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Split Weather in October, Croatia

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October, 2024

1 Avg 19º 66º
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3 Avg 19º 66º
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13 Avg 18º 64º
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17 Avg 16º 61º
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20 Avg 15º 59º
21 Avg 16º 61º
22 Avg 17º 63º
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24 Avg 16º 61º
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What's The Weather Like In Split In October


October brings slightly gloomier skies and the promise of some rain, signalling the full onset of the coastal autumn. The average temperature drops down to 17° Celsius (62° Fahrenheit), a surprising shift from the still warm and friendly September.

The highest recorded temperature for this month is 21° Celsius, and that often occurs in the first week, after which it gradually begins to drop down to the aforementioned average. Towards the end of the third week and well throughout the fourth, the lowest temperatures reach a chillier 12° Celsius, especially during the night as November gets closer.

Sunshine Hours

Chances of sunny days drop to 39% but there are still 8 hours of sunshine per day.


Unfortunately rainfall grows in volume, reaching 87mm over the course of up to 7 days of rain in October, with 30% chances of rain, although there are still many dry days.

Cloud / Winds

Chances of cloudy days increase to 16%, with 2-17mph wind speed, which may be categorized as a light to moderate breeze. The possibility of getting full-on windy days remains steady at 7%, which helps maintain the impression of a mild and moderate climate here in Split even during autumn and winter days.

The barometric pressure pushes back up to 30.11Hg, on some occasions going up to 30.51Hg, which encourages humidity to settle in for the upcoming winter.

Sea Temperature

The Adriatic Sea drops its temperature by a drastic 3 degrees, keeping itself steady at an average of 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) - no longer good for bathing but might still be worth dipping your toes in on one of the few sunny days of October. By November, the winter currents will begin to flow and chill the waters even more. 

Split Hotels In October


Surprisingly, October gets incredibly packed in hostels all over Split. In fact, by the time you'll be reading this, spaces at most of them will have gone. However don't lose hope! The fabulous Tchaikovsky Hostel still has plenty of spaces to offer from just £17 per night, as well as the equally pleasant Hostel Sweet Dreams, both including free high speed Wi-Fi.

Procurator 7 Luxury Rooms / Boban Luxury Suites

If the holiday budget is not your concern, then you can easily splurge with off peak prices at the Procurator 7 Luxury Rooms for £123 per night, or the wonderful Boban Luxury Suites at just £70 per night.

Palace Suites / Hotel Marul

Double rooms for couples go for £101 per night at the Palace Suites and the Hotel Marul offers a great deal for this period, for just £87 per night. Continental breakfast and quality services are included. 

Split Beaches For October

You can still spend your sunny days out by the sea, if not for the tan or swimming, then definitely for a scrumptious picnic, dipping your toes in the foamy waves and the breath-taking seascapes.


Bacvice remains the favourite city beach, very central and within five minutes' walk from the Palace. It's well known for its fine sand and shallow entry. You should definitely try a picnic on Trstenik beach, a more intimate setting laid out on pebbles and gravel, with crystalline blue waters and fully stocked beach bars.


If you're looking for something even more secluded, and the smooth sands of Firule don't cut it for you, then venture out to Bene, on the western bank of the Marjan Park Forest. It's flanked by tall pine trees and it even has tennis courts, changing facilities and a couple of good beach bars. It's one of the hidden gems of Split for sure.

Bars And Restaurants

Fro / Creme de la Creme

Fro and Creme de la Creme open early and offer great coffee and freshly baked pastries. Alternatively, if you want to skip the service charge, Bobis and Babic are some of Split's best bakeries, strategically settled across the city for your convenience.

Nostromo /Apetit

Authentic Dalmatian food is served not only in classic restaurants such as Nostromo and Apetit, two of Split's top restaurants, but also at low budget buffets such as Buffet Fife and Dioklecjan, also known as Tri Volta. If you're into more avant-garde cuisine, then the award winning Paradigma is the place to go to. Their wine list is also pretty impressive. Split is now a well-recognized culinary centre of Croatia, so chances of getting it wrong with the food here are quite minimal.


Where the nightlife is concerned, three or four spots immediately come to mind for the chilly October weekends. O Hara has numerous events and live music performances, so it will be pretty packed, especially in the first and second week of the month. Alternatively, the Tropic still holds its weekend parties in full swing, or you can enjoy a cheap cocktail at the Gaga or listen to some smooth Jazz music at the Ghetto, two of Split's most central and popular venues.

Things To Do In Split In October

Archaeological Museum / Town Museum

October isn't very eventful in terms of festivals and gatherings, but given the drop in temperatures and increase in rainfall you're most likely to enjoy a tour of the local museums. Start by visiting the Archaeological Museum and the Town Museum, both offering impressive collections of cultural significance to the local population and overall Croatians. As you probably know, Split developed from what initially used to be the Roman Emperor Diocletian's residential Palace, so you must definitely explore the entire area, as its part of the UNESCO Heritage list and wonderful sight to behold, complete with hotels, bars and museums incorporated into its magnificent structure.

Hiking / Trekking

You should definitely try a hiking/trekking adventure on the outskirts of Split (don't forget the map!). Ideally, you must explore the Marjan seafront, starting from the beautiful Riva promenade, taking you through idyllic regions along the coast, all the way up into the south-western part of Split's bustling harbour.

The Cathedral of St. Domnius

Finally, don't forget to visit The Cathedral of St. Domnius, Split's revered patron saint; the tour includes free access to the Temple of Jupiter, another historical gem of this increasingly popular city.