 F) on the 11th further dropping to 16 C (61 F) and 6 C (43 F) by the 21st. This drop to cold temperatures causes the average sea temperature to drop from the previous month to 20 C (68 F). Probability of rainfall continues its daily climb in mid November coming in at 35% chance on the 21st.

The end of November sees the temperature complete its drop into the official start of the cold season as highs and lows reach 15 C (59 F) and 6 C (43 F) with highest possible highs of 18 C (64.4 F) and lowest possible lows of 1 C (34 F). Probability of rainfall ends its significant climb coming in at 39% on the 30th.


The average amount of rainfall during November is 92 mm divided into 8 days making this month apart of the wetter months throughout the year. The most likely form of precipitation to occur is light rain with a 38% chance of occurring, then thunderstorms with a 35% chance of occurring, and finally moderate rain with a 27% chance of occurring.

Sunshine Hours

Cloud coverage goes through its steepest climb of the year in November starting out the month at 38% (partly cloudy) on the 1st and ending the month at 61% (mostly cloudy) on the 30th. This significant increase makes for mostly cloudy skies especially as the month progresses and causes the average daily hours of sunshine to drop to 8 hours daily which is a one hour drop from the previous month.

Kusadasi Hotels for November 

Efe Boutique Hotel

Efe Boutique Hotel is situated on the coast of Kusadasi near the main harbour and Aegean Sea. Room types include, deluxe and studio suite sizes, which all offer a lovely sea view, balcony, room service, safe box, mini bar, air conditioner, Wi-Fi and TV. The elegant Sir Winston House is a top-quality restaurant with a modern décor, a full size bar, and a patio overlooking the sea. For fun nights onsite, the hotel hires DJs to come in and play all of the latest hits.

Grand Onder Hotel

Located right in front of the main Kusadasi marina is the Grand Onder Hotel, which blends comfort with simplicity and modern amenities to great effect. Rooms come in standard or executive styles and are all equipped with satellite LCD TV, DVD, air conditioning, a phone, mini bar, living room, and three-way shower system. For entertainment you can head to the pool bar for a cocktail, the games room for a spot of billiards or table tennis, or the sauna for a soothing massage and Turkish bath.

Ephesia Holiday Beach Club

Ephesia Holiday Beach Club is a massive resort encompassing restaurants, bars, and comfortable accommodation. Rooms include a balcony, air conditioning, direct telephone, safe box, TV, hair dryer, and a mini bar. Order food to your room from any one of the four a la carte restaurants serving continental cuisine, or dine at the Sunset restaurant, which provides world cuisine in the form of a relaxed open buffet. There's an onsite shopping centre, which includes a jeweller, mini market and boutique services, as well as a lunapark complete with fun rides, a mini football field, mini golf course and a lovely pool complete with water slides.

Pigale Beach Resort

The Pigale Beach Resort is a family friendly resort located on Pigale Beach with numerous facilities such as a pool with a water slide, mini club, mini disco, and a children's playground. The resort's restaurant sorts out all your meals if you're not keen to venture too far off site, there's a handy snack bar too for quick bites. Rooms come equipped with satellite TV, phone, air conditioning, shower, mini bar, and balcony.

Bars and Restaurants 

Erzincan Restaurant

For a memorable dining experience head to Erzincan Restaurant located in Kusadasi's city centre. This restaurant not only has a beautiful setting, it also has helpful and friendly staff. The lamb chops slowly cooked in a clay pot adheres to a traditional way of cooking, and the local custom of cracking the pot for the diner is also encouraged. Other delicious dishes include kabobs (kebabs), which can be rustled together using a variety of different meat and vegetables, chicken curry and Mexican fajitas. Indeed, this popular restaurant serves a wide range of world cuisine including Mexican, Italian, Turkish and Indian.

Konyali Restaurant

Konyali Restaurant is located on the Kusadasi waterfront near the city centre, so it offers a great view of the ocean. The restaurant is bright and spacious with welcoming staff and wallet-friednly prices, too. Although they don't serve alcoholic drinks, you won't mind as delicious authentic Turkish fare such as chicken shish shish and kirimette kasarli pilic (chicken with Kassari cheese baked in the oven) more than make up for it. 

Things to do in Kusadasi in November 

Ephesus Private Tours

Explore ancient and historical sites around Kusadasi with Ephesus Private Tours. This tour company operates daily and is best known for their knowledgeable and flexible tours of Ephesus with full day, half day and wheelchair accessible tours. Other tours include the Ephesus, Miletos, Didyma tour, a tour of Turkey's capital Istanbul, or excursions to Istanbul's shore and the Cappadocia Shore.

Garden Kitchen Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook authentic Turkish cuisine with Garden Kitchen Cooking Classes located in Kusadasi. Blend fresh ingredients and create your own recipes in an inviting garden kitchen complete with modern kitchen appliances. There's a free pick up and drop off service, too.

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