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Split Averages January

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Split Daily Averages January

January 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg 46º
2 Avg 46º
3 Avg 46º
4 Avg 46º
5 Avg 48º
6 Avg 48º
7 Avg 48º
8 Avg 48º
9 Avg 48º
10 Avg 46º
11 Avg 48º
12 Avg 46º
13 Avg 45º
14 Avg 46º
15 Avg 45º
16 Avg 43º
17 Avg 45º
18 Avg 46º
19 Avg 46º
20 Avg 46º
21 Avg 45º
22 Avg 46º
23 Avg 46º
24 Avg 45º
25 Avg 45º
26 Avg 43º
27 Avg 43º
28 Avg 45º
29 Avg 45º
30 Avg 45º
31 Avg 46º
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January Weather Averages

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What's The Weather Like In Split In January

Split is part of the Mediterranean / Adriatic cluster of coastal cities, where blizzards rarely spoil anyone's time in winter. January is no exception, although it is one of the most humid and cold months across the Dalmatian shoreline. There's barely any snowfall, but the cold may reduce the number of activities you could want to pursue while in this beautiful part of Croatia.


Average temperatures jumble around 7° Celsius (46° Fahrenheit), with the lowest ever recorded at 4° Celsius in the month of January. The highest average temperature recorded for this month is 11° Celsius.

This relative mild weather may be because the sun breaks out its muffled warmth for approximately five hours per day, and sea temperatures can reach up to 14° Celsius - chances of sunny days are at about 24% (not much but certainly welcome!). The sun rises late and vanishes beyond the cold sea quite early, but the weather stays quite temperate. And don't worry about fog or snow, chances are minimal in January. Still, a coat is advisable at night.


Humidity can be quite high on rainy days, and the monthly average rainfall can reach up to 88mm. However you don't get too much of it (around 4-5 days in the month, outside of which the chances of rain stays at a steady 38%).

Clouds don't linger for long either - since it's a coastal city, the winds consistently blow above the skies of Split, leaving the chances of cloudy days at just 28% on average. This enables clear and bright winter days which are still enjoyable for tourists.


With only a 16% chance of windy days, let's just admit it, winter isn't at all dreadful on this particular side of Central Europe. The warmer days of January can usually be felt towards the third and fourth week, when currents and winds across the Adriatic Sea begin to shift. The spikes in temperature is usually felt on individual days towards the end of the month, alternating with chilling night-time drops below the mild average. 

Split Hotels In January

Hotel Globo Split

Hotel prices are quite attractive at this time of the year, after the New Year's Eve celebrations. Mind you, Hotel Globo Split actually offers a good New Year's Eve party with its end of year packages - complete with a delicious dinner and spirited drinks to accompany the celebration that normally lasts until the wee hours of the morning.

Hotel Vestibul Palace

The Hotel Vestibul Palace is a 4 star delight for anyone looking for a posh coastal holiday stay. Annexed to this award-winning location is Villa Dobric, also a gorgeous boutique hideaway.

Low Budget Accomodation

If you're looking for low budget accommodation, fear not, Split offers great spots such as the Design Hostel Goli&Bosi, the Silver Central Hostel or the Split Hostel Booze & Snooze for the more adventurous type. Their prices usually hit all-time lows in January, so do give them a try.      

Split Beaches For January

While it's not exactly sunbathing time on the beaches of Split in January, you can still get some of that precious vitamin D while taking a long walk along the shoreline. The water may be cold, and the crisp winds may blow, but the views are still spectacular and the Adriatic sea still deep and blue. In fact, if you're into some winter-time trekking, you might as well go and enjoy the long walk along the seafront of Marjan. 

It starts at the beautiful Riva, leading you along the West Coast promenade, the marina in the Meje neighbourhood, the Sustipan Peninsula all the way to the south-western point of Split's harbour. Just make sure you're dressed appropriately in-case it gets nippy!

Bars And Restaurants

Galija Pizzeria

If you're keen on trying out some genuine traditional Croatian food, then don't miss out on what they serve at Sperun  - the traditional Dalmatian konoba there is to die for! The Galija Pizzeria is another place to definitely try at this time of the year; their hot, delicious and unique pizza combinations are worth every pocket-friendly penny and go a long way to warming up a cold day.

Figa Food Bar

Figa Food Bar is one of Split's most popular venues this time of the year, where you can simply kick back and relax over a cold beer or a cocktail. And if you're looking for good coffee and great atmosphere while watching the world go by, then Cafe Luxor is waiting for you right by the Cathedral in the Peristyle.

Things To Do In Split In January

To be fair, not much happens in January, but the Croatians like to start their year big - and who can blame them? They celebrate New Year's Day (Nova Godina), and that usually means some massive parties going down at popular venues such as Clo BarHedonistO'Haraand Kocka - that means wicked food and highly spirited drinks to fight the New Year's Eve debauchery. Each year, great concerts take place by the harbour in Split, accompanied by spectacular firework displays.

Night of the Museums

The end of January celebrates the nationwide "Night of the Museums", where Split's museums will also be offering free entry from 6pm until 1am, as well as hosting some pretty special events.

Town Museum

One of the places to definitely see this time of year is the Town Museum, a fine example of the late Gothic style architecture which holds treasures dating back all the way to the 14th century. It spreads over three floors and holds valuable artefacts, such as drawings, heraldic coats of arms, 17th century weaponry, some fine furniture and even coins and documents.

Gallery of Fine Arts

Another place to visit while in Split is definitely the Gallery of Fine Arts, housed in a building that once served as the city's first hospital. The gallery holds approximately 400 works of art that span over almost 700 years - fine examples of particularly Central European styles, starting with the old masters and continuing with modern Croatian art by Vlaho Bukovac and Ignjat Job, among others. These are both good choices for cold days or if you're unlucky enough to encounter some rain.