Split Weather September Averages, Croatia

    • Temperature Temperature 21°C 70°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 26°C 79°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 16°C 61°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 22.1°C 72°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 21.3°C 70°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 66 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 8 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 23°C 73°F

    Split Weather for September 2020

    What's The Weather Like In Split In September


    Autumn settles itself quite fast here on the Dalmatian coast, but with a very smooth transition, staying true to the typical mild climate of the region. Split is no exception either - while the average temperature goes down to 21° Celsius (70° Fahrenheit), the drop is gradual, from the first through to the last week of September.

    The highest temperature for this month is registered at 26° Celsius which is still summery, while the lowest is at 16° Celsius - mostly during the night and on rainy days. The skies stay surprisingly clear for this time of the year, with 57% chances of sun.

    Sunshine Hours

    Though the hours of sunshine are reduced to 10, the weather does not disappoint, making September a most welcome and softer extension of summer in the first couple of weeks. This is especially true in comparison to the weather found in the UK!


    Towards the third and fourth week of the month, chances of rain increase to 23%, which roughly translates into up to 8 rainy days, at a generous 66mm. Humidity remains steady in this transitional process, and the atmospheric pressure slowly rises as the autumn equinox arrives at the end of September.


    Chances of windy days increase to 7%, with wind speeds of maximum 12Km/h. Clouds begin to pass through the sky more frequently towards October, with 9% chances of cloudy days. The winds begin to shift, and night time sees the arrival of a crisp kind of sea breeze.

    Sea Temperature

    The beautiful Adriatic Sea, however, stays pleasantly warm at an average of 23° Celsius (73° Fahrenheit), as the Mediterranean currents slowly withdraw towards the south. It's still absolutely perfect for splashing and swimming around, and the rising waves of early morning are ideal for sailing.         

    Split Hotels In September

    Tchaikovsky Hostel

    The Tchaikovsky Hostel is one of Split's gems, with peak season prices starting from £19 per night.

    Hotel Split Backpackers 2

    The Hotel Split Backpackers 2 offers accommodation from £22 per night, which is dreamy for a month like September, when a second wave of vacationers hits the Dalmatian coast - the ones who avoided the August peak season. 

    Hotel Hotspot

    Hotel Hotspot remains in the top favourites, with spaces from £42 per night, even off peak. They're all clean and fully furnished, equipped with all amenities as well as high speed Wi-Fi.

    Indigo Inn Rooms

    In the heart of the city lie several absolutely stunning hotels, each unique and enclosed in a beautiful historical building. The Indigo Inn Rooms offer double rooms for couples for just £108 per night. The Villa Split Luxury Rooms, rated a four-star hotel, offers modern rooms for £132 per night - but you need to book in advance because they go incredibly fast! The equally prestigious Royal Suites, shadowed by Diocletian's Palace, offer accommodation starting at £114 per night. If you're looking to get properly spoiled, the Palace Judita Heritage Hotel is the obvious choice, with stunning double bedrooms from £229 per night.      

    Split Beaches For September

    The mild weather is still perfect for the beach. In fact, while the temperatures remain quite high in the first couple of weeks, the sun burns less, but topping up your tan is still possible.

    The most popular place to go for a dip and a tan is Bacvice, the always busy city beach, whose particularly fine and smooth sands explain its good reputation. 


    Trstenik is a different experience altogether, as it's covered in gravel and pebbles, with a shallow entry and blue crystalline waters. Firule is a small sand beach not far from Bacvice, and is often preferred because it is less crowded, and offers a splendid view of the sea and its isles.


    Further to the west, the beautiful Jezinac beach spreads its golden sands under the shade of the Park Forest Marjan, flanked by tall and proud fir trees. Further away to the west lies the secluded but breath-taking Bene, a little chunk of paradise passing for a beach.

    All of Split's beaches have bars and various amenities, including changing rooms, showers with drinkable water and very clean toilet facilities. The units are all fully serviced, contributing to Split's reputation for some of Europe's award-winning beaches.

    Bars And Restaurants

    Cafe Luxor

    Grab a good coffee and freshly baked pastry at Cafe Luxor, under the fold of the Palace. Get a taste of local delicious tapas at Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar, which offers a wonderful selection of (you guessed it!) local wines paired with some of Croatia's finest slices of cheese and fresh fruit. Caffe Paradiso offers a different but equally beautiful experience - flanked by several other cafes within an old style courtyard, Paradiso is well known for decent prices and very good coffee.


    You should definitely try one of the avant-garde dishes served at the prestigious Paradigma, whose kitchen is managed by a world-renowned Croatian chef and whose menu proves that Slit is most certainly a culinary centre of the Dalmatian coast. 

    Apetit & Tinel

    The Apetit and Tinel are also not to be missed, not only because of their daring recipes mixed with classic authentic Croatian food, but also for their fabulous wine pairings. However if you're more interested in cheaper but equally delicious food, there are plenty of options in the city centre: the Buffet Fife, the Figa Food Bar and the Galija Pizzeria, which is very popular for its original pizza recipes.

    Nightlife finds Split very much alive, still! September is certainly not the end of the season for the Splicani, and the Riva Promenade remains as vibrant and active as always - its bars and terraces open till the wee hours of the morning.

    Tropic & Gaga

    The Tropic covers two floors of good music catering to all tastes, and it even hosts Dalmatian weeknights. The Gaga stays on top of the local cocktail bar list for its cheap but delicious recipes.


    The O Hara is packed every single weekend, and for good reason too, since it promotes a positive atmosphere. Be ready to wait in line or book a table in advance if you want a chance to sit down and rest your feet after all the dancing. 

    Ghetto Club

    If you're into something more mellow and classy, grab a whiskey on the rocks and listen to some Jazz music at the popular Ghetto Club

    Things To Do In Split In September

    Split Film Festival

    The Splicani love going to the movies. Mid-September, for eight days, this beautiful Dalmatian resort hosts the Split Film Festival, screening a wide variety of brand new releases from all over the world, covering numerous categories and genres.

    Split Market

    Visit the Split Market while you're in the area. It's a giant and busy cluster of stalls spread by the Silver Gate to the Roman Palace. Business is packed here, with local traders and farmers selling nothing but fresh produce and wonderful trinkets. This is where you need to stock up for a picnic by the sea.

    Croatia Cycle Adventure

    For the more active, the Croatia Cycle Adventure is the obvious choice - the package doesn't include just calories burned, muscles toned and scenic views. It also comes with accommodation at lovely and secluded B&B's, as well as a taste of the local cuisine. Another option would be hiking or trekking along the Marjan seafront, which will definitely provide you with at least one breath-taking spot to enjoy that aforementioned picnic.

    Town Attractions

    If relaxation and culture immersion is more like you, then you should definitely visit Diocletian's PalaceSalona and the Mestrovic Gallery, where some of the famous Croatian sculptor's greatest works of art are exhibited. You should also visit the Town Museum, which covers up to 600 years of Split's history.

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