The kids are on holiday and the Easter bank holidays mean you get some time off work; whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday, or simply a time away from the desk with an excuse to over indulge in chocolate, Easter is a popular time of year to get away and enjoy a holiday abroad.

There are several reasons to vacation during Easter and the season leading up to it. First, spring provides beautiful weather in many locations, which are not yet crowded with tourists. In other words- it’s a great time to explore an area without the hassle of the tourist crowds. And let’s face it, the UK may be slow warming up, but it’s only a short flight away to springtime sun. Finally, the Easter ceremonies and celebrations themselves are a sight to behold.

The Easter holidays consist of days’ worth of public mass services, solemn processions and festive celebrations and feasts. Naturally, areas of the world with a strong Christian influence will be the most festive and, therefore, the best places to visit during Holy Week, or even earlier, during Carnival- a huge celebration in cities large and small.

Greece is an especially beautiful city during Easter. The rural areas’ wildflowers are in full bloom, while the large, popular tourist cities such as Athens are quieter, meaning you can enjoy exploring the popular tourist sites without facing crowds and queues. The city’s traditional Easter ceremony, requiring all attendees to carry a single holy flame home, spreading light and warmth through the dark city streets, is a sight that must be seen to be appreciated.

Easter is considered the prime time of the year to visit many locations across the world, thanks to the combination of fantastic spring weather and holiday celebrations. The Canary Islands, since they are of Spanish heritage, celebrate Easter in style. The city of Los Cristianos on the island of Tenerife shows a special reverence for the holiday, as does the island of Lanzarote. However, the biggest Carnival and Easter celebrations can be found on the island of Gran Canaria, with its larger-than-life pre-Easter festivities.

Islands tend to have a richer, more vibrant culture than their mainland counterparts. Therefore, the celebrations there, whether sombre or exhilarating, will be more intense in every respect. The US Virgin Islands have huge Easter celebrations. Places such as St. Thomas are exciting, spiritual places to be at this time of year. Also, the Caribbean Islands, such as St. Lucia, can be excellent Easter destinations as well, not only for the festivities, but for the wonderful weather. On the Spanish mainland, the region of Murcia has Easter celebrations of all sizes. Majorca is another Spanish island where Holy Week is celebrated with grandiose style.

There are other surprising areas that are excellent holiday choices this time of year. Places that are typically known for their summertime benefits can also be excellent spring getaways as well. In Portugal, the entire Algarve region has Easter celebrations not to be missed by tourists. Some French cities, including Corsica and Calais, fall into this category as well, as does Carcassonne– especially the Old City area. Many cities in Italy have wonderful celebrations also.


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