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Corsica Weather in July, France


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Corsica Averages July

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    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    High Temperature

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    Sunshine Hours

    12 hours
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    Rainfall Days

    23 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    11 mm

Corsica Daily Averages July

July 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg 23º 73º
2 Avg 23º 73º
3 Avg 23º 73º
4 Avg 23º 73º
5 Avg 24º 75º
6 Avg 24º 75º
7 Avg 24º 75º
8 Avg 24º 75º
9 Avg 24º 75º
10 Avg 24º 75º
11 Avg 24º 75º
12 Avg 24º 75º
13 Avg 24º 75º
14 Avg 24º 75º
15 Avg 24º 75º
16 Avg 23º 73º
17 Avg 24º 75º
18 Avg 24º 75º
19 Avg 24º 75º
20 Avg 24º 75º
21 Avg 24º 75º
22 Avg 25º 77º
23 Avg 25º 77º
24 Avg 25º 77º
25 Avg 24º 75º
26 Avg 24º 75º
27 Avg 24º 75º
28 Avg 25º 77º
29 Avg 24º 75º
30 Avg 23º 73º
31 Avg 24º 75º
Avg Historical Daily Average

July Weather Averages

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What's The Weather Like In Corsica In July?

Corsica is a French island located in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the coast of Italy. The island has become an extremely popular holiday destination, especially in the summer, thanks to its combination of beautiful landscape and pleasant Mediterranean weather.

Is It Good To Visit Corsica In July?

If you're looking for perfect summer weather and don't mind the crowds that come with it, July is an ideal time to visit Corsica. While you're almost guaranteed great weather, you can check the weather forecast to get up to date information before your visit.

How Hot Is Corsica In July?

The weather in Corsica continues to be gorgeous during July which makes it easy to enjoy all the outdoor activities offered on the island. Temperatures have reached their peak and, along with August, are the hottest of the year.

The average temperature is a lovely 22°C while highs will reach up to 27°C which will feel rather warm. Luckily, sea breezes will cool the majority of the towns located by the coast. Temperatures drop on a night but still remain pleasant in July, with lows of 16°C which is perfect for walking around on an evening.

How Warm Is The Sea In Corsica In July?

Because it is mid-summer, swimming and water sports are a must for many tourists visiting the coastal towns of Corsica. The sea is lovely and warm at this time of year, with an average sea temperature of 23°C.

Sunshine Hours In Corsica

While Corsica is sunny all year round, July is the sunniest month of the year and a great time to visit if you want to get a tan. There's an average of 12 hours of sunshine every day so days are long and bright.

Does It Rain In Corsica In July?

It's also the driest time to visit Corsica, with only a very small chance of rain. There's only 11mm of rainfall which approximately taking up just a total of one day during the entire month.

Hotels for Corsica in July

If you're visiting Corsica in July, you'll need a place to stay. The good news is that the island has a wide range of accommodation options and caters to everyone, from families on a budget to couples looking for a luxurious hotel experience.

Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa

Located by the ocean in Lecci, Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa offers a relaxing retreat for sun worshippers. The hotel has its own private beach just 100 yards away where guests can sunbathe or enjoy canoeing, sailing or surfing. Meanwhile, the hotel features an indoor swimming pool, a spa and sauna and a highly rated restaurant serving local cuisine. Rooms are stylish, spacious and well-equipped.

A Cheda Hotel

A Cheda Hotel is situated in the town of Bonifacio and is surrounded by lush green gardens that create a beautiful setting for your holiday. The four-star hotel has a traditional Corsican feel with unique décor, exposed wooden beams and stone walls while outside there's a chic terrace area and an outdoor pool where you can cool down in the July heat.

Hotel La Villa

For a truly luxurious stay, look no further than Hotel La Villa. Located just a 5 minute drive from the centre of Calvi, this five star hotel offers everything you need for a memorable holiday, from the elegant décor to the stunning infinity pool overlooking the sea. Other first class facilities include a fitness centre and spa and an on-site gastronomic restaurant serving traditional Corsican cuisine.

Beaches for July for Corsica

With long and sunny days and sea temperatures of 23°C, there's nothing better to do in July than spend the day on one of the island's beautiful beaches. With over 1000km of coastline, there's over 200 beaches to choose from.

Bravone Beach

One of the best-rated is Bravone Beach which is located on the eastern coast, close to the commune of Linguizzetta. Here, you'll find over 2km of wonderful white sand and clear blue ocean backed by a line of cliffs. The sea here is shallow, making it a great choice for families with kids who love to paddle. It's also a popular choice with sunbathers who want to soak up the rays.

Restaurants and Bars for Corsica in July

Corsica is a food lover's paradise. The island is renowned for its amazing dining scene that's influenced by French and Italian cooking and can be found in restaurants, bars and cafés all over the island.

Auberge San Ghjuvani

If you want a true taste of Corsica, look no further than Auberge San Ghjuvani. Frequented by both locals and tourists, this family-ran restaurant is situated just outside of Propriano and overlooks the mountains. The menu features traditional Corsican style dishes such as the wild boar which comes highly recommended.

La Petite Maison de Vardiola

Holiday makers staying in or visiting Porto-Vecchio will find a wonderful dining experience at La Petite Maison de Vardiola. The restaurant occupies one of the most stunning locations you're likely to come across on the island, with a terrace that offers uninterrupted views over the mountains and down to the town below. The food is rustic and authentically Corsican while children are also well catered for, making it a great choice for families.

Le Bar de la Tour

Last but not least, those looking for a great night out in Corsica should head to Le Bar de la Tour in Calvi. Typical of Corsica's nightlife, this bar is fun but not tacky, with a range of delicious cocktails and tapas dishes which can be enjoyed inside the bar or outside on the terrace. A perfect place for after-dinner drinks at the end of an evening.

Things to Do in Corsica in July

Estivoce Festival

July holds many activities in Corsica that visitors can enjoy including one of the most well-known of its kind, the Estivoce festival. This is somewhat of a continuation and culmination of the several similar smaller celebrations that occur during June. The Estivoce festival, which celebrates Corsican culture and in particular music, consists mainly of a series of outdoor concerts that take advantages of the beautiful summer weather.

International Marine Reserve

July is the perfect time of the year to get out and about and explore the nature of Corsica. One of the most stunning natural sights include the International Marine Reserve at the Lavezzi islands. The Lavezzi Islands are a group of small granite islands and reefs located in the Strait of Bonifacio. Here, holiday makers can witness the underwater world of Corsica's animal and plant life with a day of scuba diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear ocean. Group boat trips are available for anyone over the age of 8 and booking is essential.

Corsica Events July


14 Jul 2024
15 Jul 2024

Festa di u legnu e di a Furesta 🌲

The Wood and Forest Fair is a small festival held at Vezzani every year. The fair is held right in the heart of a flourishing forest and promotes awareness of the local forestry industry as well as environmental sustainability. The event also includes demonstrations and lumberjack contests. local craftsmen will also display their handmade crafts, which will often be available for purchase. The date for this event tends to vary every year so make sure to look out for posters or check online if you are really interested in this event.