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Bahia Feliz Weather in July, Canary Islands

Bahia Feliz Averages July


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Bahia Feliz Daily Averages July


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July Weather Averages

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Bahia Feliz is an excellent choice of resort in July for reliably dry, sunny and moderately hot weather, but without the extreme heat associated with much of the Spanish and North African mainland. Unlike other summer destinations, visitors can expect Bahia Feliz to remain relatively comfortable, even at the height of afternoon. A refreshing sea breeze accompanies the warm sunshine, for nearly perfect summer days.

July is the hottest month in Bahia Feliz. The temperatures, heavily moderated by the seas that surround Bahia Feliz, reach an average of 26°C (79°F) by day, and fall to an average of 19°C (66°F) overnight. These warm temperatures make outdoor activities attractive by both day and night.

During the day, visitors can anticipate unwavering temperatures, as the average high temperature is the same as the daily average at 26°C (79°F). These consistent summer temperatures make planning and packing easy, no matter how long visitors plan to stay in Bahia Feliz. The average low temperature is 19°C (66°F), which creates pleasant mornings at an outdoor café or breakfast spot.

The sea temperatures are likewise warm at an average of 21°C (70°F), which is the same as the previous month of June and slightly lower than in upcoming August. The water current in Bahia Feliz make it dangerous for children to swim, however nearby resorts have calmer waters and similar warm temperatures for sun soaked days of swimming.

An average July in Bahia Feliz is completely free from rainfall. The average July only has 1 wet day throughout the entire month, and the historical average precipitation is 0 mm.

The month of July has the longest days of the year in Bahia Feliz. Sunshine is reliably plentiful and there are, on average, 12 hours per day with bright sunshine. It is heaven on earth for those visitors wanting long days on the beach and plenty of time outdoors.

Where to Stay

The clear mornings of July are a wonderful time to sit and enjoy the ocean views from Hotel Dunas Don Gregory. This 4-star hotel overlooks Bahia del Ingles, and nearly every room offers a view of the water. However, why simply see the ocean when you can enjoy it only a few steps away. Dunas Don Gregory has direct access to the beach at San Agustin, and guests can reach the sand dunes and promenade through the beach as well. On-site dining options and a hotel pool, makes this a fantastic place to beat the heat all summer long.

Located on the outskirts of Bahia Feliz, the Monte Feliz Apartmentos are a great option for couples, families or friends gathering for holiday in this small town. There are 200 rooms at this hotel, which feels much more like a resort, and most offer views of the bay and out to the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the sights and beaches of Bahia Feliz are less than 10 minutes from the grounds of Monte Feliz Apartmentos. But there is hardly a reason to leave, as the complex includes a sun lounge, tennis courts, restaurant and conference room, not to mention the facilities and equipment for a number of activities such as boating, beach volleyball and mountain biking.

If you are seeking an exclusive atmosphere and the high-quality service that comes with such a hotel, then look no further than the Hotel Bluebay Beach Club. Located less than a half-hour's drive from Bahia Feliz, the Hotel Bluebay Beach Club is located between Playa del Ingles and Maspolamos. This location between the two towns allows the resort to offer a personal and private guest experience. The 158 guest rooms are arranged around the hotel's gorgeous swimming pool and quiet beachfront.

What to Do

The quiet resort of Bahia Feliz is best known for days spent on the beach and al fresco dinning at small cafes, however the nearby towns of Playa del Ingles, San Agustin and the larger Maspalomas offer many different activities, for those visitors who are tired of days spent on the sand. The summer heat entices many visitors to seek cool breezes and refreshing swims out on the ocean. Younger visitors to Bahia Feliz may be interested in the very popular MTV Boat Party Gran Canaria. On Tuesdays and Fridays all year long, the MTV Boat Party Gran Canaria departs from the port in Maspalomas for some hedonism on the high seas. It is an all-inclusive party boat that also includes lunch, a dance floor and sun lounge. The MTV Boat Party Gran Canaria cruises through the Atlantic with a stop at Amadores beach for swimming and other water activities.

Visitors to Bahia Feliz can charter a very different kind of boat through Karolka Yacht Charter. Karolka Yacht Charter offers day-long sailing trips that depart from Puerto de Mogan, about 30 minutes driving from Bahia Feliz. The company tries to charter the entire trip by sails alone, and their experienced sailors provide guests with a great day on the water. Located in Maspalomas, Lineas Blue Bird also offers day-trips on different water vessels. One of the more unique options includes a day on a glass bottom boat, for a whole new perspective under the sea.

Hit the Beach

Located approximately 25 minutes from Bahia Feliz, the golden beach of Playa de Amadores is worth the short drive. The beach is located just north of the town of Puerto Rico and its well-known fishing port. The sand at Playa de Amadores stretches across a wide bay, which offers protection from the wind and waves of the open Atlantic Ocean. The locals and authorities want to preserve a quiet, family atmosphere at this beach, and therefore, loud music and certain beach games are not allowed. However, the benefits are obvious as a day spent on Playa de Amadores is relaxing and serene.

Where to Eat & Drink

The summer high season of July and August sees an influx of younger visitors to Bahia Feliz and the surrounding resorts. The nightlife of nearby Playa del Ingles also kicks into high gear throughout July and August, with the cafes and cocktail bars in the Yumbo Centre being busy all night. However, some visitors to Bahia Feliz may be in search of a different nightlife experience than simply sipping drinks. Luckily, the show bars near Bahia Feliz are a fun and festive alternative.

Sparkles Show Bar, located in the Yumbo Centre in Playa del Ingles, is open every night from 8:00 PM until late and has themed nights several times each week. There is karaoke before and after the performances, and at least 1 performance nightly. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, Sparkles Show Bar has a second show by the Sensations, a dance troupe, in addition to its regular variety show performance. Ricky's Cabaret Bar, also located in the Yumbo Centre, has been putting on 2 shows a night for delighted guests since 2002. It is an establishment of fantastic entertainment in southern Gran Canaria, and of course gay friendly.

Much of the nightlife in Playa del Ingles is gay friendly. Gay or not, a big night out at Coco Loco in the Yumbo Center (perhaps after a few drinks at one of the show bars above) is a great time. The vibe is so welcoming and fun that every customer leaves with a few laughs and hopefully a few stories.