Split Weather May Averages, Croatia

    • Temperature Temperature 18°C 64°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 22°C 72°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 13°C 55°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 19°C 66°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 18°C 64°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 12 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 62 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 8 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 18°C 64°F

    Split Weather for May 2021

    What's The Weather Like In Split In May 

    May is one of the most beautiful months in Croatia. It is not only significantly warmer and brighter, but it is also a stunning visual spectacle due to the natural abundance of spring flowers and ample blue skies.


    The average temperaturebriskly jumps up to 18° Celsius (64° Fahrenheit), and the Dalmatian coastline jolts back to life in anticipation of the summer just around the corner. The lowest temperature is a gentle 13° Celsius, while the peak is known to go well over 22° Celsius towards the end of the month.

    Sunshine Hours

    The sun is out for much longer, with up to 12 glorious hours of sunshine, and a whopping 60% chance of sunny days. The sleeves get shorter, the sunglasses come out and the winter coats are left behind because this is where the Splicani summer begins.


    Split still gets up to 8 days of rain, measured at an absolute maximum of 62mm, but given the increasing temperatures against the generally high degree of humidity due to the coastal environment, rest assured rain in May simply comes and goes quickly under the form of sporadic showers and maybe an occasional cloud blanket. Chances of rain actually drop down to 30%, and cloudy days are left at a mere 8%. That being said, Split belongs to the sun now.

    Sea Temperature

    The gorgeous and deep blue sea chimes in, raising its temperatureto 18° Celsius (64° Fahrenheit), rattled by warm currents from the southern regions.

    The barometric pressure hikes up to an average of 30.09Hg, with a top limit of 30.38Hg - this means excellent conditions to spend time outside, particularly by the sea, catching that early tan. With barely a 5% chance of rain, there really isn't much of a reason to not go out and explore not only Split, but also its picturesque surroundings.           

    Split Hotels In May

    Radisson Blu Resort

    The end of spring sees a lot more people flowing into the Dalmatian coast, so we recommend booking in advance if you're after quality accommodation at the Radisson Blu Resort or the Jupiter Luxury Hotel. Both are highly sought after for the month of May, as well as the Hotel Peristil  and the Palace Suites. With prices ranging between £80 and £120 per night, these are the top choice hotels for this time of the year, offering high quality services for moderate seasonal prices. They are also very central, keeping you close to Split's main attractions.

    Dioklecijan Hotel & Residence

    The Dioklecijan Hotel & Residence is also available for booking in May, and it is worth mentioning for two reasons: it earned the Hotel of the Year award for 2015 from numerous booking websites, and it boasts a rooftop swimming pool with a magnificent overview of the city. And last, but certainly not least, amongst those worth mentioning, the superb Hotel Marmont has sumptuous double rooms available, starting at £162 per night.

    The CroParadise Green

    If your budget isn't ready for the likes of Marmont, do not worry. The CroParadise Green and the CroParadise Pink & Blue are still quite available for the month of May, but you might want to book in advance if you want to make sure you get cheap accommodation at some of Split's more modern and fully equipped hostels.

    Hostell Nikolla / Split Guesthouse & Hostel

    Alternatively, Hostell Nikolla and Split Guesthouse & Hostel are also great choices with clean rooms and friendly staff, conveniently located in key points of the city. Hostel Sunseekers and Old Town Hostel Split also have great ratings and have received positive reviews from hundreds for vacationers. 

    Split Beaches For May 

    It's time for that early tan to kick in, and maybe even dip your toes into the water for a little bit. The shores are foamy but friendly, and the sand everywhere warms up under the more permanent sunlight. Visit the Riva Promenade for shops, terraces and lovely cafes, then run down to the beach for a breath-taking view of the deep blue Adriatic Sea.

    Bacvice beach

    Enjoy the super fine sands of the Bacvice beach, located in the very heart of the city. It's one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches, complete with all the required amenities. It's perfect for a late-May dip, mainly because its bay is very shallow, requiring a 50m walk before swimming depth is reached.

    That also makes it perfect for beach games, so do grab a volleyball on your way there. You're also most likely to witness some games of pincigin, a favourite among the locals; you might as well join the games, it's actually quite easy, and fun, as it's all about a group of people trying to keep a ball in the air for as long as possible.

    Ovcice Beach & Firule Beach

    Five minutes away from Bacvice lies the beautiful Ovcice beach, a lovely pebble beach that offers beach chairs and sunshades. A further five minutes away you'll find Firule beach, popular for its smooth sand and shallow water.

    Trstenik Beach

    You should definitely visit Trstenik beach, famous for its glistening blue waters covering smooth pebbles and gravel. The entrance is shallow and perfect for families or non-swimmers. It's located at about 20 minutes' walk from Firule and is fully equipped with changing rooms, showers and other amenities.

    Jezinac Beach

    Jezinac is also a wonderful place to visit, as it's one of the few beaches on the western part of Split, right under the Park Forest Marjan. It's mostly pebbles and concrete, with pine trees for natural shade and some high rocky drops into the sea for the adventurous jumpers. And the view, once more, is absolutely stunning.

    Bars And Restaurants

    Buffet Fife

    May is perfect for dining Dalmatian-style for wallet-friendly prices. Not surprising is the fact that since its popularity has begun to soar, Split's dining costs have begun to jump as well, making it a bit of a challenge for the budget traveller. But fear not! The wonderful Buffet Fife stands proud on the seafront, serving delicious Dalmatian dishes for less kunas than you might think

    . The Dioklecijan (or Tri Volta) is equally impressive and less crowded; it's guarded by the sea-facing walls of the Palace and is rumoured to serve the best prosciutto in town, along with scrumptious traditional dishes and drinks at low prices.


    If budget isn't your issue, you might as well book a table at Paradigma, undoubtedly Split's most popular modern restaurant, or the Villa Spizat. If you're more after the classical style of Dalmatian cuisine, then old favourites such as NostromoApetit and Tinel are what you need to embark on an authentic voyage of local gastronomy.

    Various Bars

    Bar hopping around Diocletian's Palace is always a great way to spend nights in Split. Charlie's BarTo Je To, the popular Figa and Gaga are the go-to venues for great drinks for even greater prices.

    Academia Ghetto Club & Tropic

    All you jazz lovers can spend your Friday nights at the Academia Ghetto Club and the rest of you party-goers can head over to Tropic, which occupies two floors and caters to pretty much every taste. The nights in May come very much alive, as the temperatures allow for longer incursions into the heart of the city and its bustling seafront.

    Things To Do In Split In May 

    Festival of Flowers

    By far the main attraction in May, the Festival of Flowers takes place every year in the cellars of Diocletian's Palace, as soon as the warm and sunny month rolls in. Numerous exhibitors compete in putting forth the most beautiful floral displays so expect a visually stunning event, an explosion of colours and fragrances that you simply shouldn't miss. Every year, the stakes get a little higher and the displays more daring and ambitious.

    Saint Domnius

    On the 7th of May, the patron saint of Split, Saint Domnius (or Sveti Duje in Croatian) is celebrated throughout the city and its splendid harbour, complete with processions, a mass service, delicious food and music. The Splicani value their religion, meaning events such as this are fascinating glimpses into the rich culture of Christian heritage.

    Guided Tours

    The weather is so good in May, you might as well take one of the guided tours, particularly the long but enjoyable "Split Shore Excursion: Diocletian Palace Trogir Tour" which lasts about 3 hours, or the more exciting "Split Shore Excursion: Cetina River White-Water Rafting Adventure" which takes up to 7 hours to complete.

    Mestrovic Gallery

    Now is also a great time to have a look at the beautiful Mestrovic Gallery and the Kastelek, vivid examples of the local art spirit represented by Croatia's greatest sculptor, or visit the Archaeological Museum, if you want to know more about the history of Split. Alternatively, a long walk along the Marjan Seafront is always a great option, especially now the weather is truly close to perfect.

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