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Corsica Weather in December, France

Corsica Averages December


  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    High Temperature

  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    Low Temperature

  • What are Average Daily Sunshine Hours?
    Total sunshine hours for the month, divided by the number of days in the month. Sunshine hours are taken with a sunshine recorder, either a Campbell-Stokes recorder or an Eppley Pyreheliometer

    Sunshine Hours

    4 hours
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years

    Rainfall Days

    15 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years


    76 mm

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Corsica Daily Averages December

December 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg 11º 52º
2 Avg 12º 54º
3 Avg 11º 52º
4 Avg 12º 54º
5 Avg 11º 52º
6 Avg 11º 52º
7 Avg 10º 50º
8 Avg 11º 52º
9 Avg 48º
10 Avg 10º 50º
11 Avg 10º 50º
12 Avg 10º 50º
13 Avg 10º 50º
14 Avg 11º 52º
15 Avg 12º 54º
16 Avg 11º 52º
17 Avg 10º 50º
18 Avg 48º
19 Avg 10º 50º
20 Avg 10º 50º
21 Avg 10º 50º
22 Avg 11º 52º
23 Avg 11º 52º
24 Avg 11º 52º
25 Avg 12º 54º
26 Avg 10º 50º
27 Avg 11º 52º
28 Avg 11º 52º
29 Avg 48º
30 Avg 48º
31 Avg 48º
Avg Historical Daily Average

December Weather Averages

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What's The Weather Like In Corsica In December?

December marks the arrival of winter on the island. Though many people avoid visiting Corsica in December, the island still has lots to offer at this time of the year as long as you pack according to the weather forecasts, you can enjoy a great holiday here.

What's Christmas Like In Corsica?

Corsica is one of the sunniest regions of France and despite being in the depths of winter, there is still some sunshine around at Christmas. On average, there are four sunny hours every day on the island at this time of year. 

In 2019 Christmas day was 11°C and sunny. In 2018 it was 8°C and sunny. But late December can still reach average highs of 13°C.

Is It Hot In Corsica In December?

Average temperatures for this time of year are a cool 9°C though they vary throughout the day. Highs peak at 13°C at the warmest part of the day but can drop to chilly lows of just 4°C at night, so layers will be needed for heading out on an evening.

How Warm Is The Sea In Corsica In December?

The average sea temperatures have also cooled considerably to just 16°C, so it would not be advisable to swim in the sea during winter in Corsica.

Is It Rainy In Corsica In December?

Rainfall levels are quite high in December with around 76mm of precipitation. Rain is expected on about 13 days out of the month, so there will still be plenty of dry days for tourists to enjoy.

Hotels for Corsica in December

Tourists are well catered for in Corsica, and even in the off-peak winter season, you'll be able to find accommodation to suit your needs.

Hotel Port Toga

Hotel Port Toga is a modern and new hotel located in the centre of Bastia just a short walk from the port and the old town. If you like clean and contemporary style, you'll love the rooms which are bright, stylish and well-equipped with flat screen TVs and private bathrooms. With a choice of double rooms, triple rooms and suites, the hotel is ideal for everyone from couples to families.

Hotel Tettola

Those visiting the north of the island will find casual and affordable accommodation at the Hotel Tettola. Situated on the beach in the small town of Saint Florent, this hotel is perfect for a relaxing holiday, with a pretty garden area and an on-site bar. Breakfast is served every morning and can be enjoyed in the dining room or on your terrace overlooking the sea or the mountains.

Langley Resort Napoleon Bonaparte

Highly recommended by travelers, the Langley Resort Napoleon Bonaparte offers a unique place to stay in L'le-Rousse. The hotel is set in gardens and housed inside an impressive building that dates back to the 19th century, but has a bright and modern feel inside. Ideal for those travelling with children, facilities include a kid's club and restaurant on site.

Restaurants and Bars for Corsica in December

December is one of the quietest months on the island, but many of the restaurants, cafés and bars remain open for holiday makers to enjoy.

U Casanu

U Casanu is a small but popular restaurant located in Calvi that's definitely worth a visit. With a quaint and charming setting, the restaurant serves delicious French and Corsican cuisine that's homemade with fresh, local produce the octopus comes highly recommended. Because of its small size, booking ahead is essential.

Lan'K Restaurant

Tourists visiting Bonifacio can enjoy a true taste of Corsican cuisine at Lan'K Restaurant. Sitting in the centre of the old town, this traditional establishment offers a warm and cosy welcome to all, from couples to families. The set menu is a great value option and includes a range of authentic dishes and local wines for an affordable price.

Da Passano

Last but not least, Da Passano is another must-try in the town of Bonifacio. Offering something a little different from the abundance of traditional eateries, Da Passano is a modern delicatessen-style restaurant and wine bar serving a range of fusion food and tasty tapas dishes. With a relaxed feel, this is a perfect place to spend an evening with family and friends.

Things to Do in Corsica in December

Musee Fesch

Don't let lower temperatures discourage you from taking a trip to Corsica in December. This is a perfect time of year to visit some of the island's indoor attractions and cultural sites such as the city museums. Arguably the most well-known museum on the island, Musée Fesch (also known as Palais Fesch-musée des beaux-arts), is located in Ajaccio and houses the largest collection of paintings in France besides the Louvre.


December is also a perfect time for shopping in Corsica. If you still have some last minute gifts to pick up before Christmas, head to the island's towns including Porto Vecchio, Calvi and Bonifacio where you can buy a selection of unique souvenirs and local items, from leather goods to glass and pottery. For high-end French and Italian boutiques, Ajaccio is the place to be.

Corsica Holiday Reviews

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