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Cozumel Weather in July, Mexico

Cozumel Averages July


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    10 hours
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    4 days
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    192 mm

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Cozumel Daily Averages July


July 2024
1 Avg 27º 81º
2 Avg 26º 79º
3 Avg 27º 81º
4 Avg 26º 79º
5 Avg 26º 79º
6 Avg 26º 79º
7 Avg 26º 79º
8 Avg 26º 79º
9 Avg 26º 79º
10 Avg 26º 79º
11 Avg 26º 79º
12 Avg 26º 79º
13 Avg 26º 79º
14 Avg 26º 79º
15 Avg 26º 79º
16 Avg 26º 79º
17 Avg 27º 81º
18 Avg 26º 79º
19 Avg 27º 81º
20 Avg 27º 81º
21 Avg 27º 81º
22 Avg 27º 81º
23 Avg 27º 81º
24 Avg 27º 81º
25 Avg 27º 81º
26 Avg 27º 81º
27 Avg 27º 81º
28 Avg 27º 81º
29 Avg 26º 79º
30 Avg 27º 81º
31 Avg 26º 79º
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July Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Cozumel in July

Clearly, July begins to exhibit more symptoms pertaining to the rainy summer season in Cozumel, as the island begins to feel the shift in humidity and clouds.


It is equally hot nonetheless, with average temperatures steady at 27°C (81°F), just like June, and with estimated high and low averages of 31°C and 23°C, respectively, so it never really cools down.

Sunshine Hours

Up to 10 hours of sunshine per day means humidity keeps its unpleasant high limit around 93%, particularly during the nights and more extensively felt towards the end of the month. Its lower end of 63% on average is best felt in the first and second weeks, particularly in daytime. The dew point is an oppressive 23°C-25°C, so air conditioning is absolutely essential if you plan to enjoy your holiday on the island.


Rainfall increases substantially as the season of monsoons comes into full swing. With a volume of up to 192mm and well over as August draws near, chances of rain are moderate at 15% on average, spread over cca 4 days, so you might just miss it. Chances of cloudy days increase to 23% on average. Expect sudden and consistent showers of moderate to heavy rain, alternating with hot sunny flashes as part of your July experience in Cozumel.


Winds are predominantly eastern and southeastern with a gentle smidge of northeastern during the nights, and speeds between 3-6m/s on average. This lack of energy in air motion begins to favor the natural occurrence of monsoon rains soon to come, as chances of windy days drop to 8%.

Sea Temperature

The splendid Caribbean Sea maintains itself at its usual tepid 28°C (82°F), with consistent warm tropical currents flowing from the southern and southeastern parts of the Atlantic Ocean. While you may risk rain in July, the air and water temperatures are still absolutely perfect for all sorts of wonderful marine activities and adventures.

Cozumel Hotels for July

The splendid Hotel Cozumel & Resort has a great deal for July, its double suites going for just £53 per night, for couples, which is not easy to come across from a 4-star complex such as this. It's situated within walking distance of the town center, and it features a spacious pool, a spa and wellness center, and excellent amenities and facilities. You can also book fun activities at its on-site tour desk, if the beach club isn't enough for you. You also have access to the resort's restaurants and night time entertainment, as well as its private pier.

The Hotel Boutique Vista del Mar is a sumptuous beachfront 3-star beauty, its rooms going for just £40 per night. Its design is bold and vibrant in warm colors and smooth lines, and each room features a private balcony with hammocks overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Another wallet-friendly option is the 3-star Hotel Plaza Cozumel, offering a super deal of £35 per night for its double suites in July. You get a breathtaking view of the island, including the town square and the bustling ferry pier, and you're constantly engulfed in an authentic modern Mexican décor, an ensemble of colors which compliments the fine choice of furniture. The hotel also features an outdoor pool, a bar and a restaurant.

If your budget is a tight one, though, you can always book a cute double room at La Casona Real, one of Cozumel's most popular B&B's, for just £13.39 per night. Alternatively, the beautiful, comfortable and very friendly Villa Anna Maria offers privates for £12.34 per night. Both hostels feature easy access to the main town attractions, as well as Wi-Fi.

Cozumel Beaches in July

There isn't a single beach on Cozumel that isn't absolutely stunning, whether it's a natural setting or a man-made extravaganza for both tourists and divers. The Piratas/Varadero beach stretches on the western coast, south of San Miguel. This particular strip of white sand and deep blue water is good for swimming and beach diving, but not as good for snorkeling, due to its soft sandy seabed. Further along the same coast you will find the beautiful Playa Sunset, complete with a wonderful bar and restaurant. Playa is one of the more popular beaches because of its excellent diving and snorkeling conditions, as it's based on pure rocky limestone skirted by splendid coral reefs in deep clear waters.

You can also gain access off road - via tour only - to one of the more reclusive beaches on the east coast of Cozumel one fine example is Playa Bonita Norte, one of the most beautiful slices of Caribbean heaven, its pearly sand and ultramarine water subject to many memorable photographs. Swimming and diving are not allowed, but if you wish to simply bask in the sun and splash around the shore, then this is the perfect place for you.

Bars and Restaurants

For authentic Mexican dishes that you'll remember forever, try El Moro. They serve lunch and dinner, and they also host afterhours sessions. Best known for their slightly Americanized Mexican cuisine meant to cater to tourists, El Moro is a family run business which takes pride in its love for good food. El Billy Asados al Carbon is where you want to go for the best grilled meats on the entire island; they serve dinner and lunch, and they are best known for their juicy, smoky and tangy poc-chuc, a Yucatan style roast pork, as well as their chorizo variety and tortillas. And the sauces are just out of this world.

For another authentic Mexican culinary experience you need to try the Kinta Mexican Bistro, where they serve lunch, dinner and also organize after-hours sessions. Kinta serves delicious vegetarian dishes, such as stuffed peppers, along with tacos and bread pudding for breakfast. They're very well-known and appreciated for the high quality of their fresh fish and seafood we're told that their Mahi Mahi is cooked to perfection And they serve Mojitos. What more could you possibly ask for?

For a fun and tasty evening night out, we also recommend Mosaicoz, near Casa Denis, with cheap beers and complimentary chips and salsa. They also serve salads and great pizzas. Did we mention cheap beers? $1 a bottle. Yes. For a more sophisticated experience, head down to the No Name Bar, inside Barracuda Hotel; the entry is free and the bar has access to the hotel pool and beach. The service is great, and you can relax over a slew of cocktails, shake a leg or even just sit back, watch the boats sail by or play backgammon.

Now moving on to the real FUN, we need  to tell you about Senor Frogs, a 100% Mexican bar, nightclub and restaurant, with a ton of personality and humor; the drinks, the live music, the funny activities and shows, the proactive and interactive vibe set by both staff and customers are just amazing and worth spending an evening there. You also have access to a Tex-Mex and a quirky souvenir store, to complete the experience altogether.

Things to do in Cozumel in July

Don't let the heavy onsets of rain put you off the fun side of this beautiful island. One of the things you must definitely try, especially if you're new at marine activities, is the Dive & Drive Cozumel Adventure, for just £73 per person. This is an excellent opportunity to learn scuba diving with a certified professional diver, and it's also complete with a drive around tour in a Volkswagen Beetle. You get free access to the Mayan Village and the popular Tequila Museum, and you also get an authentic Mexican lunch and a chance to do some shopping in Cozumel Downtown.

One way of getting the very best out of Cozumel is by booking yourself into the 15-day Mayan Discovery Tour. For prices starting from £999, inclusive of numerous freebies, facilities and amenities, you can go on a full exploration tour of the island, starting from ancient ruins peeking out of verdant jungle crowns, to bustling colonial streets and buildings, as well as white sand beaches and incredibly beautiful coral reefs. Among the best of the best featured in this tour are the cenotes of Cuzamá, the jungle of Chiapas, the breathtaking Misol-Ha waterfall, the ruins of Yaxchilán and Bonampak, or the Tikal archaeological site. The tour also includes plenty of snorkeling and scuba diving, so rest assured that it is worth every single penny.

While in Cozumel, you most certainly have to visit the Museo de la Isla de Cozumel, a fantastic insight into the endemic flora and fauna. This cluster of fascinating exhibits give you a clearer picture of the island and its natural riches, its geology, geography and ancient Mayan history, along with some very useful information regarding the Mesoamerican Coral Reef which you will need prior to diving.

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